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The Goldsmiths—Part XXXXVII

-- Posted Wednesday, 11 March 2009 | | Source:

Analysis of News—

Of Interest to Investors, Survivalists and Others Concerned About Their

 Economic and Financial Futures



With a focus on the Plutocrats, Goldsmiths, Super-Rich Insiders, and their Allies and

 what they are conspiratorially doing to manipulate the financial markets, make more

profits, rip us off and install a world government under their control



By R. D. Bradshaw


The Goldsmiths, Part XXXXVI, briefly touched upon the primary fall-out of the vast transfers of trillions of dollars from the US Treasury and the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank to the huge international banks on the guise that they are too big to be allowed to suffer or go broke.  It seems that almost every week or so we learn that it has been necessary to give these big money changers another trillion dollars because they are not making loans to the people. 


Ostensibly, if the taxpayers give them another trillion, they “may possibly” decide to make some loans to the public.  Not only are the American taxpayers rescuing these crooks but these frauds go to the Fed and borrow money at 1% which they can collect usury on if and when they do loan it out at 12%.  Everyway that these fraudulent operators work, they are ripping off the American people and getting away with it. 


As I have already detailed in the Goldsmiths, Part XXXXVI, the primary goal of the ruling plutocrat money changers (who own the big banks being given the trillions) is to transfer whatever remaining wealth there is in America to their own privately owned corporate banks.  They collect the money and the US taxpayers collect more debts.  What a Ponzi scam this thing is. 


A Revisit to the Wisdom of Paul Craig Roberts


The Goldsmiths, Part XXXXII, reported on the thinking of Paul Craig Roberts, a former official with the Ronald Reagan administration.  As Roberts saw it, there has to be a lack of IQ/intelligence in Washington.  While I can see what Roberts was getting at, I opted that the plutocratic rulers know precisely what they are doing.  And they do have high IQ levels.  They’re stealing and plundering the remaining wealth in America and misappropriating it to their own coffers. 


In that Goldsmiths, I quoted Roberts on the US budget deficits as follows:  “The Washington Morons, and morons they are, have given no thought as to how they are going to finance a fiscal year 2009 budget deficit of some two to three trillion dollars.  The practically nonexistent US saving rate cannot finance it.  The trade surpluses of our trading partners, such as China, Japan, and Saudi Arabia, cannot finance it.


“The US government really has only two possibilities for financing its budget deficit. One is a second collapse in the stock market, which would drive the surviving investors with what they have left into ‘safe’ US Treasury bonds.  The other is for the Federal Reserve to monetize the Treasury debt” by printing money to buy the US Treasury bonds.  He then concluded that the dollar will be in serious trouble.  Once this happens, “the US dollar will cease to be the reserve currency and big dollar holders will sell, hoping to get out before others as the US dollar will become worthless, the currency of a banana republic…”


On the surface, Roberts was certainly right.  And many of the coming US budget deficits will be financed by investors fleeing a falling stock market to put their remaining wealth into US Treasuries; and also, by all means, the Fed will monetize much of the coming debt by printing money. 


In fact, the Fed is already printing money, by the car loads.  Omitting what the Treasury is raising through the sale of IOU bonds and notes, the Fed has pumped several trillion in Federal Reserve Notes into the hands of the fat cat money changers in the Cabal led by the House of Rothschild. 


But there is still one more key method which the money changers can and indeed are using to finance the huge spending efforts of the Treasury and the Fed. 


The Goldsmiths, Part XXVII, published by in the fall of 2008


On this option, I have briefly touched upon it in the Goldsmiths, Part XXVII, where I cited the outstanding work of John Olaques in his article on the “The Real Reason Behind the Bail Out” in the Oct 21, 2008  Olaques cited the ideas of Congressman Ron Paul and Nobel Prize winning economist Milton Friedman on the reality that the expansion of the money supply in circulation causes the public to want more goods than are available.  This demand pull phenomenon causes inflation. 


But then Olaques correctly noted that the extra money now being created by the Regulators may never make its way to the consumers.  If it does not reach the consuming public, then there is no extra demand for goods and services and no inflation and no recovery in the form of extra production, extra jobs and prosperity.


He then concluded that “the question is whether the extra money supply from the Bail-Out will reach the consumer/taxpayer.  The sad answer is that very little will.  Almost the entire Bail-Out will go to the banks and insurance companies… Its purpose is to secure holders of bank bonds, the holders of credit default swaps guaranteed by investment banks and insurance companies, and secure past and future excessive executive compensation paid by those banks and insurance companies.” 


This excellent article by Mr Olaques then adds that hyper-inflation will only take place if the increased money supply goes to the hands of the consumers.  Hence, per Mr. Olaques, there may then be a severe demand for dollars and hyper-deflation, where the country and the people have no money to buy goods and services but (money) to only (service) debts. 


For a conclusion, he says that “The bankers have discovered a way to force the people of America and the world into an intense form of debt slavery and that is the reason for their reckless past lending practices, credit cards for all and now this massive Wall Street Bankers Bail-Out.  In the past, only wars created that amount of national debt.  But now those debt creating war mongers have found the more friendly face of public bail-outs.” 


While I recognized and applauded the work of Mr Olaques, I expanded on it and offered a few other remarks.  I wrote: “I can easily envision that indeed the plutocrats plan on these massive bail outs funneling money to them where they can salt the proceeds away in such a manner that very little of the bail out money will ever reach the market place to place a demand on goods and services.  In that case, we well could have a shortage of dollars and a hyper deflationary depression which will make the Rosenfeldt (alias Roosevelt) depression look like a cake walk. 


“And how will the big banks receiving the bail outs keep the money out of the hands of the public?  Undoubtedly, they will keep much of that money in bank vaults in the form of US Treasury bonds and notes.  Thus, the Fed and Treasury will buy up the old worthless mortgages and pay them off with either US bonds/notes or money for the big banks to use to buy US bonds/notes.  Of course, this market for US paper will greatly help the Treasury in its efforts to sell US IOUs.” 


I then went on to recognize the probability that foreign nations and peoples, holding US IOU paper, will at some point in time start spending it for whatever it will buy in the marketplace.  This course will ultimately set in and bring about hyperinflation in the US. 


Moving Forward to March 2009


While we do continue to have an inflation problem, in fairness, it must be said that we are not yet to the hyperinflationary blow off level.  That time is still future as I write these words.  So why is it and how is it that the inevitable hyperinflationary blow off is not yet on top of us?  I think my words in Goldsmiths, part XXVII, offer the answer.  Because of the profound importance of this theme, it is worthy of addressing once more. 


Yes, the past six months make it abundantly clear that my take on what the bankers could be doing has proven to be true.  It is manifestly clear from the events of the past six months that the Cabal has not been following the wisdom of people like Paul Craig Roberts, Congressman Ron Paul or anyone else who perceived a quick hyperinflationary blow off with the trillions of dollars going to the banks to supposedly expand the money supply. 


So all along, the Cabal planned this rip off and theft from the American people to not cause an immediate hyperinflationary blow off.  While such a blow off will inevitably come once foreigners start dumping their hoards of US IOUs, it will be delayed for some time to allow the plutocrats to further steal the rest of the wealth in America and transfer it their own privately owned big banks.


As numerous writers have already noted, the US taxpayers have transferred something between five and ten trillion dollars to the big banks alone, not counting the bail outs, gifts, rewards and payoffs going to others--like the AIG insurance (which has received over $150 billion), the auto makers, etc. 


The amazing thing about this whole scenario is the incredible gullibility of the American taxpayers to continually give more and more trillions to the big banks.  It seems that almost every week we are told that the banks are not lending money to the public and therefore the American taxpayers must give them another trillion dollars so that they will start lending again at usury rates.  For example, on Mar 3, 2009, Fed Chairman Bernanke announced that all the bail outs to the banks to date have not been enough and that the banks must have still more if the nation expects them to resume lending out money.  On Mar 5, 2009, Treasury Secretary Geithner added his plea for more money for the banks. 


And what has the banks been doing with the trillions already given them?  Man, don’t you get it?  They have been buying up all those US government IOU bonds, notes and paper and socking them away in their bank vaults.  Instead of the US having to monetize the new debt or sell it to Americans and foreigners, the big banks are acquiring much of it from the vast give away funds that the taxpayers have been giving them. 


What has been happening is that periodically the taxpayers simply give the Rothschild Cabal another trillion in US debt for them to hold in their bank vaults.  Of course, they don’t lend this out to the public where it could touch off hyperinflation.  By socking it away in treasuries, in their bank vaults, the huge US give aways are not chasing goods and services and therefore the huge debt is having no impact on inflation in the present tense. 


Admittedly, if and when the Chinese and other foreigners get smart and start cashing in their US IOU instruments, inflation will take off.  But right now, that time is still future.  So for the time being, the US people have given the international banking Cabal trillions of dollars in the form of US IOUs which the Cabal banks are presently holding in their vaults (as they continue to ask for more and more bail out funds).


When this game ultimately ends, all of this US IOU paper will be made good by the government.  That’s always how the manipulators have worked.  They acquire a nation’s debt instruments and then prevail over the nation to make the debts good.  They worked this scam with the Continentals in the Revolutionary War and with the Greenbacks in the US Civil War (on this, see the series on Understanding Money and War at 


The Bottom Line


The US debt, lending and banking systems are built on usury.  If that has ever been true, it is true now.  The fat cat banks can get almost all the money they want from the Fed and others and pay from .25 to 2% per annum for it.  They could get absolutely rich by loaning it out to the public at 8 to 20% per annum.  Yet, they are not doing this.  And why not?  Don’t you get it? 


They are not loaning out money because that would upset their methodology of continuously going to the taxpayers for trillions of bail out dollars which they can sock away in their vaults in the form of US Treasuries and draw 2-4% per annum.  The Rothschild Cabal, working through their henchmen, relatives and subordinates (like Bernanke, Geithner, Paulson, Bush, Obama, etc), are stealing almost all of the remaining wealth of the US. 


When this game ends, they’ll have almost all of it and the taxpayers will be saddled with a debt burden that will be in the sky.  As long as we the taxpayers are dumb enough to continue the bail out funds, the game will not end.  The Cabal intends to soak up every last cent possible from the taxpaying suckers. 



Back issues of the Goldsmiths, by the editor of the Analysis of News, can be accessed from a Google or Yahoo search engine by typing in “R. D. Bradshaw” Goldsmiths.  Several hundred web sites can be found with the back issues and with translations to Spanish, Italian, German, Chinese and other foreign languages.  Back issues of the Goldsmiths are also mostly available at the archives of  Finally, the “Archives-Goldsmiths” of this website ( ) has all of the Goldsmith articles issued to date. 


Besides the revelations contained in the Goldsmiths’ articles, the work of the plutocratic financial market manipulators to conspiratorially manipulate and control the financial markets (to make more profits and install a world government under their management) is also addressed at length in the periodic analysis of the news and in other articles produced at  This website has an article of interest to any person interested in understanding the market Manipulators.  It is the Hidden Secret of the Manipulators, why they succeed and how to follow their manipulations. 


Readers of the above articles are invited to visit and become a subscriber to regularly read some of the material from the world of information which will further reveal how extensive the manipulation, control and dishonesty realities are in the financial, currency and commodity markets, not only in the US but indeed around the world.  To go to the home page of this website, please click at the link here:

-- Posted Wednesday, 11 March 2009 | Digg This Article | Source:


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