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The Goldsmiths--Part XXIV

-- Posted Sunday, 19 October 2008 | Digg This ArticleDigg It! | Source:

By R. D. Bradshaw


Some people over the years have had some familiarity with the work of the famous Russian physiologist and experimental psychologist Ivan Petrovich Pavlov (1849-1936), who won a Nobel Prize for his work on conditional reflexes and behaviorism.  


Pavlov did much experimental work on dogs.  For example, he conducted experiments by feeding a dog (rewarded) when a bell sounded.  The dog became attuned to these stimuli and would jump up and down and with flowing saliva when the bell rang. 


The same dog was trained by Pavlov to express fear and terror by having him in a room with a light on.  When the light went off, a man would enter the room and beat the dog ferociously.  The dog became so attuned to these stimuli that when the lights went off the dog would immediately run to the corner of the room and whine in a great state of fear and panic.  


In a unique reaction, the exact same dog would enter a state of confusion and crisis when the bell rang and the light went off at the same time.  The dog would freeze up and quiver and shake, not knowing what to do--whether to salivate, expecting food, or to cower in the corner of the room, expecting to be beat.


The early Soviet ruler Vladimir Lenin became fascinated with the work of Pavlov. Reportedly, Lenin undertook the task of using these methods of behavior alteration upon people.  Evidently, through the years, Lenin and his successors refined and fine tooled the work of Pavlov to a scientific level.


General Ben Partin


This backdrop brings up the work in the 1990s of Retired Air Force Brigadier General Ben Partin who cited Pavlo and his dog experiments in explaining what was happening to the American people in the 1990s as a result of some alleged terrorists incidentsólike the bombing of the World Trade Center on Feb 26, 1993, and the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995. 


In writings, and in oral presentations, General Partin had some interesting comments about these so-called terroristsí attacks in the 1990s.  His words carry some weight and consideration because he does have some credentials to back up his reputation of being an explosives expert. 


For example, he was extensively involved in Air Force research and development on weapons and weapon systems and their application and effect on various targets.  Specifically, he was the project manager on the US Air Forceís Maverick Missile System with its optical laser and imaging infrared guidance, as well as a number of other highly sophisticated bomb and attack systems. 


Without going into the specifics, Partin believed that both the Oklahoma City bombing and the World Trade Center bombing involved incidents wherein the US government deliberately lied to the American people about what had happened.  Suffice to say, the official spin reports did not impress Partin who opted for other explanations to understand truth. 


I mention this backdrop on both Pavlov and Partin because the General skillfully tied the public reactions from the American people to the work of Pavlov.  In the case of the Oklahoma City bombing, Ben Partin became immensely impressed with the fact that the approved story from Washington and the controlled media simply did not add up to the facts he could ascertain on the ground in Oklahoma City. 


Accordingly, the general made a detailed analysis of the bombing and fired it off to all members of Congress, part of the media and other interested people.  His intense effort to try to get an impartial and independent investigation into the OC bombing ultimately failed.  But he did do much work on the issue and created a certain amount of interest. 


Eventually, one of the television networks in Los Angeles decided to do a program on the OC bombing.  Apparently, the network focused its one hour special into an effort merely to sell the approved government position.  But in order to generate a little interest and appear impartial, the network decided to allow an opponent of the approved explanation to actually appear on its program.  Partin was selected to make an appearance. 


The general went to LA and was filmed when offering some comments, in opposition to the approved pitch and spin.  Actually, the general made several points.  But when the film editors went to work on his words, they were edited down to just a few remarks (this is the normal way the television people operate--they interview a person for an hour and then edit his remarks down to a couple of minutes). 


When the program was shown, the program host took the unusual step of even denigrating Partin after Partinís few comments.  The host said that Partin was a military man and was not a qualified engineer.  Therefore, he could not know and understand the construction aspects of the building which made it collapse as it did. 


As Partin pointed out, this was a total lie.  He was both an engineer and a military man.   He had two engineering degrees and much of his military work was in the field of research and development.  Thus, the TV program host merely added a few remarks which effectively killed the comments made by Partin. 


The way this thing worked out is the way that the news is fed to the American public.  There is a lot of truth out there (mixed with some lies and deception) which anyone with a capacity to think can receive, evaluate and understand to some extent.  Yet, there are often alternative sources of contrary news which likewise can be very revealing.  


So while Joe Six Pack and Sally Soap Opera may have some true facts and information, they are rendered ineffective in trying to use that information by some lies, deception and spin from Washington and the controlled media. 


Thence, Joe and Sally sort of become like Pavlovís dog when it was subjected to both the ringing of the bell and the turning off of the light at the same time.  Just as the dog freezes up in confusion, the average American freezes up upon the receipt of some true information along with some lies and deception? 


Most people end up in a daze of sorts, not knowing what truth is and what is not and what to do about the confusing situation.  Once people are thrust into this state of confusion, they end up by doing nothing.  They rationalize that they donít know what the truth is and back off and do nothing one way or the other. 


Thus, the typical John Doe is immensely unable to handle the conflicting information that is coming to him from different directions.  He cannot distinguish or differentiate the difference between the truth and lies.  Much of the problem ultimately surfaces because man usually lacks the time or he will not take the time to thoroughly investigate the matter to determine what the truth is.  In other words, his apathy and indifference wonít allow a sufficient investigation to determine what the truth is.  


In the case of Partinís appearance on the TV program, he was allowed to briefly offer some comments in a couple of minutes.  Of course, the program had forty-five minutes of the officially approved spin position.  Then to top it all off, the program host intervened to completely repudiate any validity to Partinís words.  A person watching this presentation would end up in a state of confusion (yet, with a little work and effort, coupled with some IQ, a person could come to an ultimate understanding of the truth). 


Although the general did not dwell on the work of Lenin in using the Pavlov approach, that clearly was implied.  Thus, it seems that Lenin understood that if a man was cast into a role of confusion and being frozen up in uncertainty, he would end up doing nothing.  Apparently, this methodology became a key part of the leftistís efforts to spread their thinking around the globe over the last 100 years. 


The leftists and liberals with the controlled media work in just enough lies and deception into their spin of the news to leave the average John Doe in a state of confusion and uncertainty (and especially when a person is subsequently exposed to some alternative news sources with more plausible and logical explanations of the truth in a matter). 


In this frozen, zombiized state, the average person will end up doing nothing.  He will become apathetic and indifferent and unable or unwilling to distinguish between the truth and lies.  He ends up in a state of confusion like Pavloís dog when the bell rang and lights went out at the same time. 


In mentioning these so-called terrorist attacks in the 1990s, numerous people besides Partin had similar or related experiences in trying to get a fair and unbiased investigation into the alleged terrorist attacks.  In the case of the OC bombing, I must mention here the work of Oklahoma House of Representative member Charles Key.  Mr. Key was never satisfied with the official government spin that a loner named Timothy McVeigh used some fertilizer to literally rip the OC federal building apart.  Key compiled evidence that the official spin was nothing but a pack of lies. 


So what did the spin meisters then do?  Well, they trotted out Oklahoma Governor Frank Keating, a former FBI agent, to completely repudiate the words of Key, Partin and others who questioned the official report of what had happened.  With one set of evidence from Key, Partin and others, versus another set of so-called evidence from Oklahoma Governor Keating, the public was left in a quandary on what was the truth. 


And just like Pavlovís dog, most Americans simply threw up their hands in confusion and concluded that they didnít know and/or couldnít know what the truth was.  Yet, as noted above, if the typical American would have been willing to spend some time in researching the facts and putting them together with a little IQ, at least above the idiot level, he could know what the truth was about the so-called terrorist attacks in the 1990s (as well as the 9/11 thing in Sep 2001). 


The Present Situation


Strangely enough, this state of confusion and uncertainty emanating from the 1990s and 2001 continues today in almost any setting addressing the question of financial market manipulation and control as cited in this series on the Goldsmiths and in other writings and publications by other authors. 


What happens is that a number of writers, including me, have brought forth convincing evidence that the financial markets are grossly manipulated and controlled.  While I attribute this skullduggery to the fat cat plutocrats, and while other writers may define the source of the problem differently, the truth remains that there is substantial evidence of gross market manipulation. 


Once some conclusive evidence is forthcoming from some source, it seems like that inevitably the manipulators trot out one of their colleagues to write an article disproving the market manipulations and instead attributing the events cited as being accidental and chance occurrences in a free market.  They like to use the words leverage and correction to justify and support their position. 


Once the typical market follower is exposed to these contrary views, it leaves the follower in a state of confusion and quandary on what is the truth.  Such a confused person can only stand and shake his head in uncertainty, as was the case with Pavlovís dog.  In short, most people in the public domain donít know and/or canít or wonít take the time to understand what the truth is on the financial markets. 


Yes, there is a solution, as suggested above.  The person really interested in truth can put forth some effort and work into study and analysis, plus a little common sense, and eventually put two and two together, and come to some correct conclusions.  But the problem that we face is that the typical person is simply not going to exhibit that amount of energy and effort to know the truth.  Inevitably, they will end up confused and uncertain as in the case of Pavlovís dog. 




This discussion on people who canít or wonít spend the time to learn truth and who persist in ignorance and confusion brings up the famous homosexual/bisexual pervert Plato and some of his platonic philosophy (which, with Socrates, completely dominates the Western world today and especially as it was modified and put over in the prevailing Sabbatian motion, as discussed in the Goldsmiths, Part V). 


Plato observed that the people in a society could be classified into one of three categories.  First, there are the doers.  These are the very few people who are initiators of action to get things done.  Next, there are the watchers (who are greater in numbers than the doers, but yet are small in numbers), who sit on the sidelines to critique, criticize or applaud the actions of the doers.  Finally, there is everybody else (which is the bulk of the population). 


As Milan Martin says in his presentations on Luciferís Children, this everybody else includes people who donít do anything and donít care about anything, one way or the other.  It is this third category of people which dominates our Western Christian civilization.  In short, they donít care whether school keeps or not.  They are locked in apathy and donít care.  For men, their focus is often on a weekly sports game; and for women it is frequently some daily soap opera or Oprah. 


So when a good doer work like GATA arrives on the scene (to point out the manipulation of the gold market), it meets a world of apathy, indifference and donít care--beyond the few watchers who watch what GATA does. 


For More Reading/Information


For more reading on this issue, the reader may wish to check these sources:


The bestseller: ďNone Dare Call It Conspiracy,Ē by Gary Allen and Larry Abraham, first published in 1971, still available on eBay, Amazon and other book outlets.


ďTragedy and Hope,Ē by Carroll Quigley.  At the 1992 Democrat Convention, Bill Clintonís acceptance speech cited Quigley as Clintonís mentor.


An Internet presentation on the Plutocrats, at Volume XXII of ďEzekiel and YHWHís Judgment for the Good People,Ē at on the net. 


The author of this article is not involved in the securities or financial market business and has no financial interest in presenting the information herein.  Therefore, the preceding information on this subject is presented for general information only and not for purposes of investment advise or recommendations.  What the reader does on investments is his own personal decision and responsibility. 


Finally, the writer of this series is a retired CPA, living in the Idaho Mountains, and still optimistic for the future of gold and silver.  He is also a veteran of the Korean and Vietnamese Wars. 

-- Posted Sunday, 19 October 2008 | Digg This Article | Source:


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