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Gold 1,500? The World Is Changing!

By: David N. Vaughn, Gold Letter, Inc.

-- Posted Monday, 7 March 2011 | | Source:

Yes, the world is changing all right.


Our world and personal way of life is changing.  Our standard of living is taking a steeper and steeper dive south by the hour.  Problem is the change began a long time ago.  That change being the gradual destruction of the United States.  And now as momentum has built that destruction will only grow and grow. 


Stop looking for bottoms and bargains.  Pay what it costs to accumulate while the opportunities are there.  Silver is the new gold, buy silver now regardless of price.  90% silver quarters and dimes are a good buy.  


Below is an email from PS.


David, All I can say is "BRAVO".  “I believe you are right on the mark and what you say seems to line up with many other commodity "experts" around the world.”  Thanks, PS.

PS Geologist

Underground Exploration

Ontario Operations


We think the US debt is our major problem.  But now we are looking at rebellion not just all around the world, but also, here in the United States.  People really do not know what is happening.  There is a real threat that the ruling powers in the Middle East are rotating out.  And how high will the price of oil climb as new rulers that are not friendly to the US take over Saudi Arabia and other giant oil producers in the Middle East. 


It’s good to remember that the west created the country of Saudi Arabia.  The ruling tribe was the House of Saud.  An entire country being named after one family. Saudi Arabia is bordered by Iraq and Jordan on the north and northeast is Qatar and Kuwait and on over is the United Arab Emirates on the east.  And down southeast is Oman.  And Yemen on the south. It is also connected to Bahrain by the King Fahd Causeway; also the Persian Gulf is just to the northeast.   And don’t forget the Red Sea close by. 


Below is an email from RR.


Hi David,

Just read your article via Kitco website about buying silver coins.  “Thanks for the great advice to the "Sheeple" out there... “…and I have purposely concentrated on the small ones...about 1.4 grams each...and believe me...when the x&?* hits the fan, these gems will each! Buy my daily groceries...”  “Metals hold there value…” (Silver)…” [Is] a proper store of wealth?” 



The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was founded by a Mr. Saud in 1932.   Saudi Arabia since 1932 has been a friendly ally to the United States.  I wonder.  You think it has been all the serious military hardware Saudi Arabia has received the past many decades from the US?  Naw.  That wood never influence anyone to take sides just because of the money and military hardware they are receiving.  I believe that was the politically correct thing to say.  Was it Glen? 


Gee.  Aren’t these countries where we get the bulk of our oil?  Let’s see.  On Monday, 2-28-2011, the US president OKed the permit for the first oil rig in over a year to be built on US soil.  1 oil rig.  That was so nice and a grand move forward since the United States has no telling how many billions of gallons of oil waiting to be tapped within its 50 states..


Notice anyone talking about how national security might be in danger if our Middle East oil is cut off or reduced?  No.  That might also bring attention to the fact that the US has untapped billions of barrels of oil scattered around.  And over 50,000 jobs would have to be created to begin pumping.


Now what do the “sheeple” do at about this time?  Find that pillow and bury their head under it.  That sounds better than using the time worn Camel head sticking its head in the sand.  Well, there is always the sand on our coasts.  And included in the price are the waves of the sea gently breaking on the shore.  Problem is few people can even afford these condos even thought their prices have tumbled to a mere few pennies of the cost it took to build them. 


Well.  What for the next few years?  Anybody want to guess where we’ll be?  Well. I’m not a prophet and I definitely don’t want to get stoned by the zealots.  But I do believe it was meant to know the times and seasons as the birth pangs turn into a full-fledged painful hysterectomy.  And remember; don’t forget a day will come, when the nukes start launching to every destination on the globe.


Well, I’ll make one statement that is inevitable.  We will see inflation return with a vengeance.  What causes inflation?  Any idiot knows it’s too much money worth nothing entering the economy chasing too few goods.  We might even see the gold price become equal to the Dow.  It’s happened before in the past.  The US dollar is still hanging in there…by a thread. 


Dear David,

Very good points of information, thank you for your cogent thoughts.



But as I’ve said before.  There will always be 20% of the population that holds on and actually prospers.  Why?  Because the successful will be the wise virgins who kept their lamps full. And they possibly had zero debt to boot!  Silver continues to be the best buy simply because historically it should be much higher in its ratio to gold.  I think we see now silver trying hard to catch up with the price of gold. Silver supply is very much unequal to demand. 


Taxes are rising; the middle class wages are not keeping pace with inflation.  Actually, wages are sadly descending.  Close to 700,000 jobs are disappearing in this country every 30 days.  I just filled a gas tank with an 11.5 gallon tank with regular and amazing!  Total cost of gasoline was over 37 bucks.  There’s no inflation?  Sure, these prices are simply the middle classes imagination.


Below is a great insight from Anonymous.  This fellow has been studying and has a good grasp of fundamentals.



Our economy and economic system is hanging on life support. Trillions of dollars of new U.S. debt must be sold to keep up the daily payment requirement of the welfare state. Now we're beginning to see less and less demand and desire for US Treasury bills.  “The trillions now invested in private 401(k) and individual retirement accounts (IRA) could well be the last source for our government to provide a source of financing when US Treasury sales provide a last source of funds to make up for sagging U.S.” Treasury sales.  Now if these acts do not bring down significantly our standard of living then I don’t know what will. Anonymous


Let’s look at quarters, dimes, and half dollars. 


Prior to 1964, U.S. quarters and dimes and half dollar Kennedys were 90% silver. And after the year 1965 quarters and dimes and half dollars have no silver in them at all. But the coins minted before 1964 have 90% of silver in each coin. Minted coins are now entirely copper and nickel. 


In other words these coins minted past 1965 have absolutely no value.   Start accumulating “junk silver”.  Those coins minted before 1964. Best way to buy silver.  You can keep it buried next to the apple tree.


Gold Letter

David Vaughn


Gold Letter!


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-- Posted Monday, 7 March 2011 | Digg This Article | Source:


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