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The Man Who Invented Christmas

 -- Published: Monday, 18 December 2017 | Print  | Disqus 

By Larry LaBorde


Last night the lovely Miss Puddy and I spent date night at the movies watching “The Man Who Invented Christmas”.  I highly recommend it during this holiday season.  The movie is about a young Charles Dickens who is up and coming but has just written three poorly received books.  He has nonetheless moved into a large home in London, had it remodeled and has exceeded his available funds.  Meanwhile his wife has hired staff and he is starting to panic about how to support his wife, three children and this new lavish lifestyle with no means of support.  At this point his young wife announces that they are going to have their fourth child soon!  Dickens panics and leaves the house for a business appointment only to be met at the door by a contractor reminding him that his bill is due.  Dickens assures him he will have his money upon his return that afternoon with no idea where it will come from.  Later in the movie we learn that Dickens has purchased a home in the country for his father and given him an allowance under the condition that he never returns to London and that he stays out of trouble.  It seems his father has had quite a history of financial troubles that continue into his old age.  Dickens is desperate for cash and comes up with the idea of a new book and immediately seeks an advance from his publisher.  The movie centers around Dickens’ desperation to quickly write a book with absolutely nothing to write about.  I will stop here as I have possibly revealed too much of the storyline already.  


Anyone who has ever written a paragraph can sympathize with poor old Dickens trying to write with absolutely no inspiration and no story.  He has absolutely nothing except a looming deadline ending in financial ruin for his family. 


Who amongst us has never felt that panic in the pit of his stomach when the bills were coming faster than the income?  In his case plenty of bills and zero income.   Dickens had absolutely no one to fall back on if he failed.  He was trying to write for his very life but nothing would come forward.


During this Christmas season I am always reminded of my father.  Before he died on his last birthday I gave him a birthday card.  I wrote on the card that I was able to jump higher and further in life because I always knew he was there to catch me if I fell.  When he died I found that card in his nightstand where he kept it.  We were partners and worked together for over 32 years but he never had to catch me.  I jumped high and far in my life without fear because of my father.  I never really realized just how important he was to me just being there – just in case.  His steadfast love and support made me fearless in several ventures that I look back upon later in life.  I can only hope to be such a father to my own children.


Watching Dickens’ struggle to write for his very family’s survival while assuring everyone around him that all was well in the midst of his inner panic made for a good movie plot but it just made me all the more thankful for my father.


In the movie Dickens’ book ended up being wildly successful and assures his good fortune.  We will have to see how my story ends…….



Thanks Dad!

Merry Christmas everyone.



Larry LaBorde

Larry LaBorde sells precious metals through Silver Trading Company LLC. Since 2001, Silver Trading Company has offered high volume sales of gold, silver, platinum and palladium to serious investors around the world. It also offers guidance about storage options for metals. Please visit Silver Trading Company’s website at


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 -- Published: Monday, 18 December 2017 | E-Mail  | Print  | Source:

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