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Our Depression and the Way Out

-- Posted Monday, 24 December 2012 | | Disqus

By Vincent Bressler

We are in a depression.  Consumer demand is dying and will not be brought back with easy credit or even free money.  However, there is a way out of this.  Mr. Bernanke wants to get people to spend by destroying the advantages of saving.  But the solution is to get people to spend on something they want, not to punish them for saving.  What do people want during a depression?  They want security, self sufficiency.  They want a future for themselves and their children, an opportunity to retire in dignity, to honor their obligations to family and community.  Mr. Bernanke can't give them these things by destroying the currency, but there is another way.

The logic is simple.  For example... you see that the electric company is large, bureaucratic, increasingly corrupt.  Today you can get a generator, thirty years ago the same.  But soon, you will be able not only to place solar cells on your roof but also to add batteries that make you completely independent off the grid, the power company, independent of the whole corrupt system.  Maybe this is not economically justifiable under normal conditions.  But these are not normal conditions.  We are in a depression, and you don't want to spend your dwindling resources on toys any more.  You are afraid.  You want to spend on security.  The poor can't afford this.  It is the rich who will drive the process and the poor who will ultimately benefit the most.

Okay, now we have established that the rich will drive this process.   Let's say that you are one of them.  What's next on your shopping list?

How about food?  You start to think about buying land.  Now you need to protect the land.  Growing food takes a lot of time and space.  You have to hire people who need to be fed as well.  Sounds like the medieval feudal system.  What a mess.  Let's step back a second and think about what food is.  It's just molecules assembled using some energy.  The way that the molecules are assembled is not even that complicated.  That's what plants do.  Why not cut out the middle man, synthesize the molecules without the plant, without the land, without the hired help.  You already have as much electrical power as you need, off the grid.  Now you need water, phosphorous, sulfur, sodium, potassium, calcium and other trace elements, you can get all of this from sea water, nitrogen and carbon from the air.  Why not just make your own food?  It won't be very nice to eat until you perfect the process, but at least you have that base covered.  Now you don't need land and people, just a few machines and access to a few minerals.  And who benefits the most from this in the end?  Of course it is the poor who spend 80% of their money on food.... Food will become all but free.

So you see that it is fear engendered by corruption that both creates the depression and the transformation that ultimately leads us out of the depression. 

No comment here on how long or difficult this transformation may be, nor how many poor people will die before the virtually free energy and food become available to everyone.  Seems to me that the best use of charity right now would be to move this process along.  To hell with educating people to contribute to a dying status quo, just get on with the change which is inevitable.

Vincent Bressler


-- Posted Monday, 24 December 2012 | Digg This Article | Source:

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