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Fate of Paper Money

"Paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value - zero." (Voltaire, 1694-1778)

The first well-known widespread use of paper money was in China during the Tang (618-907 A.D.) dynasty around 800 A.D. Paper money spread to the city of Tabriz, Persia in 1294 and to parts of India and Japan between 1319 to 1331. However, its use was very short-lived in these regions. In Persia, the merchants refused to recognize the new money, thus bringing trade to a standstill. By 1455, after over 600 years, the Chinese abandoned paper money due to numerous problems of over issuance and hyperinflation.

Kuan Note 

Figure 1. This Kuan note is the oldest known banknote in the world. It was made in China circa 1380.

Paper money did not arrive in Europe till 1633 with the earliest known English goldsmith certificates being used not only as receipts for reclaiming deposits but also as evidence of ability to pay.

In 1656, the Bank of Sweden is founded with a charter that authorizes it to accept deposits, grant loans and mortgages, and issue bills of credit.

By 1660, the English Goldsmiths' receipts became a convenient alternative to handling coins or bullion. The realisation by goldsmiths that borrowers would find them just as convenient as depositors marks the start of the use of banknotes in England.

In 1661, the Bank of Sweden becomes first chartered bank in Europe to issues notes known as the paper daler.

 Paper Daler

Figure 2. A 50-Daler note from the Bank of Sweden issued in 1666.

At present there are 177 currencies being used in the world. Below is a list containing all currencies currently in circulation. Not all currencies are widely used and accepted, such as the various banknotes of the pound sterling.

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Currency Name (Currency Code)InceptionDuration
Venezuela Bolivar Fuerte20087 mos.
Sudanese Pound (SDG)20071
Turkish New Lira (TRY)20053
Suriname Dollar (SRD)20044
Afghanistan Afghani (AFN)20026
Yugoslav Noviy (Super) Dinar (SCD)20026
Transnistrian New Ruble (PDN)20017
Belarus Newer Ruble (BYR)20008
Tajikistan Somoni (TJS)20008
Angola Kwanza (new) (AOA)19999
Bulgarian New Lev (BGN)19999
Euro (EUR)19999
Russian Federation New Ruble (RUB)19999
Congolese Franc (CDF)199810
Eritrean Nakfa (ERN)199711
Ukraine Hryvnia (UAH)199612
Bosnia Convertible Mark (BAM)199513
Georgia Larit (GEL)199513
Polish New Zloty (PLN)199513
Serbian Dinar (RSD)199414
Brazil Real (BRL)199414
Croatian Kuna (HRK)199414
Cuba "Peso Convertible" (CUC)199414
Yugoslav Noviy (Super) Dinar (YUM)199414
Somaliland Shilling (SQS)199414
Uzbekistan Sum (UZS)199414
Armenian Dram (AMD)199315
Azerbaijan Manat (AZM)199315
Colombia Peso (COP)199315
Czech Koruna (CZK)199315
Kazakhstan Tenge (KZT)199315
Kyrgyzstan Som (KGS)199315
Latvia Lat (LVL)199315
Lithuania Lita (LTL)199315
Macedonian New Denar (MKD)199315
Mexico New Peso (MXN)199315
Moldovan Leu (MDL)199315
Myanmark Dollar Foreign Exchange Certificates (MMX)199315
Namibia Dollar (NAD)199315
Turkmenistan Manat (TMM)199315
Uruguay Peso Uruguayo (UYU)199315
Argentina Peso Convertible (ARS)199216
Estonia Kroon (EEK)199216
Slovak Koruna (SKK)199216
Slovenia Tolar (SIT)199216
Nicaragua Cordoba Oro (NIO)199117
Peru Sol Nuevo (PEN)199117
Yemeni Rial (YER)199018
Myanmar Kyat (MMK)198919
Bolivian Boliviano (New) (BOB)198721
Cook Islands Dollar (CKD)*198721
Uganda New Shilling (UGX)198721
Aruba Guilder (AWG)198622
New Franc Guineen (GNF)198622
Israel New Shekel (ILS)198523
Viet Nam Dong (VND)198523
Madagascar Ariary (MGA)198325
Iceland Krona (ISK)198127
Maldive Islands Rufiyaa (MVR)198127
Vanuatu Vatu (VUV)198127
Mozambique Metical (MZM)198028
Cambodia New Riel (KHR)198028
Lesotho (Ma)Loti (LSL)198028
Zimbabwe Dollar (ZWD)198028
Ghana New Cedi (GHC)197929
Laos New Kip (LAK)197929
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)197830
Djibouti Franc (DJF)197731
Sao Tome and Principe Dobra (STD)197731
Solomon Islands Dollar (SBD)197731
Botswana Pula (BWP)197632
Ethiopian Birr (ETB)197632
Chilean Peso (CLP)197533
Comoros Franc (KMF)197533
Papua New Guinea Kina (PGK)197533
Belize Dollar (BZD)197434
Bhutan Ngultrum (BTN)197434
Somali Shilin Soomaali (SOS)197434
Swaziland Lilangeni (SZL)197434
Barbados Dollar (BBD)197335
Mauritania Ouguiya (MRO)197335
Nigerian Naira (NGN)197335
Qatari Rial (QAR)197335
United Arab Emirates Dirham (AED)197335
Bangladesh Taka (BDT)197236
Rial Omani (OMR)197236
Cayman Islands Dollar (KYD)197137
Gambia Dalasi (GMD)197137
Northern Irish Pound (IBP)197137
Libyan Dinar (LYD)197137
Malawi Kwacha (MWK)197137
Scotland Pound (SSP)197137
Bermudan Dollar (BMD)197038
Fiji Dollar (FJD)196939
Jamaica Dollar (JMD)196939
Maltese Lira (MTL)196840
Zambian Kwacha (ZMK)196840
Brunei Dollar (BND)196741
New Zealand Dollar (NZD)196741
Western Samoa Ta'la (WST)196741
Singapore Dollar (SGD)196741
Australian Dollar (AUD)196642
Bahamas Dollar (BSD)196642
Kenyan Shilling (KES)196642
Tanzania Shilling (TZS)196642
Tonga Pa'anga (TOP)196642
Albanian "Heavy" Lek (ALL)196543
Bahraini Dinar (BHD)196543
Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)196543
Algerian Dinar (DZD)196444
Burundi Franc (BIF)196444
Rwanda Franc (RWF)196444
Sierra Leone Leone (SLL)196444
Malaysian Ringgit (MYR)196345
South Korean Won (KRW)196246
Kuwaiti Dinar (KWD)196147
South African Rand (ZAR)196147
Franc Metropolitan (XMF)196048
Tunisian Dinar (TND)196048
North Korea New Won (KPW)195949
Moroccan Dirham (MAD)195949
Tunisian Dinar (TND)195850
French Polynesian CFP Franc (XPF)195751
Chinese Renminbi Yuan (CNY)195355
Romanian Leu (RON)195256
Saudi Riyal (SAR)195256
Jordan Dinar (JOD)195058
Faeroe Islands Kronur (FOK)194959
Taiwan New Dollar (TWD)194959
Lebanese Pound (LBP)194860
Pakistan Rupee (PKR)194860
Syrian Pound (SYP)194860
Dominican Republic Peso Oro (DOP)194761
Hungary Forint (HUF)194662
Liberian Dollar (LRD)194464
Paraguay Guarani (PYG)194365
West African CFA Franc (XOF)194167
Central African CFA Franc (XAF)194167
Mauritius Rupee (MUR)193474
Nepalese Rupee (NPR)193375
Iranian Rial (IRR)193276
Iraqi Dinar (IQD)193177
Thailand Baht (THB)192880
Gibraltar Pound (GIP)171381
Honduras Lempira (HNL)192682
Guatemala Quetzal (GTQ)192583
Liechtenstein Franc (LIF)*192187
El Salvador Colon (SVC)191989
Guyana Dollar (GYD)191692
Mongolia Tugrik (MNT)191593
Cape Verde Escudo (CVE)191494
Cyprus Pound (CYP)191494
Falkland Islands Pound (FKP)1908100
French Pacific Territories Franc (XPF)1905103
Norway Krone (NOK)1905103
Somali N-Shilling (SON)1905103
Trinidad and Tobago Dollar (TTD)1905103
Panama Balboa (PAB)1903105
Macao Pataca (MOP)1901107
Saint Helena Pound (SHP)1901107
Seychelles Rupee (SCR)1900108
Philippine Piso (PHP)1898110
Costa Rican Colon (CRC)1896112
Hong Kong Dollar (HKD)1895113
Egyptian Pound (EGP)1885123
Danish Krone (DKK)1873135
Swedish Krona (SEK)1873135
Haiti Gourde (HTG)1872136
Japanese Yen (JPY)1871137
Cuban Peso (CUP)1859149
Canadian Dollar (CAD)1858150
Guernsey Pound Sterling (GGP)1827181
India Rupee (INR)1823185
Netherlands Antillan Guilder (ANG)1821187
Swiss Franc (CHF)1799209
US Dollar (USD)1792216
Pound Sterling (GBP)1694314

The median age for a live currency is 37 years and at least one, the Zimbabwe dollar, is in the throes of hyperinflation.

Excluding the early paper currencies of China up until the 15th century and the majority of paper currencies that existed in China until 1935, there are 609 currencies no longer in circulation. Of these, at least 153 were destroyed as a result of hyperinflation caused by over-issuance. The remainder were revalued, destroyed by military occupation/liberation, renamed for political reasons, or were converted to another currency. The median age for these currencies is only seventeen years.

Currency Name (Currency Code)InceptionDemonetizedDuration
Destroyed by
DDR Kuponmark (DDK)194819481 mo.Yes
Yugoslav 1994 Dinar (YUG)199419941 mo.Yes
Hungarian Bilpengoe (HUB)194619461.5 mos.Yes
German Gold Mark (DEG)192319232 mos.Yes
Hungarian Adopengoe (HUA)194619462 mos.Yes
Netherlands Rijksdaalder (NLX)190419042.5 mos.
Slovenia Laibach Lira (SIL)194419442.5 mos.
Hungarian Milpengoe (HUM)194619463 mos.Yes
North Korean Won (KPO)195919593 mos.Yes
Kazakhstan Ruble (KZR)199319933 mos.Yes
Yugoslav October Dinar (YUO)199319933 mos.Yes
Krajina (Serbian Republic) October Dinar (HRKO)199319943 mos.Yes
Polish Zloty Lublin (PLL)194419454 mos.
Serbian Republic October Dinar (BASO)199319944 mos.
Hungarian Red Army Pengoe (HUR)194519456 mos.Yes
Rupiah Kepulauan Riau (IDRR)196319648.5 mos.
Uzbekistan Coupon Sum (UZC)199319948.5 mos.Yes
Japan Base Metal Kammon (JPK)190419059 mos.Yes
Japan Silver Momme (JPM)190419059 mos.Yes
Japan Gold Oban (JPO)190419059 mos.Yes
Lithuania Talonas (LTT)199219939 mos.Yes
Ukraine Karbovanetz (UAK)1992199311 mos.Yes
Transnistrian Ruble (PDR)1994199411 mos.Yes
French Franc (Assignats) (FRA)179517961Yes
French Franc (Mandats Territorial) (FRM)179617971Yes
Confederate States Reformed Dollar (CSAR)186418651Yes
German New Guinea Mark (PGM)191419151
German Southwest Africa Mark (NAP)191419151
Transcaucasian Ruble (ZKRR)191719181
Austrian Krone (ATK)191819191
North Russian Ruble (RUNR)191919201
East Africa Florin (XEAF)192019221
Russian Ruble of 1922 (RUFR)192219221Yes
Soviet Ruble of 1923 (SUB)192319241Yes
Austrian Allied Military Schillings (ATM)194419451
Czechoslovak Red Army Korunu (CSR)194419451
Romanian Red Army Leu (ROR)194419451Yes
Azerbaijan Toman (IRZT)194519461
Sinkiang Gold Yuan (CNSG)194819491
Chinese Gold Chin Yuan (CNG)194819491Yes
Ghana Old Cedi (GHO)196519671
Brazil Cruzado Novo (BRN)198919901Yes
Slovenia Tolar Bons (SIB)199119921
Moldovan Ruble Kupon (MDR)199119921Yes
Moldovan Leu Cupon (MDC)199219931
Albanian Lek Valute (ALV)199219931
Serbian Republic Reformed Dinar (BASR)199219931Yes
Krajina (Serbian Republic) Reformed Dinar (HRKR)199219931Yes
Latvia Ruble (LVR)199219931Yes
Macedonian Denar (MKN)199219931Yes
Yugoslav Reformed Dinar (YUR)199219931Yes
Brazil Cruzeiro Real (BRR)199319941Yes
Maryland Red Shillings (CMDR)178117832
New Jersey New Shilling (CNJN)178117832
Vermont State Shilling (CVTS)178117832
Haiti New Paper Gourde (HTN)187018722Yes
Peru Inca (PER)188018822
Germany Darlenskasse Ost Ruble (DEOR)191619182
Armenian Ruble (AMR)191819202
Azerbaijan Republic Ruble (AZR)191819202
Khiva Tenga (KHVT)191819202
Soviet Armenian Ruble (AMSR)192019222
Soviet Azerbaijan Ruble (AZSR)192019222
Far Eastern Republic Ruble (DBRR)192019222
Soviet Transcaucasian Ruble (ZKSR)192219242
Spanish Nationalist Peseta (ESPN)193619392
Reichs Karbowanez (UAC)194219442
US "Hawaiian" Dollar (USDH)194219442
Italy American Military Lira (ITA)194319452
Italy British Military Lira (ITB)194319452
Italy "Badaglio" Lira (ITLB)194319452
Italy "Mussolini" Lira (ITLM)194319452
Korean Military Won (KROM)194519472
French Franc Nouveau (FRF)196019622
Biafran Pound (BIAP)196819702
Oman Rial Saidi (OMS)197019722
Argentina Peso Argentino (ARP)198319852Yes
Yugoslav Convertible Dinar (YUN)199019922Yes
Belarus Ruble (BYL)199219942
Bosnia Dinar (BAD)199219942Yes
Georgia Kupon Larit (GEK)199319952Yes
Krajina (Serbian Republic) 1994 Dinar (HRKG)199419962Yes
Maryland Black Shillings (CMDB)178017833
Confederate States Dollar (CSAD)186118643
Mexico "Inconvertible" Paper Peso (MXI)191319163
Georgian Ruble (GER)191819213
Danzig Mark (DZGM)192019233
Soviet Khiva Ruble (SUVT)192019233
Memel Mark (MMLM)192019233
Canton Dollar (CNDC)193519383
Netherlands Indies Gumpyo Gulden (IDDJ)194119443Yes
Romania Infinex Leu (ROI)194119443Yes
Philippine Guerilla Peso (PHG)194219453
Malaya Gumpyo Dollar (MYAG)194219453Yes
Netherlands Indies Gumpyo Roepiah (NIDR)194319463
Nationalist Manchurian Yuan (CNNY)194519483
Japanese Allied Yen (JPA)194519483
German Allied Mark (DEA)194519483Yes
German Sperrmark (DES)195119543
Portuguese India Escudo (INPE)195919623
Reunion Franc (REF)195919623Yes
Katanga Franc (KATF)196019633
Viet Nam South Dong (VNS)197519783
Laos Liberation Kip (LAL)197619793Yes
Brazil Cruzado (BRC)198619893Yes
Nicaragua Cordoba (NIC)198819913Yes
Brazil Cruzeiro (BRE)199019933Yes
Russian Ruble (RUR)199119943
Bosnia New Dinar (BAN)199419973
Alabama Confederate Dollar (CSALD)186118654
Arkansas Confederate Dollar (CSAKD)186118654
Florida Confederate Dollar (CSFLD)186118654
Georgia Confederate Dollar (CSGAD)186118654
Louisiana Confederate Dollar (CSLAD)186118654
Mississippi Confederate Dollar (CSMSD)186118654
North Carolina Confederate Dollar (CSNCD)186118654
South Carolina Confederate Dollar (CSSCD)186118654
Tennessee Confederate Dollar (CSTND)186118654
Texas Confederate Dollar (CSTXD)186118654
Spanish Escudo (ESE)186418684
Yugoslav Kronen (YUK)191819224
Ruble Sovnazki (RUFS)191819224
Latvia Ruble (LVB)191819224Yes
Russian Ruble Sovnazki (RUFS)191819224Yes
Soviet Bukhara Ruble (BKSR)192019244
Germany Behelfszahlungsmittel (XDEB)194019444Yes
Nanking/CRB Yuan (CNPN)194119454
Burmese Gumpyo Rupee (BUG)194119454
Croatian Kuna (HRC)194119454
Hong Kong Military Yen (HKG)194119454
Philippine Gumpyo Peso (PHJ)194119454
Japanese Military Yen (XJPM)194119454Yes
French Indochina Military Yen (ICFG)194119454Yes
Oceania Gumpyo Pound (XOGP)194119454Yes
Serbian Dinar (SRDD)194119454Yes
New Hebrides Franc (NHF)194119454
French Franc (Allied Military Provisional) (FRP)194419484
Djibouti CFA Franc (DJC)194519494
Indonesia Guerilla Rupiah (IDG)194519494
Taiwan Nationalist Yuan (TWN)194519494Yes
German Bekomark 195419584
German Libkamark195419584
Ruanda-Urundi Franc (BRIF)196019644
Algerian New Franc (DZF)196019644
Zambian Pound (ZMP)196419684
Congolese Zaire (CDZ)196719714
Croatian Dinar (HRD)199119954
Tatarstan Shamil (RUTS)199219964
Ethiopian Birr (ETB)199319974
Afghanistan Dostumi Afghani (AFAD)199820024Yes
Afghanistan Rabbini Afghani (AFAR)199820024Yes
Greek Phoenix (GRP)182818335
South African Republic Pound (ZAPP)190519105
Serbian Dinar (SRBD)191319185
Southwest Africa Mark (NAM)191519205
Ukraine Grivna (UAG)191719225
Rif Republic Riffan (MARR)192119265
Italian East Africa Lira (AOIL)193619415
Polish Cracow Zloty (PLK)194019455
Slovak Koruna (SKO)194019455
Netherlands Indies Gumpyo Roepiah (IDDR)194119465Yes
Indonesia "Java" Rupiah (IDJ)194519505
Indonesia "Nica" Guilder (IDD)194519505
Romanian New Leu (RON)194719525Yes
Chinese Old Jen Min Piao Yuan (CNP)194819535Yes
Bahraini Dinar (AED)197119765
Israel Shekel (ILL)198019855
Zairean New Zaire (ZRN)199319985Yes
Angola Kwanza Reajustado (AOR)199520005Yes
Tajikistan Ruble (TJR)199520005Yes
French Livre (Assignats) (FRL)178917956Yes
West Indies Joe (GYJ)183018366
Fiume Krone (FIUK)191819246
Estonia Marka (EEM)191819246Yes
Bohemia and Moravia Koruna (CSM )193919456
Japan Military Yen (CNPY)193919456Yes
Germany Reichskreditkassenscheine (XDEK)194019466
North Viet Nam Piastre Dong Viet (VDD )195319596Yes
Rhodesian Pound (RHP)196419706
Peru Inti (PEI)198519916Yes
Transnistrian Kupon Ruble (PDK)199420006Yes
Connecticut Continental Shilling (CCTS)177617837Yes
Delaware Continental Shilling (CDES)177617837Yes
Maryland Continental Shilling (CMDS)177617837Yes
Massachusetts Continental Shilling (CMAS)177617837Yes
New Jersey Continental Shilling (CNJS)177617837Yes
New York Continental Shilling (CNYS)177617837Yes
North Carolina Continental Shilling (CNCS)177617837Yes
Pennsylvania Continental Shilling (CPAS)177617837Yes
Rhode Island Continental Shilling (CRHS)177617837Yes
South Carolina Continental Shilling (CSCS)177617837Yes
Virginia Continental Shilling (CVAS)177617837Yes
Georgia Continental Shilling (CGAS)177617837
New Hampshire Continental Shilling (CNHS)177617837
Hungarian Korona (HUK)191819257Yes
Viet Minh Piastre Dong Viet (VDP)194619537
Congolese Republic Franc (CDG)196019677Yes
Gambia Pound (GMP)196419717
Malawi Pound (MWP)196419717
Qatar-Dubai Riyal (XQDR)196619737
Peseta Guineana (GQP)196819757
Viet Nam New Dong (VNN)197819857
Equatorial Guinea Franco (GQF)198519927
Argentina Austral (ARA)198519927Yes
Russian Federation Ruble (RUR)199119987Yes
Belarus New Ruble (BYB)199420017Yes
Massachusetts Shilling Middle Tenor (CMAM)174117498
Massachusetts Shilling New Tenor (CMAN)174117498
New Hampshire Lawful Shilling (CNHL)175517638
Chinese Paper Tael (CNTP)185318618
Montenegro Perper (MEP)191019188
Kiau Chau Dollar (JPY)191419228
Germany Darlenskasse Ost Mark (DEOM)191419228
Ottoman Empire Paper Lira (XOTL)191419228
Polish Marka (PLM)191619248
German Kreditsperrmark (DERK)193119398Yes
German Effektensperrmark (DERE)193119398Yes
Czechoslovak New Koruna (CSC)194519538
Irian Barat Rupiah (IDIR)196319718
Connecticut Dollar (CCTD)178317929
Delaware Dollar (CDED)178317929
Georgia Dollar (CGAD)178317929
Maryland Dollar (CMDD)178317929
Massachusetts Dollar (CMAD)178317929
New Hampshire Dollar (CNHD)178317929
New Jersey Dollar (CNJD)178317929
New York Dollar (CNYD)178317929
North Carolina Dollar (CNCD)178317929
Pennsylvania Dollar (CPAD)178317929
Rhode Island Dollar (CRHD)178317929
South Carolina Dollar (CSCD)178317929
Virginia Dollar (CVAD)178317929
Fiji Old Dollar (FJO)186518749
Peking/Tientsin/Northern China/FRB Yuan (CNPP)193519449
Meng Chiang (Bank of Inner Mongolia) Yuan (CNPM)193619459
Sinkiang Yuan (CNSY)193919489Yes
German Registermark (XRDERM/DERR)193919489Yes
German Handelsperrmark (DERH)193919489Yes
German Reichskreditkassenschein (XDEK)193919489Yes
South Korean Hwan (KRH)195319629
Rhodesia and Nyasaland Federation Pound (RHFP)195619659
Liberian Liberty Dollars (LRDL)199120009
Texas Dollar (TXSD)1836184610
Austro-Hungarian Monetary Union Gulden (XATG)1857186710
Moldova Ducat (MDD)1857186710
Colombia Peso (COP)1905191510Yes
British Military Authority Lira (LYB)1941195110Yes
Greek New Drachma (GRN)1944195410Yes
India Haj Pilgrimage Rupee (XINP)1950196010
Somali Somalo (SOIS)1950196010
Bulgarian Socialist Lev (BGM)1952196210
French Affars and Issas Franc (AIF)1967197710
Rhodesian Dollar (RHD/ZWC)1970198010
Angola Kwanza Novo (AON)1990200010Yes
Angola Escudo Portuguese (AOE)1914192511
Saar Franc (SAAF)1919193011
Spanish Republican Peseta (ESPR)1931194211
Persian Gulf Rupee (XPGR)1959197011
Reunion Nouveau Franc (REN)1963197411
Ekuele (Epkwele) Guineana (GQE)1975198611
Liberian JJ Dollars (LRDJ)1989200011
German Behelfszahlungsmittel fuer die Deutsche Wehrmacht (XDEB)1936194812Yes
North Korea People's Won (KPP)1947195912Yes
Albanian Lek Foreign Exchange Certificates (ALX)1953196512
Saint Pierre CFA Nouveau Franc (XCF)1960197212
Ghana Revalued Cedi (GHR)1967197912
New Hampshire Colonial Shilling (CNHC)1763177613
Rhode Island Colonial Shilling (CRHC)1763177613
Ecuador Peso (ECP)1871188413
Soviet Chervonetz (SUC)1922193513
Manchukuo Yuan (CNMY)1932194513
Netherlands New Guinea Guilder (NNGG)1950196313
Argentina Peso Ley 18.188 (ARL)1970198313
Iraqi "Swiss print" Kurdistan Dinar (IQDS)1991200413
South German Vereinsgulden (XDSG)1857187114
Venezuela Venezolano (VEV)1873188714
Soviet New Ruble (SUM)1947196114
Guinea Franc (GNI)1958197214
Nigerian Pound (NGP)1959197314
Somali Scellino (SOS)1960197414
Guinea Syli (GNS/GNE)1972198614
Angola Kwanza (AOK)1977199114
Connecticut Shilling New Tenor (CCTN)1740175515
Argentina Peso Fuerte (ARF)1860187515
Colombian Gold Peso (COG)1871188615
Crete Drachma (GKD)1898191315
East Africa Rupee (XEAR)1905192015
Burmese Rupee (BUR)1937195215
French Antilles Franc (XNF)1960197515
Chilean Escudo (CLE)1960197515Yes
Sudanese Dinar (SDD)1992200715Yes
US Paper Dollar (USP)1862187816
Bulgarian Lev Srebro (BGS)1904192016
Italian Somaliland Rupiah (SOIR)1909192516
Saudi Arabian Riyal (SAA)1916193216
Danzig Gulden (DZGG)1923193916
German Rentenmark (DEN)1923193916
Estonia Kroon (EEN)1924194016
Saudi Sovereign Riyal (SAS)1936195216
Southern Rhodesian Currency Board Pound (RHSP)1940195616
Saint Pierre CFA Franc (XCFG)1943195916Yes
Indonesia New Rupiah (IDN)1949196516Yes
British Caribbean Territories (Eastern Group) Dollar (XBCD)1951196716
Timor Escudo (TPE)1959197516
US Continental Dollar (USC)1775179217Yes
Spanish Real/Peso Duro (ESR)1847186417
Puerto Rican Peso (PRS)1881189817
Kiau Chau Dollar (KCHD)1897191417
Shanghai Dollar (CNDA)1914193117
Peking Dollar (CNDB)1914193117
Hankow Dollar (CNDH)1914193117
Kansu Dollar (CNDK)1914193117
Kwangtung Dollar (CNDG)1914193117
Manchurian Dollar (CNDM)1914193117
Heilungkiang Tiao (CNHT)1914193117
Kirin Tiao (CNKT)1914193117
Shantung Dollar (CNDS)1914193117
Szechwan Dollar (CNDZ)1914193117
Chinese Soviet Yuan (CNSD)1931194817
Italian States Franco (XITF)1798181618
Riksdaler Riksmynt (SEM)1855187318
Latvia Lat (LVA)1922194018
Lithuanian Lita (LTB)1922194018
Italian Lira (XITL)1925194318
Chinese Custom Gold Units (CNU)1930194818
Djibouti Franc (DJA )1949196718
Angolan Escudo (AOS)1958197618Yes
Uruguay Peso Nuevo (UYP/UYN)1975199318Yes
South German Gulden (XDEG)1838185719
North German Thaler (XDET)1838185719
Albanian Lek (ALK)1946196519
North Viet Nam New Dong (VDN/VNC)1959197819
Brazil Cruzeiro Novo (BRB)1967198619Yes
Congo CFA Franc (COF)1973199219
Gabon CFA Franc (GAF)1973199219
Chinese US Dollar Foreign Exchange Certificates (CNX)1979199819
Czechoslovak Pre-War Koruna (CSO)1919193920
Belgian Belga (BEB)1925194520
Madagascar Franc (MGG)1925194520
Libyan Pound (LYP)1951197120
Cambodia Old Riel (KHO)1955197520
South Viet Nam Republic Dong (VNR)1955197520Yes
Bulgarian Lev Foreign Exchange Certificates (BGX)1966198620
Luxembourg Convertible Franc (LUC)1970199020
Guinea-Bissau Peso (GWP)1976199620
New Hampshire Shilling New Tenor (CNHN)1742176321
Connecticut Colonial Shilling (CCTC)1755177621
Russian Gold Ruble (RUER)1897191821
Albania Franga (ALF)1925194621
Hungarian Pengoe (HUP)1925194621Yes
Laos Old Kip (LAO)1955197621
Ghana Pound (GHP)1958197921
Uganda Shilling (UGS/UGW)1966198721Yes
Mali Franc (MLF/MAF)1962198422
Zairean Zaire (ZRZ)1971199322Yes
Luxembourg Thaler (LUT)1848187123
Yugoslav Serbian Dinar (YUS)1918194123
Mozambique Libra Esterlina (MZL)1919194223
Tanu Tuva Aksha (TVAA)1921194423
Soviet Gold Ruble (SUG)1924194723
Palestine Pound (PSP)1927195023
Bolivian Peso (BOP)1963198623Yes
Brazil Mil Reis (BRM)1822184624Yes
Central American Escudo (XCAE)1823184724
Sinkiang Tael (CNST)1912193624
Yunnan Yuan (CNYY)1912193624
Austria Old Schilling (ATO)1923194724
German Reichsmark (DER)1924194824Yes
Yugoslav Hard Dinar (YUD)1966199024Yes
Paper Riksdaler Banco (SEO)1830185525
Austro-Hungarian Gulden (ATG)1867189225
Colombia Paper Peso (COB)1880190525Yes
Malaya Dollar (MYAD)1938196325
South Yemeni Dinar (YDD)1965199025
Austro-Hungarian Kronen (ATK)1892191826Yes
Massachusetts Colonial Shilling (CMAC)1749177627
German East African Rupie (DOAR)1890191727
Maryland Colonial New Shilling (CMDN)1748177628
North Carolina Shilling New Tenor (CNCN)1748177628
South Carolina Colonial Shilling (CSCC)1748177628
Zanzibar Rupee (ZZR)1908193628
Lebanon-Syria Pound (XLSP)1920194828
New Jersey Colonial Shilling (CNJC)1746177630
Haiti Silver Gourde (HTS)1814184430
British West Indies Dollar (XBWD)1935196530
Madagascar and Comores CFA Franc (XMCF)1945197530
Polish US Dollar Foreign Exchange Certificates (PLX)1960199030
Soviet Hard Ruble (SUR)1961199130
Rhode Island Proclamation Shilling (CRHP)1709174031
Rhode Island Shilling New Tenor (CRHN)1740177131
Guyana British West Indies Dollar (XBWD)1935196631
Ethiopian Dollar (ETD)1945197631
French Indochina Piastre of Commerce (ICFC)1863189532
Cameroon Mark (CMDM)1884191632
Angola Angolar (AOA)1926195832
Israel Pound (ILP)1948198032
COMECON Transferable Ruble (XTR)1960199232
Tunisian Franc (TNF)1858189133Yes
Colombia Peso Oro (COE)1837187134
Mozambique Mil Reis (MZR)1877191134
Maldive Islands Rupee (MVP/MVQ)1947198134
Somalia Shilling (SOS)1960199434Yes
Korea Yen (KROY)1910194535
New Hebrides CFP Franc (NHF)1945198136
North Korea Foreign Won (KPX)1959199536
Dutch Gulden (BRG)1624166137
Burmese Kyat (BUK)1952198937
Bulgarian Heavy Lev (BGL/BGK)1962199937Yes
Haiti Piastre Gourde (HTT)1776181438
Union Latine Franc (XULF)1889192738
Union Latine Lira (XULL)1889192738
Ethiopian Silver Talari (ETT)1893193138
Netherlands Indies Gumpyo Gulden (NIDJ)1905194338
Djibouti Franc Germinal (DJG)1907194538
North Carolina Proclamation Shilling (CNCP)1709174839
Rial Hassani (MAH)1881192039
Tibet Silver Rupee (TBR)1912195139
Finland New Markka (FIM)1963200239
Paraguay Paper Peso (PYP)1903194340Yes
Czechoslovak Hard Koruna (CSK)1953199340
French Franc (FRF)1962200240
Georgia Colonial Shilling (CGAC)1735177641
Philippine Peso Fuerte (PHF)1857189841
Ottoman Empire Gold Lira (XOTG)1881192241
South African Pound (ZAP)1920196141
Sudanese Pound (SDP)1957199841
Malagasy Franc (MGF)1963200441
Maryland Proclamation Shilling (CMDP)1709175142
Italian States Ducat (XITD)1818186042
Peru Peso (PEP)1821186342
DDR Ostmark (DDM)1948199042
East Caribbean Dollar (XCD)1965200843
Sao Tome and Principe Mil Reis (STM)1869191344
Bulgarian Lev Zlato (BGZ)1880192444
Tangier Franco (MATF)1912195644
Polish Heavy Zloty (PLZ)1950199444Yes
South Carolina Proclamation Shilling (CSCP)1703174845
Massachusetts Old Tenor Proclamation Shilling (CMAP)1704174945
Cape Verde Mil Reis (CVM)1869191445Yes
Serbian Dinar (SRBD)1873191845
Finland Markka (FIN)1917196245Yes
Tonga Pound Sterling (TOS)1921196645
Brazil Cruzeiro (BRZ)1942198745Yes
Connecticut Shilling Old Tenor (CCTO)1709175546
Argentina National Peso (XARP)1816186246Yes
Hawaii Dollar (HWD)1847189346
Afghanistan Kabuli Rupee (AFR)1881192746
French West African Franc (XAOF)1895194146
East Africa Shilling (XEAS)1921196746
Haiti Paper Gourde (HTP)1826187347
Luxembourg Mark (LUM)1871191847
New Caledonia CFP Franc (NCF)1945199247
Costa Rican Peso (CRP)1848189648
South Korean Old Won (KRO)1905195348Yes
Greek Drachma (GRD)1954200248
North German Vereinsthaler (XDNT)1857190750
Yugoslav Federation Dinar (YUF)1945199550Yes
Chinese Silver Yin Yuan (CNS)1949200051
Paraguay Peso Fuerte (PYF)1871192352
Scandinavian Monetary Union Krona (XSMK)1872192452
Trinidad and Tobago Dollar (TTO)1899195152
Fiji Pound (FJP)1917196952
Delaware Colonial Shilling (CDEC)1723177653
Italian States Lira Austriaca (XITA)1813186653
German Mark (DEP)1871192453Yes
British West Africa Pound1913196653
Western Samoa Pound (WSP)1914196753
New Hampshire Old Tenor Proclamation Shilling (CNHP)1709176354Yes
Riksdaler Specie (SES)1776183054
Paper Riksdaler (SER)1776183054
Argentina Gold Peso (ARG)1875192954
Taiwan Yen (TWY)1895194954
Maltese Pound (MTP)1914196854
German Deutsche Mark (DEM)1948200254
Austria (New) Schilling (ATS)1947200255
Italian States Scudo (XITS)1814187056
Bermuda Pound (BMP)1914197056
Paraguay National Peso (PYN)1813187057
French Oceania (Tahiti) Franc (PFG)1888194557
Australian Pound (AUP)1909196657
Montenegro Krone (MEK)1852191058
Chinese Dollar/Yuan (Chungking/Shanghai Yuan) (CND)1890194858
Mozambique Escudo (MZE)1922198058
Union Latine Drachma (XULD)1868192759
Union Latine Peseta (XULP)1868192759
Danish Rigsbankdaler (DKR)1813187360
Greenland Riksbankdaler (GLR)1813187360
New Zealand Pound (NZP)1907196760
Dominican Republic Silver Peso (DOS)1844190561
British North Borneo Dollar (BNBD)1885194661
Massachusetts Bay Shilling (CMAB)1642170462
Union Latine Franc (XULF)1865192762
Union Latine Franc (XULF)1865192762
Union Latine Franc (XULF)1865192762
Union Latine Lira (XULL)1865192762
Portuguese Guinea Escudo (GWE)1914197662
Iceland Old Krone (ISJ)1918198062Yes
Timor Pataca (TPP)1895195863
Sao Tome and Principe Escudo (STE)1914197763
Andorra Pesseta (ADP)1936199963
Suriname Guilder (SRG)1940200363Yes
New Jersey Proclamation Shilling (CNJP)1682174664
Jamaica Pound (JMP)1905196964
Danish West Indies Rigsdaler (DWIR)1784184965
Nicaragua Silver Peso (NIP)1847191265
Mauritius Dollar (MUD)1810187666
New York Proclamation Shilling (CNYP)1709177667
Pennsylvania Proclamation Dollar (CPAP)1709177667
Virginia Proclamation Shilling (CVAP)1709177667
New Caledonia Franc Germinal (NCG)1874194167
Danish West Indies Dalare (DWID)1849191768
Luxembourg Gulden (LUG)1848191870
Argentina Paper Peso Moneda National (ARM)1899197071Yes
Portuguese Account Conto (PTC)1931200271
El Salvador Peso (SVP)1847191972
Bulgarian Lev (BGO)1879195273Yes
Vatican City Lira (VAL)1929200273
Russian Assignatzia (RUEA)1768184375
Russian Silver Ruble (RUES)1839191475
Russian Paper Ruble (RUEP)1843191875
Belgian Congo Franc (CBEF)1885196075
Afghanistan Afghani (AFA)1927200275Yes
Madeira Islands Milreis (IPM)1834191076
Portuguese Mil Reis (PTM)1835191176
Nicaragua Gold Cordoba (NIG)1912198876Yes
Ceylon Rupee (LNR)1872194977
Guatemala Peso (GTP)1847192578
Portuguese India Rupia (INPR)1881195978
Moroccan Franc (MAF)1881195978Yes
Colombia Peso Oro (COP)1915199378Yes
Honduras Peso (HNP)1847192679
Romania Silver Leu (ROS)1867194780Yes
British Honduras Dollar (BZH)1894197480
Irish Pound (IEP)1922200280
Sarawak Dollar (SWKD)1863194683
Turkish Lira (TRL)1922200583Yes
German States Convention Thaler (XDCT)1753183885
Straits Settlements Dollar (STSD)1857194689
Portuguese Escudo (PTE)1911200291
Pound Sterling (CAP )1766185892
Reunion Franc Germinal (REG)1851194493
Hyderabad Sicca Rupee (INRH)1858195193
French Indochina Piastre (ICFP)1862195593
Newfoundland Dollar (NFLD)1858195294
Greenland Krone (GLK)1873196794
Polish Zloty (XPLZ)1700179595
Taiwan Tael/Dollar (TWT)1800189595
Portuguese Guinea Mil Reis (GWM)1879197495
Bahamas Pound (BSP)1869196697
Russian Empire Paper Ruble (RUEP)1818191799
Bolivia Boliviano (BOL)1863196299Yes
Danish Rigsdaler Courant (DKC)17131813100
Austro-Hungarian Convention Gulden (XATC)17531857104
East India Rix Dollar (XEIR)18001905105
Manx Pound (IMP)18651971106
Iranian Kran (IRK)18251932107
Franc Guiana (GUF)18511959108
Guadeloupe Franc (GPF)18511959108
Martinique Franc (MQF)18511959108
Algerian Franc Germinal (DZG)18511959108Yes
Chilean Peso/Condor (CLC)18511959108Yes
Daler Silvermynt (SED)16651776111
Greek Silver Drachma (GRS)18331944111Yes
Uruguay Peso Fuerte (UYF)18621975113Yes
Paper Daler (SEP)16611776115
Ecuador Sucre (ECS)18842000116
Luxembourg Financial Franc (LUL)18701991121
Monaco Franc Germinal (MCG)18371959122
Peru Sol (PES/PEH)18631985122Yes
Silver Piastre/Peso (XESE)17001823123
Brazil Reis (BRD)16941822128Yes
Thailand Silver Tical (THT)18001928128
Netherlands East Indies Guilder (IDDG)18171945128
Jersey Pound Sterling (JEP)18401971131
Spanish Peseta (ESP)18682002134
Italian States Scudo Romano (XITS)17001835135
Colonial Shilling (XCCS)16401776136
San Marino Lira (SML)18652001136
Venezuela Bolivar (VEB)18712008137Yes
East India Company Dollar (XEID)17191858139
Austrian Paper Gulden (ATP)17531892139
Italian Lira (ITL)18622002140
Newfoundland Pound (NFLP)17131858145
Bukhara Tenga (BKHT)17681920152
Portuguese Reis (PRT)15051658153
Luxembourg Franc (LUF)18482002154
French Franc Germinal/Franc Poincare (FRG)18031959156Yes
Azores Milreis (APM)17501911161
Ceylon Rijksdaalder (Rix Dollar) (XNLR)16581821163
French Colonial Livre (XFCL)16541820166
Mexico Silver Peso (MXP)18221992170Yes
Belgian Franc (BEF)18312002171
Tibet Tangka (TBT)17351912177
Poland Florin Zloty (PLF)16141795181
Portuguese Reis (PTR)17221911189Yes
Netherlands Guilder (NLG)18132002189
Danish Gold Krone of Account (DKG)15131713200
French India Roupie (INFR)17361954218
Scotland Pound (SSP)17071971264
Northern Irish Pound (IBP)16941971277
Korea Won (KROW)16251910285
Italian States Testone (XITT)15001814314
Iranian Toman (IRT)16001932332
Mexican Trade Silver Dollar (XMSD)16001935335
Chinese Silver Tael (CNT)16001935335Yes
Hamburg Schilling (HAMS)15101871361
Ottoman Empire Piastre (XOTP)14631881418
Italian States Lira (XITL)12841862578
French Livre Tournois (FRT)12041795591Yes

The status of the 786 paper currencies listed in this article is shown below.

 Status of Paper Currencies


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