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The Goldsmiths—Part CIII

-- Posted Friday, 9 October 2009 | | Source:

By R. D. Bradshaw of Sep 25, 2009 had an article by Chris Powell (Secretary-Treasurer of the Gold Anti-Trust Action agency) on “Is GATA belaboring the obvious or what still can’t be talked about?”  It outlined some of the dilemma facing gold investors in modern America because of the dishonest and illegal activities of the Federal Reserve Bank and its manipulation and suppression of the gold market.  The primary focus of Powell’s article was upon the actions of the Fed to conceal its practice of using gold swap arrangements with foreign banks (to manipulate the gold market), and concealing these actions from GATA and other interested parties. 


The Issue


Reportedly, the Fed addressed this issue in 2001 and denied such swaps.  Now, here in 2009, it seems that the Fed has at last quietly admitted the practice; and that it has lied about it for the last eight years.  Once this admission came forth from the Fed, gold proponents picked upon it from a GATA news release and advertised it at length on the Internet.  One Internet article posted comments from a woman reader that the Federal Reserve’s intervention in the gold market was obvious and that GATA was just belaboring the obvious. 


In a strange paradoxically move, as GATA was being criticized for reporting the obvious, a gold market analyst responded to GATA’s news release in a negative way by charging that it was “COMPLETE hocus-pocus. Who the ---- does GATA think it is? The U.S. government owes it NOTHING of an explanation. If gold is manipulated, WHY would you touch it? If gold HAD been manipulated, the $1,000 price would have NEVER materialized. Keep rooting for the masses, and revolution, and all that nonsense. The market is the market, and it WILL prove you (and them) wrong. Tinfoils, one and all. I am no guru, but at least I do not dwell on science-fiction stories. THEY make a living at it. Pathetic.”


Thereupon, GATA addressed each of the arguments by the “analyst.”  For example, GATA noted on the issue of whether the government owes any explanation to its citizens or not, GATA said:  “Yes, that has seemed to be the Federal Reserve's view lately.  But that is not how democracy is understood to operate.  Otherwise the U.S. government would not be subject, however tentatively, to the Freedom of Information Act.  Nor would the new U.S. president have declared, within a few days of his inauguration, that his administration would commence a new openness…”


On the analyst’s remarks about gold at $1,000, GATA noted that “if they could arrange it, central banks would make gold so common that 1-ounce coins would be the prizes in Crackerjack boxes.  But that gold has reached $1,000 doesn't make $1,000 a fair price and doesn't mean that central banks don't resist gold's rise surreptitiously as well as openly.”  GATA then cited remarks found at which told of a 1968 telegram from the US Embassy in Paris to the US Secretary of State about how officials can “remain the masters of gold.”  


GATA has done an excellent job of defending its activities on this subject and needs no help from me.  Yet, when reading this gold market reaction to GATA’s revelations about the corruption and dirty dealings of the Fed, I felt compelled to weigh-in on perhaps the biggest mistake of all by both the woman and gold analyst. 


The Problem of Being Ripped Off and Stolen From


I first became exposed to the value of gold and the future of gold back in the 1960s when John F. Kennedy was President.  I was college educated (with a master’s degree in business from the University of Oklahoma) and an officer in the Army at Fort Stewart, Georgia.  Though I had been educated by a large respected university, I knew about as little about the workings of the US financial markets and US monetary and economic systems as the above cited gold analyst. 


I actually believed that our financial markets were regulated by supply and demand and operated freely without any intervention from government or the supposedly independent Federal Reserve Bank.  Of course, while I thought I knew a lot about finance, the truth was that I was pathetically ignorant about the real world around me.  And it is this precise environment which breeds and promotes devilish pride and vanity.  We all become infected with it.  We think we know so much; when in fact, we know so little. 


In those days, I stupidly knew nothing about people named Rothschild or a place in London called the City which houses some 560 banks.  I didn’t have the foggiest notion about any manipulation and control of the price of gold and most stocks, currencies and commodities in the financial markets (though the Cabal had been in this game since 1913; on this, see Understanding Money and War—I-XIV at  Yet, I ignorantly thought I knew a lot about the US financial and economic systems (when, in fact, I knew very little—like the above quoted analyst). 


But I did have brains enough to realize and recognize one profoundly important piece of truth which very few people in America have had any understanding on at all.  Somehow, by the time I was in college, I came to understand that the irresponsible deficit spending by our government was wrong and would in time cause an absolute crash of our monetary system.  At that time, I didn’t fully appreciate the inflation problem; but very soon, it came home to my understanding (as I discuss the seriousness of it at length in the Goldsmiths, Part 102). 


At Fort Stewart, I lived across the street from another officer in the Army who, like me, had an interest in the US financial markets as a place to invest and save some money.  We used to get together and exchange ideas on the markets.  Like me, he didn’t know much when we first started our exchanges.  But somehow, we both came to recognize that the US money system would one day end in the garbage can and that gold would be the solution. 


Of course, we didn’t know that the game was completely rigged, controlled and manipulated by powerful forces in their counting houses in London.  But we could see back then that the fiat money system was destined to fail.  Both of us thought it would happen soon.  Since we could not own gold, we both began buying some gold stocks.  My friend retired from the Army, and I was transferred to Germany.  Thus, we lost touch. 


In the ensuing years, I left the Army and had some health and marital problems (both of which can cost large sums of money).  It seemed like every time I got pepped up to believe that I had a good position in gold stocks, something would happen to make me have to sell them (as I wanted to be a long term gold investor, it was not my wish to have to sell gold).  Inevitably, my investments in gold never went anywhere in terms of strong upticks as should have happened.  True, there was oscillating ups and downs in them (as was true with gold in general) and sometimes hard falls.  But, for whatever reason, I usually was forced out with a loss.  This practice continued when we were allowed to own gold in the 1970s. 


In time, I steered away from gold stocks to gold futures.  As many readers here well understand, the futures’ markets are heavily manipulated at Cabal headquarters in London.  Unless a person is a so-called short term “trader” (buying and selling with the oscillating moves), in linkage with the ruling Cabal or at least getting some good tips from others who are in touch, the futures’ markets are no place for investors or people trying to save some money long term.  As a long term investor, I usually lost money on gold in those markets—never understanding in those days why I lost money (and even after often following the advice of so-called market analysts who were as ignorant as I was about market manipulations). 


While I did sometimes make some money on stocks, my record with gold was bad.  Now, I have freely admitted this fact of my history.  Since I am now publishing a gold oriented newsletter, I could just as easily brag and boast about how smart I have been and how I have made money on gold.  But, in being honest and telling the truth, I didn’t do very well on gold. 


Eventually, in the 1990s, I discovered the real world out there on gold and why I could not make money on it when gold investments logically had to go up.  My discovery was not predicated on any brilliance on my part or even my education by the Rothschild Cabal controlled establishment (which never taught me truths I needed to know to live and exist in the United States). 


Of course, on my own, I had come to understand that inflation was destroying me whenever I tried to save a little money in a savings account.  I could see that the whole system would one day collapse and end in the garbage can.  And I admit that I usually thought it was sooner rather than later.  But I was lost on gold before the big break came to me in the 1990s. 


So, in the 1990s, after losing much again on gold in the futures’ market, I read some articles in the old Spotlight newspaper on what was going on in the gold markets.  I realized then that I had been scammed, cheated and defrauded by my own government and its operation of the “Working Group on Financial Stability” (popularly known as the Market Control Unit or the Plunge Protection Team/PPT—as organized by executive order 12631 on Mar 18, 1988).  Later, I learned about the “Exchange Stabilization” fund or system as established by an act of Congress back in the 1930s.  For anyone interested in how these two groups operate, you can read my article on Understanding Money and War—I at 


Now, while I have freely admitted losing money in gold over the years (whereas I could have gotten more subscribers for my newsletter by lying and bragging about how much money I have made on gold), I do allow that some few people have made money on gold.  Obviously, if I and thousands of other persons were losing large sums of money on gold, the Rothschild Cabal manipulators were making money.  Also, I allow that some few honest people otherwise may have made some money on gold—and especially since it made its big spike-up to $1,000 in the last few years. 


Of course, people buying physical gold just before the big spike up in 1980 (to $850) and/or in the last few years could have made money.  But in the past tense, there would have been losses for those trying to hold gold over time back in the 1980s and certainly for anyone trying to play in the futures’ markets.  This perhaps will not be true with the present spike-up, as forces are now likely at work to preclude another major fall-back in gold prices.


In looking at the problem, I can see the stupidity of trying to make money, even now, in the futures markets.  Options are not quite as bad.  But even here, it is hard to make money and especially if you buy a gold option and expect to keep it to near its expiration date (the reason is because the manipulators will usually bring gold down on the Last Trading Days of both options and futures, if they are short at that time). 


But it is clear to me now that concerned people can buy a little physical gold and hold it over time during many of the Cabal directed oscillating moves up and down.  Yet, even here, there is a downside risk because the government will undoubtedly move one day to confiscate it.  So there is even a danger in trying to buy it physically, and trying to hold any quantity of it in the US for the long pull. 


Of course, there are some people who claim to have made money on gold over the last many years.  Well, maybe so; but I hasten to say that it has not been an easy proposition.  Even when the only option was gold stocks, there were problems from the manipulations because many gold producers simply couldn’t make enough money to stay in business.  Big producers like Homestake and Dome never really could hack it as they should have.  Who ever heard of Sunshine Mining and dozens of big silver producers in Shoshone County Idaho?  Well, most of those big mines are closed (although Sunshine has recently started re-opening).  The manipulators would not allow them to stay in business. 


The Bottom Line


To now return to the ideas from the persons opposing GATA--what was thinking people supposed to do over the last 60 years following WWII?  Once inflation and the destruction of savings set in (as outlined in the Goldsmiths 102), should we have stupidly tried to save money with a local Rothschild Cabal bank and get less back in interest than the real inflation rate; or should we have tried to use our heads and place our money in investments which would at least exceed the inflation rate (as gold investments should have, assuming no market interventions and manipulations by authorities and big banks). 


Of course, if I and others would have known how the game is played and how things would turn out over the years, we could have opted for a different course than the one chosen (as the Rothschild Cabal players were so informed).  Yes, hindsight is always better than foresight. 


Well, I, for one, tried to save or invest my meager funds in what I thought was a free market which operated on the basis of fundamentals and technicals to a lesser extent.  So I lost badly over the past forty years simply because my own government and the supposedly independent Federal Reserve have operated in collusion to cheat, defraud and steal from me and other Americans who simply were kept in ignorance by those same powers and our absurd education system which has done virtually nothing to educate people about the real world. 


Regardless of whether a person has tried to buy gold stocks, futures or even physical gold to hold, the chances for a loss have been great.  Surely, there have been many suicides and financially devastated families because of the illegal and dishonest actions of our government and the Fed to cheat and defraud them.  The reason for our troubles is simple--because we did not understand how the gold, stock, commodity and currency markets/games have been rigged and played these many years. 


Well, I finally got mad and started writing the Goldsmiths articles in August 2008.  Frankly, if I continue to live, I will use my remaining strength to expose this band of crooks and thieves that have ripped me and others off over the past forty years.  I know if someone would have informed me about how the gold game was being played years ago, I would have far more money and better health today than what I do have.  Thus, I have a moral obligation to try to inform others about how we have been and are being ripped off by our government and the Fed. 


I am in no mood to sit back and allow a gang of crooks and thieves to regularly rip-off, cheat and defraud us and get away with it because no informed people have the guts and integrity to stand up and take a stand for right and wrong.  Maybe it’s possible to understand why ignorant people cannot be expected to help others; but for the life of me, I don’t see informed people keeping silent about the theft and rip-off of their relatives, friends, and fellow citizens. 


Frankly, I appreciate the work of GATA and publishers like to also expose the corruption and underhanded dealings of our own government and supposedly independent Fed to cheat, defraud and screw us all as they have done so--certainly since 1933 and the gold confiscatory work of Franklin Rosenfeldt/Roosevelt.


I am convinced that the above explanation is alone sufficient for groups like GATA to expose the crooked dealings of the Fed and our government to screw, cheat and defraud people like me trying to save a few dollars for the day of reckoning which we can plainly see on the horizon.  It is morally reprehensible to sit back and allow this gang of crooks and thieves to get away with their skullduggery without at least taking a stand and trying to oppose it. 


It is apathy and don’t-care which are bringing on catastrophic results in our nation at this time.  People should get off of their duffs and start caring and start doing something positive about the corruption in our government and in the financial markets—before it’s too late. 



Back issues of the Goldsmiths, by the editor of the Analysis of News, can be accessed from a Google or Yahoo search engine by typing in “R. D. Bradshaw” Goldsmiths.  Several hundred web sites can be found with the back issues and with translations to Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, Polish, Chinese and other foreign languages.  Finally, the “Archives-Goldsmiths” of this website ( ) has all of the Goldsmith articles issued to date. 


Besides the revelations contained in the Goldsmiths’ articles, the work of the plutocratic financial market manipulators to conspiratorially manipulate and control the financial markets (to make more profits and install a world government under their management) is also addressed at length in the periodic analysis of the news and in other articles produced at  This website has an article of interest to any person interested in understanding the market Manipulators.  It is the Hidden Secret of the Manipulators, why they succeed and how to follow their manipulations. 


Readers of the above articles are invited to visit and become a subscriber to regularly read some of the material from the world of information which will further reveal how extensive the manipulation, control and dishonesty realities are in the financial, currency and commodity markets, not only in the US but indeed around the world.  To return to the Home Page of this web site, click here:

-- Posted Friday, 9 October 2009 | Digg This Article | Source:


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