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GoldSeek Web Radio - Dr. Stephen Leeb, David Bond, Gary Kaltbaum, Jack Chan & Bob Chapman

-- Posted Monday, 31 July 2006 | Digg This ArticleDigg It!

Saturday, July 28th

Show Highlights:

  • Dr. Stephen Leeb joins us to discuss his latest book: The Coming Economic Collapse. Dr. Leeb correctly forecast the 1990's bull stock market as well as the 1999 peak and impending market crash in tech stocks. Dr. Leeb shows that the 1970's were worse than the 1930's for investors. Stocks, bonds and even cash provided a negative return when adjusted for inflation. Then in 2004 while oil was at merely 33 dollars per barrel, he predicted crude oil prices would soar. In his latest text, he proves that the US is approaching on the greatest economic crisis in the nations history.
  • David Bond shares his gold and silver price projections in the second hour. David is precious metals journalist and commentator of the highest caliber. He expects gold to eclipse $1,000 while silver will leaps to $100 in the next few years. David tells us what makes a great gold stock pick and provides two that he thinks will make great investments. David is a regular at gold and silver conferences and shares his industry insider viewpoint that he's gained from years experience.
  • Gary Kaltbaum returns to the program following a brief sabbatical. Gary gives his take on stocks and explains why he's not a bull at this time. Next, Jack Chan takes a look at equities and the energy markets. Plus, Bob Chapman tells us why he thinks the gold and silver markets will improve by September and then gold will rocket to $850 before year end. We examine the economic outlook and recent statistical reports as well as timely gold related articles.

Real Audio

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Part I - Stream | Part II - Stream

Featured Guest: Stephen Leeb, President of Leeb Capital

Management and editor of the prestigious newsletter The Complete Investor. Renowned for finishing among the leaders in the Wall Street Journal's and Forbes's annual stock-picking contests, Leeb is the author of four previous books. His wife and longtime collaborator, DONNA LEEB, has a diversified background in business writing and holds a master's degree in journalism from Columbia University.



The Wallace Street Journal

By David Bond, Editor
The Silver Valley Mining Journal

David Bond lives in Wallace, Idaho - heart of the planet's richest silver fields, the Coeur d'Alene Mining District - where he owns and edits the Silver Valley Mining Journal, an e-newsletter devoted to silver and silver investing. His weekly commentary on silver, "The Wallace Street Journal," may be read elsewhere on the Web at and

David's interest in silver goes back a long way. He started young - collecting U.S. Silver Certificates in the mid-1960s as a teenager when Lyndon Johnson Administration's made the unilateral decision not to honor its promise to redeem those certificates with silver.

It was this decision that sparked David's ongoing passion for understanding financial matters, one that would also influence David's opinion of the "full faith and credit of the United States" for the ensuing four decades.

The Johnson decision - noted but not of note at the time - also initiated an illustrious career in journalism when David decided to combine his passion for understanding the world around him from an economic, political and business point of view with his interest in writing.

Today, in addition to writing his newsletter, David covers gold and silver mining equities for a number of national and international publishers, including Platts Metals Week, a division of McGraw-Hill. He holds regional and national firsts in investigative journalism from the Atlantic City Press Club (National Headliner), the Society of Professional Journalists (SDX/SPJ), the American Association of Sunday and Feature Editors, and the Idaho Press Club.

David has also edited or written for newspapers on both coasts, Canada and Alaska. He is former city editor of the Coeur d'Alene (Idaho) Press and was managing editor of the North Idaho Press and the Wallace Miner. His work has appeared in publications as disparate as the New York Times, Mineweb and Range Magazine.

Part I

Part II

Part I

Dial-Up Real Audio

Part II


Part I


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Part II

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Click on images above to listen to the latest show. To learn more about software needed to play the above formats, please visit the FAQ.


Archived Shows:

Paul Van Eeden, Bob Chapman plus more - July 22, 2006

Tim Wood, Bob Chapman plus more - July 15, 2006

Doug Casey & The Gold Wizards - July 8, 2006

Pamela Aden, David Garofalo & The Gold Wizards - July 1, 2006

James Turk, Bob Moriarty & The Gold Wizards - June 24, 2006

The Mogambo Guru, Dr. Roger Tutterow & George-Whitehurst-Berry - June 17, 2006

G. Edward Griffin, Kal Gronvall, Gary Kaltbaum, Bob Chapman and Jack Chan - June 10, 2006

Richard Russell, Ron Brown & Trading Wizards - June 03, 2006

Jason Hommel, Gary Stroik, Bob Chapman, Gary Kaltbaum & Jack Chan - May 27, 2006

Tom Udall, Gary Stroik, Bob Chapman, Gary Kaltbaum & Jack Chan - May 20, 2006

Bill Murphy & Michael Covel - May 13, 2006

Jim Sinclair - May 06, 2006

Richard Daughty, The Mogambo Guru - April 28, 2006

Catherine Austin Fitts - April 22, 2006

Mark Leibovit - April 15, 2006

Addison Wiggin - April 8, 2006

Dr. Ron Paul - April 1, 2006

Bob Chapman - March 25, 2006

Dr. Marc Faber - March 18, 2006

John Rubion & David Coffin - March 11, 2006

Julian Phillips & Gary Kaltbaum - March 4, 2006

Steve Forbes & Dr. Van K. Tharp - February 25, 2006

Bob Chapman & Jack Chan - February 18, 2006

Jim Willie, Roland Watson & David Morgan - February 11, 2006

David Morgan

Jim Rogers

James Turk

Dr. Marc Faber

Bill Murphy


2006, Gold Seek LLC

-- Posted Monday, 31 July 2006 | Digg This Article


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