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The Goldsmiths--Part XXI

-- Posted Sunday, 12 October 2008 | Digg This ArticleDigg It! | Source:

By R. D. Bradshaw


Previous Goldsmiths (Parts X and XX) have discussed at some length the very clear work of the Rothschild cabal to create a repeat of the events of 1929-1945.  The handwriting is on the wall that indeed these plutocratic manipulators are precisely trying for a duplication of that time frame in world history.  Just like they cleaned up and made absolute fortunes back then, we can be sure that they plan on making even more money, profits and gains in the current undertaking. 


These people are experts at ripping off, stealing from and cheating the rest of us.  They have been at this game for thousands of years and they know exactly what to do to achieve their profit goals and objectives. 


This reality then brings up some facets of their present work which at last fits together and makes perfect sense.  The purpose of this Goldsmith article is to share with you some part of what they seem to have in mind for us and the rest of the world. 


On this, I have already stated several times that the events of the past year or so on the fall of the home real estate market, the contraction in both home values and availability of easy mortgage money, the collapse of commodity prices from March 2008 to date and the huge bailouts of the banks and financial institutions were all preplanned months and/or perhaps years ago. 


There are people out there who will insist that all of this happened on a chance or accident basis (but like FDR said--things don’t happen by chance) and that there was no conspiracy among the plutocrat manipulators to pull this scam off and cheat us out of even more of our nickels and dimes, if that is possible.  Of course, we know that there are still people who believe in the tooth fairy business and now are perfect candidates to buy a bridge in Brooklyn.  Yes, there are people with single digit IQs. 


The Japanese


Some years ago, I taught business at a small college.  Business management was one of my topics.  I now recall the huge focus of business management textbooks on the Japanese style of management.  This theme is one that few people could argue with because in the post WWII period the Japanese have been highly successful at taking Western technology and putting it into play in a manufacturing assembly line process to make products to sell abroad. 


They have developed quiet a reputation for their expertise, work ethic and production capabilities.  Of course, as is true with others, I have had to admire and respect the Japanese for what they have accomplished over the past 60 years. 


But in watching the Japanese and their achievements, they seem to have had at least one key failure—in the area of financial investments.  This reality has created some bewilderment on my part on how they can be so incredibly good at business management and production and yet be so lacking on financial investments, which I will now explain. 


As we all know, the Japanese expertise at manufacturing production, coupled with much hard work and dedication, has made their nation extremely profitable.  Literally, the cash from around the world has been flowing to Japan for years now.  This has resulted in the government and a number of Japanese becoming quiet wealthy. 


For years, the Japanese used the inflow of foreign money from their product sales to buy US government bonds and paper.  As we know, the US essentially quit producing goods and in turn sent paper IOUs to Japan, in exchange for Japanese goods.  The Japanese have accepted this US paper, thinking that we would one day make these IOUs good and pay them off in some fashion.  The US, in turn, has benefited enormously because the Japanese have been paying for and supporting the US programs, wars around the globe and welfare state. 


Yes, the US has been incurring huge budget and trade deficits each year which have been financed and supported by the Japanese and other foreign producers.  Hence, we have goods available for sale in consuming America because the Japanese and others produce them and take in exchange IOU paper from the US government.  Yet, the US leaders have faced the continuing problem of keeping the world’s confidence in the IOU US system.  They still have that problem today. 


Obviously, if the Japanese and other foreign producers lost confidence in America, they would quit taking the US IOUs.  And then Walmart would have very few goods available for sale.  The fall out of this is that US government leaders have had to walk a careful path to keep the Japanese and other foreigners in the business of accepting US IOU paper.  If they ever quit, the US is in deep trouble.


So with all of this US paper, the Japanese have slowly been using some of it to buy American stock equities and US real estate (despite the disadvantages of such purchases, as cited in the various Goldsmith articles).  While we have not seen a flood of such purchases, they have happened over the years and sometimes have received some notoriety in the US press. 


One of the things which struck me about these Japanese investments is that they often turn sour—at least in the media reports I have read.  In other words, the Rothschild and related people owning big US real estate properties have been able to unload these on the Japanese and make a barrel of money in the process.  The unsuspecting Japanese buyers usually end up losing in the transactions. 


This fact is not heavily reported upon in the US media (which is owned and controlled by the plutocrat conspiratorial team, but a watching person can inevitably watch news events and put two and two together and see that the Rothschild cabal has successfully taken rich Japanese investors to the cleaners). 


When one adds in the fact that the Japanese have been induced to accept huge stacks of US IOU paper in exchange for their hard work and expertise demonstrated in their finished products, it is clear that Japanese investors have been notoriously ripped off over the years in their US investments.  Yes, most of that US paper will not ever be paid off with anything of value.  It will be acknowledged as worthless one day. 


There is no way that the US can or ever will make that stuff good (beyond the few purchases the Japanese make of American assets as we go along).  Essentially, the Japanese will be left holding the bag. 


Along with the huge sums of IOU paper held by the Japanese, it must be acknowledged that the Chinese, Germans and other foreigners also hold vast sums of US IOUs.  Just as the Japanese are going to be left holding bags full of this worthless paper, the same is true with these other foreign countries.  They too will never reap much in benefits for all their hard work in supporting the US wars, programs and welfare payments.


And while I have observed the phenomenon of rich Japanese making bad investments in American properties, it is very likely that other foreigners also have been taken down the same primrose lane of making questionable/bad investments as induced and promoted by the plutocrat team of fat cat crooks who now control most of the financial matters in the modern United States.  


The Present


That backdrop then brings up the present situation where the manipulators, both inside and outside the US, are busy creating a second great American collapse to duplicate the 1929-1945 events.  Too bad for the Rothschild team, but it appears that instead of repeating the deflationary collapse of the 1930s the US will undergo a repeat of the hyperinflationary depression of Weimer Germany in the 1920s. 


There is another key difference between the situation in 1929 and that of today.  It is the matter of the value of the US dollar.  As noted in Goldsmiths, Part XX, the US money system in 1929 was sound and good with gold and silver backed dollars.  This is no longer the case. 


The US money system today is totally and completely bankrupt because the Rothschild team of plutocrats and our elected politicians have spent and squandered the US money excessively all over the globe from the 1930s until today.  There is nothing left but debt in the trillions of dollars. 


As noted in Goldsmiths, Part XVIII, the Fed and US government have wasted another 1.8 trillion dollars (as calculated by Ty Andros), in the last year alone, bailing out the banks and fat cat investment houses owned by the Rothschild team of financial crooks and bandits. 


Right now, today, Paulson, the US Secretary of the Treasury is preparing the paper work to issue another one trillion dollars or more in US bonds/notes to sell to the gullible people who are willing to buy these IOUs which will never be paid off (unless it is by printing more money).  Paulson and his Rothschild colleague Bernanke actually expect the Japanese, Chinese, German, etc workers to buy these new IOUs. 


I submit that at least months ago, and perhaps even years ago, the Rothschild team drew up their plans for the 2008 US economic collapse and for the simultaneous bailing out of the Rothschild team banks and investment houses of their trillions of dollars in bad, toxic paper. 


Certainly back them, whether last year or earlier, the conniving and plotting plutocrats realized at once that they would have to go back to the Japanese, Chinese, Germans and you name it with stacks and stacks of US IOU paper to try to sell them.  Since these foreigners have been ripped off before, there is always the chance that they will say no more US IOUs. 


Well, Goldsmiths, Part X, outlined the many plutocratic benefits and needs for a strong US dollar (despite the fact that the dollar is actually weak and bankrupt).  As noted therein, the plutocrats need US money for new wars, revolutions and political intrigues around the world, in addition to the need for trillions of dollars to bail out the fat cat banks and investment houses. 


Surely, the plutocratic planners looking at this situation a year ago or whenever realized at once that they would have to really boost the dollar in order to sell all of this new paper to the various foreign nations around the world.  With this backdrop, I am convinced that the Rothschild team planners knew last year that they would boost the dollar to ridiculous highs in 2008 in order to meet their various goals and objectives. 


I first heard about this coming boost from a market advisory service in Israel in June of this year.  At that time, the big boost to 80 on the dollar index in Sep 2008 was a known projection by insiders in Tel Aviv.  In August 2008, I cited that fact in Goldsmiths, Part III.  I noted that they planned on keeping the dollar strong for the rest of the year. 


So what happened in September 2008?  Yes, the commodity collapse accelerated and the dollar exploded up (thru very obvious manipulation and skullduggery).  By late September, the market manipulators announced plans for their latest bailout of $700 billion to be paid by the US Treasury.  Since the US can’t possibly tax the taxpayers for this bailout, the Treasury will have to sell bonds and paper. 


Either foreigners buy this stuff or the Fed will have to monetize it (which will cause huge problems for the Fed).  In order to ever hope to sell any appreciable new debt instruments to foreigners, the dollar had to go up and appear to be strong and powerful (when in fact, it is weak and bankrupt). 


As it turned out, the October 3 bailout law also allowed further costs of $150 billion or more to the nation.  And as all of us know, this is only the beginning.  This thing will accelerate up to the trillions before the Rothschild team of crooks and bandits are finished with it. 


Now we can put two and two together and see at once that when the cabal made its plans, last year or whenever, the needs for huge new paper sales to foreigners and a strong dollar were seen at once.  What has happened, the past couple of months, are things which were preplanned and scheduled long ago.  This backdrop on the dollar proves manipulation and preplanning conclusively. 


For More Reading/Information


For more reading on this issue, the reader may wish to check these sources:


The bestseller: “None Dare Call It Conspiracy,” by Gary Allen and Larry Abraham, first published in 1971, still available on eBay, Amazon and other book outlets.


“Tragedy and Hope,” by Carroll Quigley.  At the 1992 Democrat Convention, Bill Clinton’s acceptance speech cited Quigley as Clinton’s mentor.


An Internet presentation on the Plutocrats, at Volume XXII of “Ezekiel and YHWH’s Judgment for the Good People,” at on the net. 


The author of this article is not involved in the securities or financial market business and has no financial interest in presenting the information herein.  Therefore, the preceding information on this subject is presented for general information only and not for purposes of investment advise or recommendations.  What the reader does on investments is his own personal decision and responsibility. 


Finally, the writer of this series is a retired CPA, living in the Idaho Mountains, and still optimistic for the future of gold and silver.  He is also a veteran of the Korean and Vietnamese Wars. 

-- Posted Sunday, 12 October 2008 | Digg This Article | Source:


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