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Profit Potential from The "War" on Tangible Assets

-- Posted Friday, 5 January 2007 | Digg This ArticleDigg It!

                DEEPCASTER LLC


Wealth Preservation         Wealth Enhancement

Financial and Geopolitical Intelligence



Deepcaster, and a select few others, have noted that the economy is moving into a phase of an apparent deflation.


          The hallmark of this apparent deflation has been, and is, (and, Deepcaster forecasts, for a few months will increasingly be) the takedown in price (again) of precious metals and of strategic tangible assets in general and, in particular, of crude oil.


          Deepcaster, and a select few others, make the case that much of this apparent deflation is likely "engineered" by a Fed and other Central Banker-led Cartel in whose interest it is to reduce the attractiveness of tangible assets in order to boost the attractiveness of their Treasury Securities and Fiat Currencies.


          Indeed, maintaining the legitimacy of their Treasury Securities and Fiat Currencies is so important to the Central Bankers that they seem continually to conduct an intense campaign against their main "Competitors."  Indeed, this campaign is so intense that it can justifiably be called a "War" [And of course there appears to be a private profit motive for doing so - - The U.S. Federal Reserve is neither a Federal nor a U.S. entity.  It is a Cartel of private banks, some of which are non-U.S. owned and based.]


The "Competitors" are, of course, the tangible assets, gold and silver specifically (because gold and silver are historically the only "real" money - - all important fiat currency regimes have historically failed eventually), and the strategic commodities, including especially crude oil.  From The Cartel's perspective this "War" requires periodic attacks on the prices of precious metals and other strategic tangible assets, so that these tangible assets will not come to be seen as alternative stores of, and measures of, value.


          Deepcaster, and a select few others, including, first and foremost, the Gold Anti Trust Action Committee (GATA), have collected substantial evidence that (otherwise inexplicable) price drops are actually price takedowns engineered by the Central Banker-led Cartel.  Otherwise (just to consider one example) how can one possibly explain periodic huge price drops in silver, when its demand over supply deficit has been steadily increasing for years?


          Others will claim this is apparent deflation is merely a natural pullback in what is (and Deepcaster agrees) a long-term, precious metals and strategic commodities (i.e. tangible assets) Bull Run.


          But it is critical to note that from Deepcaster's perspective this is an "apparent" (and Cartel engineered) deflation because, according to the indicators that we respect (and in particular those of, "real" inflation is now running at about 9% per year.  Moreover OTC Derivatives expansion is skyrocketing as Deepcaster noted in its recent Alert entitled "Derivatives Deluge Multiplies Real Risks And Potential Profits."  The evidence increasingly indicates that The Cartel uses massive derivatives positions to make "market" prices.  See Deepcaster’s “Profiting From the Cartel’s Interventional Tactics” for more details.


          Knowing that Tangible Assets, and particularly gold, silver, and crude oil, are the prime targets for attacks - - repeated attacks so intense that they may justifiably be called a “War” on Tangible Assets - - gives investors and traders a significant advantage.


          Knowing The Tactics that The Cartel employs gives investors and traders a great advantage.  Deepcaster, for example, employed the tactics described in its recent “Profiting From The Cartel’s Interventional Tactics” to correctly forecast on December 15, 2006 (when February crude closed at about $64/barrel) that “crude oil will be taken down substantially soon.”  And so it was that crude oil was taken down to nearly $55/barrel by January 4, 2007.  And so it was that on January 4, 2007, Deepcaster was able to employ the same tactical knowledge to forecast the price future for crude.


          BUT The Great Consolation (when suffering a takedown) for hard assets investors, and especially for hard money (i.e. gold and silver) partisans - - and count Deepcaster among these - - is that:


1.      Knowing the Cartel’s Interventional Tactics can allow investors to go long near Cartel-engineered bottoms, and


2.      This knowledge can, particularly in the case of gold and silver, allow investors to buy the ultimate store and measure of value - - physical gold and silver coins and bullion at Cartel-engineered bottoms - - exactly what the Colored-Paper-Printers of The Cartel do NOT want investors to do.


          The resulting profits are the Hard Money Partisans best rewards!





January 5, 2007






Wealth Preservation         Wealth Enhancement

Financial and Geopolitical Intelligence


Gravitas, Pietas, Virtus

-- Posted Friday, 5 January 2007 | Digg This Article


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