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The Goldsmiths, Part CLXXIII

-- Posted Thursday, 23 December 2010 | | Source:

By R. D. Bradshaw


The Cabal masters set and control most commodity prices through the futures markets.  Sometimes, they have trouble controlling some prices because of market forces at work—which can be called fundamentals.  Gold is an example where the Cabal tries to force prices down.  But the public has been buying gold for some time now to help boost prices up, contrary to the wishes of the Cabal manipulators.  Gold is increasingly popular in Asia.  This popularity is not aiding the work of the Cabal masters to set and control the price of gold.  The same situation is now slowly developing in other commodities--like oil products and agricultural/food commodities. 


The Cabal Finds Farmers Easy to Steal From


Historically, the farmers have been the easiest people to rip off and steal from with the Cabal’s power over the markets.  One of the latest tricks the Cabal masters have been using to control agriculture prices and make more profits is to have their puppets at the US Dept of Agriculture (USDA) dramatically over-estimate production—long before the crops are even planted and/or harvested.  When the USDA reports fraudulent agriculture statistics, in conjunction with the work of the Rothschild media to play up those fraudulent numbers, the Cabal can completely move food futures whichever way desired. 


For a perfect illustration of their power to control prices, take the situation with corn.  In Sep 2009, long before the 2010 crop was even in the ground, the USDA estimated corn production and ending stocks at 1.621 billion bushels for 2010.  Thereafter, month after month, the USDA continued to up the production and ending stock estimate till it reached 1.899 billion bushels on April 10, 2010—again before the crop was even planted.  Then month after month, they began a sharp reduction in figures till it was down to 1.116 billion bushels by Sep 10, 2010. 


Then, in a very mysterious move in late Sep 2010, the USDA said that it had made some arithmetic mistakes and that the numbers were understated by 300,000 million bushels (and if you believe this crap, you must believe in the tooth fairy or be in the market to buy a bridge in Brooklyn).  But even with this 300 million so-called arithmetic correction, the count continued down to 827 million bushels by Nov 9, 2010.  Somehow, the USDA made another error and increased stocks to 832 million bushels in Dec.  In any case, the corn crop was cut in half after harvesting in comparison with USDA estimates before the crop was planted.  Tragically, it is these USDA estimates which control US prices, both current and future. 


I told subscribers at all along that they were lying to us.  The CFTC reports on bank participation in the futures showed them long in corn all year; all the while that farm producers were short.  The farmers were short because they lacked the money to plant a crop.  So, as they usually do, they sold their crops early.  But too bad for them because they sold at very low prices in the winter and spring of 2010 while the Cabal banks were buying corn on the cheap from the sucker farmers that they were ripping off.  All along, I could see what was happening; and told subscribers at that grain prices would be going up.  And that’s what happened.  Subscribers who acted on the news and analyses I shared with them on grain last spring made a barrel of money by the fall. 


And now, the Cabal controlled futures’ exchanges have another trick up their sleeve to help their Cabal banking bosses again for the 2011 crop and once more before it is even planted (and this drop is not because of production increases as the drop is projected far into the future).  Prices have forced corn up to over $6 a bushel at this time.  So the exchanges have corn, soybeans, oats and some other items high through the July 2011 contracts next summer.  But then, starting in Sep 2011, the exchanges are settling prices about ten to twenty percent lower than they are now.  And why are the Cabal controlled exchanges ripping off the farmers again? 


Man, don’t you get it?  Desperate farmers will have to sell their crops early at the cheap; all the while the big Cabal banks buy them up for Sep 2011 and later futures on the cheap.  I noted that in the current corn and certain other futures that the exchanges are just about not increasing settlement prices at all on those far out contracts when the near contracts go up.  Yet, if the near contracts are down, the exchanges drop the settlement prices on the far out contracts at once.  This is just another Cabal gimmick to steal from producers and enrich the big banks stocking up on these contracts.  Yes, all the way, it is a game of Cabal control on agriculture prices before the crops are even planted.  As a minimum, it will force many small buyers into a loss of their contracts due to stop loss sales or due to margin calls as the Cabal juggles the prices up and down. 


By the way, I note that the oil and precious metals’ exchanges may be starting to do the same trick.  There are some indications that they be starting to settle the prices of far out contracts much lower than the spot and near contract prices.  In other words, they seem to be purposely keeping the value of some far out contracts down as opposed to the spot and near term contract prices.  Thus, they are saying that prices will go down and not up over the course of time.  My take is that we can bank on it that this is another Cabal trick to enrich its insiders at our expense.  I have had and will have articles and analyses for subscribers at on what the Cabal is accomplishing with this latest manipulating trick being pulled by the Cabal serpents and how to follow their moves. 


But this Cabal manipulating and cheating game on food is changing, though much slower than what is happening with precious metals.  Primarily, the problem facing the Cabal masters, in their manipulation of the prices of agricultural items, is that the Cabal masters--through their puppets at the US Defense Department’s Advance Research Projects Agency--have a weather control operation underway to damage and hurt Rothschild Cabal enemies in Russia, Iran, Venezuela, China, Syria, etc.  The Rothschild-US team appears to be using this weather warfare to blackmail some of the Rothschild enemy nations (yes, Russia is mysteriously agreeing with Hillary on some things which are damaging to their Russian allies—like Iran). 


But the problem arises in that these manipulating fools don’t know what they are doing to weather overall or long term (thus, they are experimenting with HAARP and chem-trails and screwing the weather up).  In so doing, they are messing both weather and agricultural production up globally.  Either by accident or preplanning (and my take is that it involves preplanning), they are setting the stage for a global food crisis wherein their big banks will make a barrel of money from us, the dummies, who sit back and allow this stupidity to continue.


Yet, They want Deflation


On the economy, the Cabal master snakes want deflation and they have worked hard at achieving this aim for the last many months (primarily through their control of the credit markets and their power over the various puppet governments in the Christian West; and possibly now through this latest scam with the exchanges manipulating far out future prices down).  Yet, they have been unable to achieve deflation, as inflation keeps flowing—primarily because of the built in labor costs in the Christian West and the fact that the Cabal media powers have influenced and promoted an inflationary outlook among the Western populations for ages. 


So, since they have not been able to achieve a deflationary environment, they have then manipulated the governments’ inflation numbers to say there is no inflation.  But these manipulated numbers from Cabal puppets are all lies.  And why do they do it?  Well again, it’s partly because the public is attuned to inflation and there are so many built in labor costs.  They simply can’t keep the prices down despite their efforts to do so through their power over the credit markets. 


To fight Rothschild wars, the mercenary military must have pay raises.  Political pressure has made Obama grant federal workers pay raises--at least last year--but few this year except for promotions, step increases and military pay raises.  Step increases and promotions are thus at work to bring on pay increases and hurt Cabal efforts on achieving deflation.  There is too the reality that the big Cabal banks are themselves big spenders on giant bonuses for their employees.  The Cabal wants us, the little people, to cut back.  But cut backs are not on their agenda at their banks and big corporations.  Too, the Cabal insiders are periodically on a binge to raise prices to make some profits.  Oil is an example.


The Bottom Line


Regardless of the continuing power of the Cabal masters to control commodity prices through manipulation of the commodity futures’ prices and their intense push to achieve a significant deflationary fall in the Christian West, many commodities are slowly inching upward in price.  This is especially true of precious metals and now even in oil and many food items. 


While the Cabal bosses control the puppet governments/states and can thus manipulate and lie about the inflation and food production numbers, the fact remains that inflation is starting to rebound.  Soon it will be at the double digit level and in time at the hyperinflationary stage; though the Cabal masters will surely continue lying to us about reality.  But the way things are now going, the trend will see much higher prices for gold, silver, oil and most agricultural/food commodities in 2011.  There is no way the Cabal can avoid this eventuality. 




Back issues of the Goldsmiths, by the editor of the Analysis of News, can be accessed from a Google or Yahoo search engine by typing in “R. D. Bradshaw” Goldsmiths.  Several hundred web sites can be found with the back issues and with translations to Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, Polish, Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, Serbian, and other foreign languages.  Finally, the “Archives-Goldsmiths” of this website ( ) has all of the Goldsmith articles issued to date. 


Besides the revelations contained in the Goldsmiths’ articles, the work of the plutocratic financial market manipulators to conspiratorially manipulate and control the financial markets (to make more profits and install a world government under their management) is also addressed at length in the periodic analysis of the news and in other articles produced at  This website has an article of interest to any person interested in understanding the market Manipulators.  It is the Hidden Secret of the Manipulators, why they succeed and how to follow their manipulations. 


Readers of the above articles are invited to visit and become a subscriber to regularly read some of the material from the world of information which will further reveal how extensive the manipulation, control and dishonesty realities are in the financial, currency and commodity markets, not only in the US but indeed around the world.  To go to the Home Page of this web site, click here:

-- Posted Thursday, 23 December 2010 | Digg This Article | Source:


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