Something is in the air.  A big shift.  Something has changed dramatically in the past six months since the end of the Shemitah and beginning of the Jubilee year.

Last summer we warned that the collapse would begin in the fall of 2015 and less than two months later, stock markets around the world crashed.  They then had a rebound in October, at which point we said they would not recover to the highs of the summer and would crash again, making 2016 a bloodbath.  That happened just as we predicted. The markets around the world were heavily in the red for January.

We believed bitcoin was a buy under $250 in the summer and it since has hit a high of $500.

We also recommended buying gold and gold stocks, and here for a while we weren’t so succesful. While gold rose in most currencies over the past six months, it remained mired below $1,100 in US dollar terms and gold stocks were weak.

That all seems to have changed beginning at the start of this year.

Gold began the year at $1,060 USD and is currently at $1,173.

What’s even more noticeable is that gold has gone up when major stock markets went down… and it also went up when major stock markets went up (which was rare in the past month, but on the few days they did, gold bucked the trend).

Gold stocks have moved up hard.  While they rose at the start of the year, they tapered off until January 19th when the fireworks began.

The major gold miners (GDX) have risen 31% since then, and the junior gold miners (GDXJ) have risen 23%.

TDV’s Senior Analyst, Ed Bugos, sent out an alert on the day of the exact bottom telling those who were holding the leveraged gold stock ETF, NUGT, not to sell.

It was a bold call, as many were worried the gold stocks were going to fall much farther.  But, from that day, his recommendation has risen 100% and created yet another triple digit gain for our subscribers.

His alert was titled, “NUGT Trade: Keep It Or Let It Go”.

In it, he told those who had been holding and were down 20% in the prior weeks to continue to hold.  And should those buy who didn’t hold? His answer was “Yes, yes and yes.”

It wasn’t an easy call.  It wasn’t easy for me either.  He asked me what I thought and I told him, “In situations like these, I listen to what you have to say.”

When I spoke with Ed, he was surprised how far the trade had fallen in the prior week and how many across the internet were yet again declaring gold stocks dead.  But, he told me, he had to trust his research and experience, and recommend people hold or buy at that level.

Two-and-a-half weeks later, that trade had doubled.

That’s the value of working with people like Ed, who has 30 years of experience in the markets.  He’s seen it all before.  And while making that call wasn’t easy (the best calls usually aren’t… they usually make you sick to your stomach) he ended up getting it right… which he does much more than not.

Both Ed and I expect this is going to be a banner year for gold and gold stocks – and it hasn’t even begun yet.

It won’t be easy.  We expect many more calls that will grind us down and make us nauseated. But we also expect that many of our subscribers are going to grow a good deal richer in what’s going to be an incredibly volatile year.

That’s why, if you aren’t already, you should subscribe to TDV (get more info here).  Without the right advice and analysis you can easily lose money when you should be making great gains. You can get the timing wrong as many did on January 19th when it looked like gold stocks were going to collapse with the rest of the market.

The last eight months have already been incredible for TDV subscribers.  We’ve had numerous big winners… and, even better, we helped many avoid major losses.

Here are just two comments from subscribers we received this week.

  • “Subscribing to TDV has changed my life!  Not only have I made major profits off your recommendations but I managed to talk my parents into getting out of the markets last summer… I think the amount they saved is well into the hundreds of thousands.  Thank you guys for everything!” – Marcus S.

  • “Thanks for the recommendation on QID. My best trade in years!” – Richard B.

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