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Gold Coins

By: Thomas Chaize, Dani 2989, Dani 2989

-- Posted Tuesday, 16 November 2004 | Digg This ArticleDigg It!

Here is a fast panorama of the situation of golden coins. I would explain in next articles the history of each of these coins. The numistique is a part of the market of the gold and as such it deserves some lines from time to time.

I. The price.


14 november 2004

Price oz gold

437.5 $/oz





Gold weight

Total weight

Values gold €

stock exchange


Premium %

20 francs



62.98 €

61.90 €

-1.08 €


50 Pezos mex



407.22 €

392.75 €

-14.47 €


10 $ US



163.4 €

180 €

16.6 €


20 $ US



326.8 €

397 €

70.2 €


20 fr suisse



63.05 €

61.9 €

-1.15 €


10 Florins



65.77 €

63 €

-2.77 €





337.4 €

329 €

-8.4 €





79.5 €

80 €

0.5 €


20 Marks



77.85 €

74 €

-3.85 €



II. Details(rooms).

20 francs (France):
Weight: 6.4516 grams
Security(Title): 900/1000th
Diameter: 21mm
This coin also is to call Louis, Napoleon, cock or Marianne.


50 Pesos (Mexico):
Weight: 41.666 grams
Security(Title): 900/1000th
Diameter: 37mm
It is a Mexican coin with 37.5 grams of pure gold. She is g
enerally very close to the price of the gold.

$10 (USA):
Weight: 17.7185 grams
Security(Title): 900/1000th
Diameter: 27mm
Head of freedom? 1838 in 1907.
Head of Indian? 1908-1933

$20 (USA):
Weight: 33.437 grams
Security(Title): 900/1000th
Diameter: 34mm
Head of freedom 1? 1850ΰ 1908.
Head of freedom 2? 1909-1933

20 francs (Switzerland):
Weight: 6.4516 grams
Security(Title): 900/1000th
Diameter: 21mm
It is made from 1883 till 1949.


10 guilders (Netherland):
Weight: 6.729 grams
Security(Title): 900/1000th
Diameter: 22mm
It is made from 1875 till 1933.


(South Africa) Krugerrand:
Weight: 33.93 grams
Security(Title): 916/1000th
Diameter: 32mm
Krugerrand is made since 1967.


Sovereign (England):
Weight: 7.988 grams
Security(Title): 916.5/100th
Diameter: 22mm
Coins between 1817 and 1932.


20 marks (Germany):
Weight: 7.965 grams
Security(Title): 900/1000th
Diameter: 22mm


III. Example.

An example: the 20-franc coin (more known under the name of Napoleon).
The coin weighs 6.45 grams and contains 5.8 grams of gold.

The quotation in the Paris Stock Exchange gives a value 61.9€ to the Napoleon, and the gold contained in the coin has a value 62.98 euro. Be careful!! it is a theoretical value at the precise moment between a seller and a buyer. But if you buy a Napoleon below 62.98 euro, it is less than the value of the gold that it contains.

Coins globally have no premium or a very weak premium, that is we do not more pay dearly a coin than a piece of raw gold. This is a temporary abnormality which should evolve bit by bit with the price increase of the gold. In 1980, the napoleon had a premium of almost 100 % on the price of the raw metal, today this premium completely disappeared, for how long?

Gold coins still have no extra premium and it should not last Eternally with the increase of the price of the gold. Golden coins should see "mechanically" their price rising with the increase of the gold and the second reason so that the price horsemanship it is that their premium is in most low.

Thomas Chaize


-- Posted Tuesday, 16 November 2004 | Digg This Article

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