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When Atlas Shrugs

-- Posted Friday, 19 June 2009 | | Source:

Road to Roota XV
By Bix Weir

The following is a summary of my Road to Roota articles with the links, summaries and my current thoughts about the articles. Through these articles I have tried to relay original thoughts, theories and concepts that had not been presented in the past. The passage of time has shown that many of the concepts were valid and some were shown not to be correct (especially related to timing!) but hopefully they sparked our gold/silver investor community to begin thinking for themselves about what is really happening out there.

NOTE: At the end of this summary I make a birthday wish that made me change the title of this article from “Pieces of the Puzzle” to “When Atlas Shrugs” because I don’t believe there is much time left for the manipulation of gold and silver. Truthfully, I was saving that title for a special time…I believe that time is NOW!

Road to Roota I
The Implementation of the Gold Standard

Summary: The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston released a comic entitled “Wishes and Rainbow” to help teach students about scarcity in an economic system. On one level it is an innocent teaching tool but on another level it reveals a behind the scenes plan to reintroduce the gold Standard and take out the bankers that control the fiat money system.

Remarks: To this day I am still amazed that I discovered this comic and figured out its significance. It has put everything that has transpired in the markets and the economy into a very understandable context. Once I was totally confused about market movements, economic convulsions and politics of it all, but now it all flows with continuity towards the ultimate goal of reintroducing the gold standard. Ultimately, it has given me faith that good will triumph over evil even in our darkest hour.

Road to Roota II
Maestro Greenspan’s Mangum Opus!

Summary: I contend in this article that Alan Greenspan learned from Arthur Burns how the banking cartel stole the global monetary system from the people. This knowledge has been his lifelong obsession and he has finally devised a way back to the Gold Standard by orchestrating the pending destruction of the fiat money system.

Remarks: I really took a lot of flak from my friends at GATA over this article. I was shattering the façade of their arch enemy #1… Alan Greenspan! Although most of our community now believes that the gold and silver markets are rigged to some degree, not many have stopped to think about how it is done. Let’s end this once and for all: Markets are rigged by computer programs buying and selling back and forth to each other in sufficient volumes to make 3rd party traders irrelevant. Greenspan’s computer programming ability was legendary as far back as the 1960’s and President Ford appointed Greenspan to head the Council of Economic Advisors to set up and operate the rigging programs. You may find it interesting that Ayn Rand was at Greenspan’s side during the swearing in ceremony.

Road to Roota III
Who’s the Little Man Behind the Curtain?

Summary: This article exposes the people and companies behind the rigging of the gold and silver markets. It documents an email exchange with a CFTC lawyer who was charged with overseeing the gold and silver markets and draws a connection between the COMEX short position, SLV “Inventories” and the “Authorized Partcipants” who are involved in the rigging operations.

Remarks: It still astounds me that the CFTC is still intimately involved with protecting the market rigging operations of the banking cabal. What does this say for the US oversight and justice system? Since the release of this article the SEC has been dragged in front of Congress and has been laid bare in their criminal neglect and collusion in the Madoff case. How long will it be before we see the CFTC dragged kicking and screaming in front of Congress to explain their lack of action in the gold and silver manipulation con?

Road to Roota IV
Postcards from Washington

Summary: In April 2008 I was lucky enough to participate in an event sponsored by the Gold Anti Trust Action Committee entitled “GATA Goes to Washington – Anybody seen our Gold?” The following were my thoughts, impressions, and a brief summary of the conversations I had with a hand full of very bright individuals interested in honest money and the end of the official manipulation of the price of gold.

Remarks: Oh how far GATA has come! From a rag tag band of gold bugs that the majority of mainstream commentators called “Conspiracy Nuts” and the “Tin Foil Helmet Gang” to a highly respected group of Patriots armed with a mountain of publically documented facts proving market manipulation. Without GATA the gold community as well as the price of gold would never had broken out from its 20 year bear market. Tin Foil Hat’s off to my friends at GATA!

Road to Roota V
Melt the Witch….Swap all your Gold for Silver!

Summary: In this article I advocate swapping all gold investments for physical silver. This is not intended to be a slam against gold as an investment but to show how everything that makes gold and excellent investment is true with silver AND MORE!

Remarks: The silver story is the most amazingly bullish situation any investor will ever come across. As a matter of fact the only reason the price of silver has yet to blow sky-high is the massive JP Morgan short position. There are currently “enforcement” investigations into the COMEX Silver market. It is not a question of “will” the silver market finally be set free from the manipulators…but “WHEN”. Drink the Coolaid and read this article again and again and again!

Road to Roota VI
CFTC Silver Manipulation Investigation…6 Strikes and yer OUT!

Summary: The CFTC has a long history of coming to the aid or covering up for the silver price managers. This article is my response to one of their many “final conclusions” on the subject of silver manipulation allegations. I analyzed their 6 point brief of why they believe there is no manipulation in the silver market and show how each and every one is wildly off base.

Remarks: It really has come to the point where our regulators cannot be trusted to regulate the markets in a fair and impartial manner. Politics, influence and greed have overtaken truth, justice and fairness. When the final gold/silver blastoff happens there is a mountain of evidence that points the finger directly on the regulatory agencies. Let’s hope they get what they deserve.

Road to Roota VII
The Great Silver Mystery (..and the greatest secret of all time!)

Summary: 470,000,000ozs. of physical silver that was being used as an essential secret component of the Manhattan Project magnets to enrich uranium were removed in the early 1990’s to assist in the price suppression of silver. The significance of this occurrence can not be underestimated because it means the powers that control the rigging of the silver market were so desperate for physical metal that a strategic military installation had to be dismantled to retrieve this "deep storage" silver. I contend that over the years this silver was taken off the market by industrial and investment users such that the silver ETF had to be established in order to lease additional paper silver and divert huge flows of institutional money into a black hole of non-backed paper silver (SLV).

Remarks: This is one of my favorite discoveries because it really demonstrates how important silver is to world as well as how scarce it is. Since I wrote this there have been many large scale silver shortages and premiums for physical silver have skyrocketed. The silver manipulation story is the most important cover-up in the history of mankind and the unraveling of this twisted mess will destroy the fiat money system the bankers thrive on.

Road to Roota VIII
Fannie & Freddie and the End of Fiat Money

Summary: In this article I predict that the nationalization of Fannie and Freddie would be the final nail in the coffin for the banking system as well as the entire fiat money system. I assumed the US could not afford to do it, but "the system" can't afford not to do it.

Remarks: I’ll admit it. I got this flat wrong! The collapse of Fannie & Freddie began the total Nationalization process in the United States. In a way, this event signified the end of US Capitalism as we know it and steered our country down the slippery slop of Socialism. Has the banking cabal won in their quest to take over the world? Only time will tell but this was definitely significant a turning point.

Road to Roota IX
When the music stops… WHO’S GOT THE SILVER?

Summary: In this article I analyze the 4 COMEX approved warehouses and show their connection to the banking cabal. The controls and reporting of these authorized warehouse is more than suspect and should not be used in any analysis of physical metal shortages.

Remarks: This is a classic example of the banking cabal using very sizable and public forums to disguise the reality of what transpires behind the scenes. By “showing” large inventories of physical gold and silver in their warehouses on the COMEX, LME and ETF’s the banking cabal deludes market participants into believing there is more physical metal available to back their paper promises than there actually is.

Road to Roota X
US Operation Confidence Con

Summary: The US money managers developed a plan to restore the underlying false confidence in our economic and monetary systems thus continuing the dominance of the global financial power elite.

Remarks: Larry Summers and Austan Goolsby are the two conmen currently in charge of the US market rigging operations out of the White House. Both are students and advocates of an economic theory that believes emotional, psychological and behavioral sentiment are the real drivers for economic prosperity regardless of the actual fundamental facts. They rely on false data, manipulating markets and paid network shills to promote their “greens shoot” fantasy. The problem is any policy based on a pile of lies cannot withstand the test of time…and their time is over.

Road to Roota XI
More on the Great Silver Mystery

Summary: I came across an amazing disclosure related to my Road to Roota VII discovery of the silver used in the Manhattan Project. In the book “Now It Can Be Told” by the General in change of the project, there is a detailed account of how the silver transfer took place, who was involved, the security needed and how it was hidden on the books of the US Treasury.

Remarks: The US Government has a long history of fraudulent accounting, fraudulent reporting and overall misinformation under the guise of “national security”. Nobody, even the US government itself, knows the truth about the amount of fake monetary data supplied by all governments, banks, public/private agencies or even citizens of the world. The great unknown will soon crash the necessary confidence needed in any fiat money system.

Road to Roota XII
A New Monetary System for the USA

Summary: The National Economic Stability and Recovery Act (NESRA) can save the citizens of the United States from the destruction of the global US dollar based monetary system and punish the banking cartel put us on this precarious cliff in the first place.

Remarks: There is talk around the world of implementing new monetary systems, but there are many different versions of how it should be constructed. Obviously, each country advocates what is best for their citizens or situation.  When the final fiat monetary collapse happens I expect every country to close it’s borders to foreign trade and influence concentrating on implementing their own monetary system. For the US the NESRA bill can be a shining example for the world.

Road to Roota XIII
The Geithner Plan = Sustained Manipulation

Summary:  I wrote an essay entitled “Operation Confidence Con” where I showed the likely game plan of the new US Treasury Secretary, Tim Geithner, on how he planned to build confidence in our current economic system by manipulating markets and public perception.  Although I believe I correctly exposed the plan, I did not anticipate the size, scope and duration of this new market manipulation policy. Operation Confidence Con is not a “one off” plan to revive the corrupt western banking system but a policy of SUSTAINED MARKET MANIPULATION that is trying to cover-up all aspects of Economic Reality.

Remarks: The Obama administration is trying to rig the world and all they are doing is weakening the United States and its people. The extent of the lies and manipulation is unprecedented in the history of the world and history does not look kindly upon those who sacrifice the many for the benefit of the few. Even the Wizard of Oz stopped pulling the leavers when the little man behind the curtain was exposed!

Road to Roota XIV
Gold Panic Inside The Oval Office

Summary: I was watching the NBC special called "Inside the White House" and was struck by a meeting with Larry Summers and the President.  It was touted as an "all access" day in the life of the President but at 7:15 minutes into Part 1 Larry Summers and a man who I believe is Austan Goolsbee come into the Oval Office for a call with "the Germans".  Summers is obviously on edge and shuts down the cameras when he begins to discuss the problem. I'll bet my last gold Kruggie that the Oval Office phone call was a desperate plea to buy more time before the Germans destroy the physical gold manipulation scheme.

Remarks: This article made great theater in our little gold/silver manipulation community. There is something about watching the market riggers do their thing that strips away that all powerful façade and shows them as the panicked, scared human beings that they are.  I almost felt sorry for them…ALMOST


I really have to say it again…I believe WE ARE THERE! The system is falling apart in so many places that there are not enough Bandaids to patch up the patient. Auto suppliers are getting refused bailout money, 48 states are on the verge of bankruptcy, the USA is bust, Eastern European countries are defaulting on their Western banking debt, and on and on. Even Sheila Bair, the FDIC Chairwoman (we really should call her “Bair the Chair” or “Chair Bair”…god I hope she’s a “Care Bair”!) has come out in public and said there are “a few large institutions” that are going to be allowed to fail even though they have been classified as “too big to fail”. What else needs to be said? As Martin Armstrong said “It’s Just Time”.


I am lucky enough to have my birthday fall on July 4th and I can’t think of a better birthday present for myself and my country than the destruction of the evil fiat money crowd and the implementation of a sound monetary system based on Constitutional Gold and Silver. What a great birthday (or re-birthday) our nation would have as well as all the people of the world. Many people tell me it will never happen that fast but I couldn’t disagree more. The world will change for the better WHEN ATLAS SHRUGS

-- Posted Friday, 19 June 2009 | Digg This Article | Source:


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