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Race to Debase - Fiat Currency vs Gold - Fiat Currency vs Silver - 2000 - 2014

 -- Published: Wednesday, 8 January 2014 | Print  | Disqus 

By James Anderson

How has your Paper Currency performed versus Silver and Gold in the 21st Century?

You may be surprised by the answers below.

Below you will find 120 fiat currency's nominal values versus silver and gold prices thus far in the 21st Century.

Not one paper currency has outperformed bullion thus far, see for yourself...

Fiat Currency vs 1 oz Gold1-Jan-20001-Jan-14% Change
Emirati Dirham1,057.254,427.88319%
Albanian Lek37,941.12122,671.84223%
Dutch Guilder480.962,136.96344%
Australian Dollar440.231,352.63207%
Barbadian or Bajan Dollar570.242,411.24323%
Bangladeshi Taka14,567.0493,556.11542%
Bahraini Dinar104.26454.52336%
Burundian Franc175,936.321,844,598.60948%
Bermudian Dollar271.301,205.62344%
Bruneian Dollar477.791,522.45219%
Bolivian Boliviano1,704.968,270.55385%
Brazilian Real535.682,847.49432%
Bahamian Dollar288.001,205.62319%
Botswana Pula1,324.8010,511.07693%
Belizean Dollar573.122,399.18319%
Canadian Dollar416.421,280.65208%
Congolese Franc1,224.861,086,263.6288584%
Swiss Franc459.071,076.55135%
Fiat Currency vs 1 oz Gold1-Jan-20001-Jan-14% Change
Chilean Peso152,438.40633,336.31315%
Chinese Yuan Renminbi2,384.507,296.41206%
Colombian Peso515,520.002,313,584.78349%
Costa Rican Colon84,833.28596,793.97603%
Cuban Peso6,048.0031,948.93428%
Cape Verdean Escudo30,269.6695,063.14214%
Czech Koruna10,308.9623,979.54133%
Djiboutian Franc49,608.00212,128.84328%
Danish Krone2,126.026,543.76208%
Dominican Peso4,556.1651,058.011021%
Algerian Dinar19,257.1294,146.86389%
Egyptian Pound979.728,377.25755%
Ethiopian Birr2,296.5122,982.13901%
Fijian Dollar576.002,288.14297%
British Pound178.25727.98308%
Gibraltar Pound178.36727.98308%
Gambian Dalasi3,217.8245,331.311309%
Guinean Franc389,836.808,171,692.361996%
Guatemalan Quetzal2,183.049,453.27333%
Fiat Currency vs 1 oz Gold1-Jan-20001-Jan-14% Change
Guyanese Dollar51,724.80244,692.64373%
Hong Kong Dollar2,238.919,348.46318%
Honduran Lempira4,184.6424,413.81483%
Croatian Kuna2,188.636,680.34205%
Haitian Gourde5,028.4852,637.37947%
Hungarian Forint72,763.20260,668.31258%
Indonesian Rupiah2,030,400.0014,660,942.01622%
Israeli Shekel1,195.494,182.30250%
Indian Rupee12,510.7274,608.38496%
Iranian Rial501,480.0029,868,029.885856%
Icelandic Krona20,805.12138,296.67565%
Jamaican Dollar11,865.60127,373.75973%
Jordanian Dinar203.90852.37318%
Japanese Yen29,416.32126,936.72332%
Kenyan Shilling20,908.80103,924.44397%
Comoran Franc139,115.52431,587.34210%
South Korean Won326,102.401,272,652.47290%
Kuwaiti Dinar87.55339.98288%
Caymanian Dollar361.36988.64174%
Lao or Laotian Kip2,462,400.009,644,960.00292%
Fiat Currency vs 1 oz Gold1-Jan-20001-Jan-14% Change
Lebanese Pound432,288.001,808,430.00318%
Sri Lankan Rupee20,563.20157,466.03666%
Liberian Dollar288.0097,594.9433787%
Basotho Loti1,771.2012,622.81613%
Lithuanian Litas1,146.243,029.03164%
Latvian Lat168.28614.87265%
Moroccan Dirham2,896.429,835.57240%
Burmese Kyat1,800.491,186,330.0865789%
Mongolian Tughrik302,227.201,977,216.80554%
Macau Pataca2,293.349,628.92320%
Mauritanian Ouguiya62,588.16347,218.56455%
Mauritian Rupee7,277.7636,349.44399%
Maldivian Rufiyaa3,121.9218,361.59488%
Malawian Kwacha13,305.60508,289.403720%
Malaysian Ringgit1,094.113,952.63261%
Nigerian Naira28,627.20192,778.63573%
Nicaraguan Cordoba3,490.5630,170.64764%
Norwegian Krone2,306.307,320.57217%
Nepalese Rupee19,903.68119,718.07501%
New Zealand Dollar551.201,466.30166%
Fiat Currency vs 1 oz Gold1-Jan-20001-Jan-14% Change
Omani Rial110.79463.92319%
Panamanian Balboa288.001,205.62319%
Peruvian Nuevo Sol1,010.023,369.11234%
Papua New Guinean Kina759.893,021.59298%
Philippine Peso11,586.2453,529.53362%
Pakistani Rupee14,918.40126,951.79751%
Paraguayan Guarani944,216.645,527,767.70485%
Qatari Riyal1,047.744,389.78319%
Rwandan Franc96,301.44811,382.26743%
Saudi Arabian Riyal1,080.004,521.62319%
Solomon Islander Dollar1,432.808,673.54505%
Seychellois Rupee1,545.1214,396.31832%
Swedish Krona2,444.547,762.25218%
Singapore Dollar479.291,522.45218%
Saint Helenian Pound178.36727.98308%
Sierra Leonean Leone545,322.245,169,698.56848%
Somali Shilling732,205.441,469,650.78101%
Sao Tomean Dobra664,427.5221,411,811.203123%
Salvadoran Colon2,505.6010,549.18321%
Syrian Pound12,322.08136,174.241005%
Fiat Currency vs 1 oz Gold1-Jan-20001-Jan-14% Change
Swazi Lilangeni1,771.2012,622.81613%
Thai Baht10,800.0039,411.72265%
Tunisian Dinar358.931,981.44452%
Tongan Pa'anga448.102,245.94401%
Trinidadian Dollar1,778.897,691.86332%
Taiwan New Dollar9,039.4636,028.15299%
Tanzanian Shilling228,096.001,907,290.84736%
Ukrainian Hryvna1,501.789,922.25561%
Ugandan Shilling426,974.403,038,162.40612%
US Dollar288.001,205.62319%
Uruguayan Peso3,329.2825,438.58664%
Vietnamese Dong4,015,296.0025,408,441.50533%
Ni-Vanuatu Vatu36,777.60114,955.87213%
Samoan Tala890.212,831.42218%
Central African CFA Franc BEAC187,358.40575,449.78207%
Silver Ounce53.4361.9216%
East Caribbean Dollar771.843,255.17322%
IMF Special Drawing Rights209.45782.51274%
CFP Franc33,744.96104,685.86210%
Yemeni Rial45,702.72258,967.18467%
South African Rand1,771.3412,622.81613%
Zimbabwean Dollar10,725.12436,313.883968%


Why are Paper Currencies losing their value to Gold & Silver?

Watch the following 6 1/2 minute video exerpt from Mike Maloney's

Hidden Secrets of Money free video series to learn why.


Fiat Currency vs 1 oz Silver1-Jan-20001-Jan-14% Change
Emirati Dirham19.7971.51261%
Albanian Lek710.081,981.17179%
Dutch Guilder9.0034.51283%
Australian Dollar8.2421.85165%
Barbadian or Bajan Dollar10.6738.94265%
Bangladeshi Taka272.631,510.95454%
Bahraini Dinar1.957.34276%
Burundian Franc3,292.7029,790.63805%
Bermudian Dollar5.0819.47283%
Bruneian Dollar8.9424.59175%
Bolivian Boliviano31.91133.57319%
Brazilian Real10.0345.99359%
Bahamian Dollar5.3919.47261%
Botswana Pula24.79169.76585%
Belizean Dollar10.7338.75261%
Canadian Dollar7.7920.68165%
Congolese Franc22.9217,543.3776430%
Swiss Franc8.5917.39102%
Chilean Peso2,852.9310,228.51259%
Chinese Yuan Renminbi44.63117.84164%
Colombian Peso9,648.1037,364.85287%
Fiat Currency vs 1 oz Silver1-Jan-20001-Jan-14% Change
Costa Rican Colon1,587.689,638.34507%
Cuban Peso113.19515.98356%
Cape Verdean Escudo566.511,535.29171%
Czech Koruna192.94387.27101%
Djiboutian Franc928.433,425.92269%
Danish Krone39.79105.68166%
Dominican Peso85.27824.60867%
Algerian Dinar360.401,520.49322%
Egyptian Pound18.34135.29638%
Ethiopian Birr42.98371.17764%
Fijian Dollar10.7836.95243%
British Pound3.3411.76252%
Gibraltar Pound3.3411.76252%
Gambian Dalasi60.22732.111116%
Guinean Franc7,295.90131,974.441709%
Guatemalan Quetzal40.86152.67274%
Guyanese Dollar968.043,951.83308%
Hong Kong Dollar41.90150.98260%
Honduran Lempira78.32394.29403%
Fiat Currency vs 1 oz Silver1-Jan-20001-Jan-14% Change
Croatian Kuna40.96107.89163%
Haitian Gourde94.11850.10803%
Hungarian Forint1,361.784,209.84209%
Indonesian Rupiah37,999.50236,777.10523%
Israeli Shekel22.3767.54202%
Indian Rupee234.141,204.94415%
Iranian Rial9,385.34482,374.555040%
Icelandic Krona389.372,233.52474%
Jamaican Dollar222.072,057.11826%
Jordanian Dinar3.8213.77261%
Japanese Yen550.532,050.05272%
Kenyan Shilling391.311,678.40329%
Comoran Franc2,603.596,970.22168%
South Korean Won6,103.1020,553.59237%
Kuwaiti Dinar1.645.49235%
Caymanian Dollar6.7615.97136%
Lao or Laotian Kip46,084.50155,768.00238%
Lebanese Pound8,090.3929,206.50261%
Sri Lankan Rupee384.852,543.11561%
Liberian Dollar5.391,576.1829143%
Fiat Currency vs 1 oz Silver1-Jan-20001-Jan-14% Change
Basotho Loti33.15203.86515%
Lithuanian Litas21.4548.92128%
Latvian Lat3.159.93215%
Moroccan Dirham54.21158.85193%
Burmese Kyat33.7019,159.4656759%
Mongolian Tughrik5,656.2731,932.44465%
Macau Pataca42.92155.51262%
Mauritanian Ouguiya1,171.355,607.65379%
Mauritian Rupee136.21587.05331%
Maldivian Rufiyaa58.43296.54408%
Malawian Kwacha249.028,208.973197%
Malaysian Ringgit20.4863.84212%
Nigerian Naira535.773,113.41481%
Nicaraguan Cordoba65.33487.26646%
Norwegian Krone43.16118.23174%
Nepalese Rupee372.501,933.47419%
New Zealand Dollar10.3223.68130%
Omani Rial2.077.49261%
Panamanian Balboa5.3919.47261%
Peruvian Nuevo Sol18.9054.41188%
Fiat Currency vs 1 oz Silver1-Jan-20001-Jan-14% Change
Papua New Guinean Kina14.2248.80243%
Philippine Peso216.84864.51299%
Pakistani Rupee279.202,050.30634%
Paraguayan Guarani17,671.2889,274.54405%
Qatari Riyal19.6170.90262%
Rwandan Franc1,802.3113,103.98627%
Saudi Arabian Riyal20.2173.03261%
Solomon Islander Dollar26.82140.08422%
Seychellois Rupee28.92232.50704%
Swedish Krona45.75125.36174%
Singapore Dollar8.9724.59174%
Saint Helenian Pound3.3411.76252%
Sierra Leonean Leone10,205.8683,491.65718%
Somali Shilling13,703.4323,735.1573%
Sao Tomean Dobra12,434.95345,804.962681%
Salvadoran Colon46.89170.37263%
Syrian Pound230.612,199.24854%
Swazi Lilangeni33.15203.86515%
Thai Baht202.13636.51215%
Tunisian Dinar6.7232.00376%
Fiat Currency vs 1 oz Silver1-Jan-20001-Jan-14% Change
Tongan Pa'anga8.3936.27333%
Trinidadian Dollar33.29124.22273%
Taiwan New Dollar169.18581.86244%
Tanzanian Shilling4,268.8830,803.12622%
Ukrainian Hryvna28.11160.25470%
Ugandan Shilling7,990.9449,066.92514%
US Dollar5.3919.47261%
Uruguayan Peso62.31410.84559%
Vietnamese Dong75,147.38410,351.33446%
Ni-Vanuatu Vatu688.301,856.56170%
Samoan Tala16.6645.73174%
Central African CFA Franc BEAC3,506.469,293.63165%
Gold Ounce0.01870.0162-14%
East Caribbean Dollar14.4552.57264%
IMF Special Drawing Rights3.9212.64222%
CFP Franc631.551,690.70168%
Yemeni Rial855.344,182.37389%
South African Rand33.15203.86515%
Zimbabwean Dollar200.727,046.553411%

The 21st Century trend is not fiat currency's friend.

Are your savings still denominated in fiat paper currencies?

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The information, opinions, and financial data presented are for educational purposes only and are not intended as investment advice. No guarantees are made as to the accuracy of the information provided herein. Situations can change from day to day. Every investor should do their own due-diligence to determine which investments are best for them.
You must assume the responsibility and liability for all decisions that you make on the basis of the information herein contained., makes no warranties, expressed or implied, as to the fitness and accuracy of the information provided or for the results obtained by using the information. Those making investment decisions based on any of the information presented should do so in the knowledge that they could experience significant losses. In no event shall be liable for direct, indirect, or incidental damages resulting from the use of the information.

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