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“Ducks-in-a-Row” for the Gold Standard

-- Posted Tuesday, 15 September 2009 | | Source:

Road to Roota XVIII

By Bix Weir

Everything is lining up for the implementation of the Gold Standard in the USA (as well as around the world!). As planned and implemented by Alan Greenspan and friends over the last 40 years we have come down to the final weeks/months for the Banking Cabal. By now you should all be prepared for the most frightening yet exhilarating ride of your lives. If you do not understand what I am talking about please review my Road to Roota series summarized here: When Atlas Shrugs.

Behind the scenes the final preparations for the End of Fiat Money are lining up like orderly ducks in a row!

If you want a front row seat… watch and follow these ducks:

Duck #1
– The End of Globalization

The end of Globalization is upon us. As planned, the US and China have begun a trade war that has ramifications around the world. It may appear as a minor clash on tire duties at the moment but it will continue to escalate over the next few weeks. The visible animosity between China and the US has never been stronger with China practically forcing their will on the US Government in the forms of threatened US dollar dumping, promoting of gold and silver investment to their population and their Government sanctioned derivative default agenda. Again, as outlined in Road to Roota II, the Chinese are in on the plan to take down the bankers. A continued trade war will end very badly for the banking cabal that relies on globalized trade and foreign asset ownership to support their global control of the world monetary system. A failure of that system will result in the total Nationalization of EVERYTHING and the end of global trade around the world…countries will have to fend for them selves for a while until the dust settles.

Duck #2
– The FDIC is Broken

Sheila Bair has put up a valiant fight against the whole notion of FDIC insolvency but hers is a battle that can’t be won. Unfortunately, Sheila does not pull the strings that make the FDIC a viable entity going forward. Her organization has been forced by the banking cabal to massively over insure not only the individual bank deposits but also the bankster bailouts. Had the FDIC stuck to their original mandate of insuring individual investors up to $100,000 they may have had a slight chance of surviving the coming banking collapse. Unfortunately, Sheila and friends were forced to increase their exposure to individual accounts by 150% as well as offering up the FDIC sovereign backing to include massive derivative bailouts in the TLGP and PPIF programs. The banksters have aligned the once venerable FDIC individual protection with their own bailout interests trying to force the US Congress to bailout both individual depositors and the failing banks. Unfortunately, now both will suffer from the collapse.

Duck #3
– Public Anger Rising

The banking collapse that was scheduled for September of last year failed for two reasons. The first was the massive creation of secret bailout money by the Federal Reserve under special rules created 95 years ago with a mountain of additional derivatives added to the already overgrown pile. And the second was that the US Citizenry had been lulled to sleep after years of feeling safe in their fiat money cocoons that hadn’t faltered in 80 years. Only a tiny handful of people understood how all fiat money systems relied solely on faith so when Atlas Shrugged last year the people ran to the Government for protection. Of course the government did what they always do and temporarily printed away the problem. Now it’s a year later and not much has improved with bank failures picking up steam again. WAIT! Maybe something did happen. There is a large and growing crowd of recently educated Citizens who have seen the problem and are speaking out. Around the country people are erupting in anger at Town hall meetings, tea parties, public rallies, etc. Ron Paul’s book “End the Fed” was just released and Barney Frank has finally called for a hearing on the Audit the Fed bill. Maybe the most media worthy explosion of bankster directed anger will come on August 2nd with the release of Michael Moore’s movie “Capitalism: A Love Story”. All of the above is hitting at the very moment the banking stresses have re-emerged and they will be coming back to Congress for more bailouts….BAILOUTS AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN THIS TIME!!!

Duck #4
A Public Healthcare Option

Have you asked yourself why it is so urgent to pass a public healthcare option bill as soon a possible? Could it be that the banking collapse will also collapse the corrupt US healthcare system? Normally, I’m a free market kind of guy and would be against public healthcare but these are not normal times. A public healthcare option will makes a lot more sense if Congress is preparing for a complete collapse of the fiat money system. Healthcare is a basic human necessity and a fiat monetary implosion would pretty much end the private healthcare business overnight. How many US Citizens will be glad they have that Public Option after the crash?  My guess is all of them.

Duck #5
- The End of the Federal Reserve System

“Word on the street” is….the secret year end of the US Federal Reserve System is September 30, 2009. As of that date, all banks have to be Basel II & III compliant bringing all off balance sheet obligations back onto the books. The US Federal Reserve, their member banks and their manipulation counterparties (like AIG) are knee deep in Derivatives to the point of insanity. Rumors are that nuclear derivative bombs are held in “Special Purpose Vehicles” and in off shore entities that have never been accounted for. Can you say “Unreported derivatives in the “Quintillions”? Of course, I am not privy to any inside information on these rumors but it has always perplexed me that large banks can hold hundreds of $Billions in derivative instruments but the US Federal Reserve has never declared if they are counterparty or have insured any derivatives themselves. I guess that’s why Bernanke is so against the Audit…Oh, Ben. I think “thou doth protest too much”!

Duck #6
- Lessons To Be Learned

Recently, even I have become fearful of the coming collapse and how long it will take to recover. That’s really not like me. Although I believe this transition will ultimately be a very good thing for humanity (i.e. - a complete DEBT JUBILEE where all debt is forgiven) there are indications that a lesson must be learned in this transition so that we don’t make the same mistakes in the future. Those lessons may make the next few months very disturbing for the majority of Americans as well as the world. Lessons in fiat money abuses are harsh with hyper inflation in certain items (food, gold/silver, oil) and hyper deflation in others (housing, luxury items) Imagine massive shortages or complete disappearance of imported goods (TV’s, Medicines, Consumables). As our government tries to fix or cover-up the problems with the same old remedies the people will rise up in mass. We’ve reached the tipping point of trust in our elected officials and unless they start coming clean we are staring at a revolution by years end. It’s too bad that the US Government didn’t face its insolvency head on last year instead of kicking our problems on down the road. Well, the road has ended and a very painful but very valuable lesson is about to be learned. Buckle up my friends!

Duck #5
– The Gold/Silver Solution

The coming banking collapse will be the greatest Creative Destruction event of all time. Personal and corporate fortunes that took hundreds of years to accumulate will disappear over night in the swirling derivative implosion. The people of the world will rise up in anger at their controllers, demand answers and retribution finally installing a new, more equitable monetary system that is out of the control of the government/banking system. Physical gold and silver money will prove to be the only solution that can effectively replace the fiat system. The painful lessons will be passed on through the generations to ensure a glorious future for humanity. The problems are vast and immense but the solution is simple: Reinstate the US Constitution!

So there you have it. Those are the ducks and you have a great seat to watch them line up in an orderly row. Cross your fingers that those ducks come into line or we’re all in trouble.

Take care of you and your family…we will need all hands on deck to rebuild our future!

All the best.


-- Posted Tuesday, 15 September 2009 | Digg This Article | Source:


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