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Trashing Saudi Cutouts: Ransacking their Gold

By: Jim Willie CB,

 -- Published: Friday, 28 February 2014 | Print  | Disqus 

Betrayals occur in high places, even the highest offices of the land. Furthermore, betrayals occur with some of the most important allies for the nation. See the official German gold account thefts, called euphemistically the repatriation demand. See the shredding of the Constitution, by virtue of the Patriot Act which could easily pass for a comprehensive Fascist Manifesto. See the renege on the Chinese gold lease, on the back end of the Most Favored Nation status granted in 1999. See the permitted security agency narcotics centered in Afghanistan, with its vertically integrated business operation, the clearing house function in Iraq, and money laundering among New York banks, whose product fills American streets. See the numerous deals for stolen Defense weapons, in particular those conducted by the favored US ally, accounted for by means of scrap metal costs associated with entire systems, the details promised the day before 911 but never to have arrived. See the planned bank account confiscations and pension fund confiscations, the procedures having been worked into law, or imminently, as the sacred privacy is stripped. See the string of Executive Decrees, which trample on rights in every conceivable manner, including life itself. See the NSA surveillance, which has been revealed not only for ordinary diverse communications but also for stealing trade secrets and monitoring discussions behind walls during trade deals. Now the latest. See the trashing of the Saudis, and the outright theft of their vast gold held on account in London.


The betrayals run deep. The people far and wide should come to grips that nazis (fascists with a stern nationalist streak) as they attack the enemy nations, create new enemies from the neutral nations, and alienate their allies. They control and pilfer gold wealth from their enemies and neutral nations alike, but they defraud their allies in even more gigantic volumes. See the subprime mortgage bonds, the USTreasury Bond bubble, but also the physical gold bullion rehypothecation, and the Gold futures contracts. The United States will win global isolation, which will serve as the exact opposite of what the once great nation had grown accustomed to. The process is well along, in an advanced stage of pathogenesis like a cancer running parallel with toxic bonds and money. Wealth of the world is being looted by the Elite. People must realize that banker nazis predominantly speak the english language, and prefer the tailored suit with $1000 cufflinks to the military uniform and SS lapel pins. Instead of a goose step, they step on the wealth of client states. They demand a salute to the flags they capture in an ostentatious display of power and abuse. They also amazingly produce deceptive movies that win Oscar awards or receive nominations.



A new, higher level, and far deeper betrayal has caught attention. The betrayal in progress strikes directly at the heart of the Global Paradigm Shift. It is the trashing of the Saudi cutouts, whose kingdom's boundaries were created by the British in the 1950 decade, and whose king was recognized formally by the West. They have served their purpose, but no more. They will be disposed of, and their wealth rung out like from dirty laundry to produce coins in the pockets when turned upside down before the wash cycle. They dutifully recycled their petro surpluses. They defended the Petro-Dollar defacto standard for 40 years. Their USTreasury Bonds and Wall Street bank stocks might be safely tucked away, but their Gold Accounts are being systematically stolen in London. Their gold is needed too much to preserve the system that lacks gold in urgency. The Saudis are being thrown under the bus, their gold stolen, their image vilified. With the Petro-Dollar in the triage of Intensive Care, the OPEC cartel will soon be overshadowed by the Nat Gas Coop. The Russian Gazprom connection to Iran will replace the Saudi dominance to defend the USDollar in global crude oil sales. The USMilitary is being superseded by the Chinese Military in the important protectorate role throughout the Persian Gulf region. No nation will step forward to defend the Saudis or to prevent their gold wealth from being pilfered. The Anglo-American Elite will justify the thefts by claiming the Saudis gained the riches at the command of the West.


The following came out of a conversation, a string of messages shared with some colleagues and a London source. "There will be no easy heads-up alert on the quick changes to the gold market. My suspicion is that when the gold price starts rising, it will mean that China no longer has been given the big wide berth in high volume cheap gold purchases. A rising gold price will internally mean that the banks are breaking, at the same time the Chinese are to be frustrated. The Boyz are stealing all the Saudi gold now, left unprotected in London and Switzerland. The Saudis (and all Arabs) are the new targeted victims for stolen wealth in order to keep the system going. A massive disruption is coming." The Arab Spring might have an ulterior motive to create enough disruption and chaos, so that their gold can be stolen from central banks. Notice the oil wealth from Iran is being converted to gold, which angers the Anglo-American duo. The rehypothecation of official gold accounts has entered a new phase. The gold owned by defenders of the Petro-Dollar is being seized, confiscated, pilfered, and stolen for the unspoken purpose of continuing the fiat paper currency regime with the tainted debauched USDollar at the center. The Saudi gold in London will be totally gone in a few more months. To be sure, it is going mostly to China. The Saudis are being gutted. They will likely be on the run soon, their gold bars cut loose. They might be hunted.



The Iran hotbed is expanding, as the plot thickens. The painted image of Iran changes in slow motion, as the damage control over Saudi angst is managed in clumsy style. Switzerland has become a top exporter to Iran suddenly. The old uncomfortable bedfellows Iraq and Iran have teamed together in a plot of an oil revolution in challenge to the previously unchallenged Saudi Arabian dominance. Iran is being described as more constructive, while the Saudis are more often vilified. The billboard message is the demise of the Petro-Dollar. The Saudis are under internal damage control. A grand transition comes where the Saudi-led OPEC fades away, and the Gazprom-led Nat Gas Coop takes control with Iran as a key power broker. This is truly a new chapter unfolding. Not one in a hundred Americans comprehends the changes, but many are awakening to the energy angle of geopolitics, especially with Ukraine in the spotlight. The key piece overlooked by the American public, and much of the West, is the death in progress of the defacto Petro-Dollar standard. The ramifications are tremendous to the global banking systems. The USDollar is fast losing its global reserve status. The USTreasury Bond is the object of diversification, understood finally to be a toxic bond.


The Persian Gulf is undergoing rapid change, in a constant state of flux. Detente with Iran has many sides emerging, the eased tensions unfolding. Switzerland has lifted a ban on precious metal trade with Iranian public entities. It has eased its restrictions on trade in petro-chemical products, on transport of Iranian oil and petroleum products, and on insurance contracts provided to cover energy shipments until August. On the other side, the Oil for Gold swap through intermediaries should keep the Swiss gold refineries working overtime. Turkey might lie in the intermediary position between the Swiss and Iran. Do not be fooled by the so-called Iran Nuclear Talks. They are the Petro-Dollar Surrender Talks, with a nuclear proliferation rider under discussion. The truth is that Iran through its sanction workarounds, has wrecked the Petro-Dollar and provided a working prototype for Gold Trade Settlement. They accomplished the difficult task under the aegis of Chinese & Russian protection. History is being made on the financial annals. The King Dollar has a throne still, but it no longer casts a shadow. The throne will collapse under the weight of fraud, theft, and toxicity.


The Saudis are on the defensive. They are surrounded by Shiites with enormous natural gas reserves and output. They are being challenged for OPEC leadership, both in a political sense and an energy output sense. The Saudis are fading in oil output, having depleted most deposits like the Ghawar oilfield. For years they have lied about excess reserve capacity. The Saudis are going to be an easy mark to knock off their own version of a peacock throne. It is clear that OPEC will not go away. The Saudi-led oil cartel will fade in importance though, while the Nat Gas Coop eclipses it as a vital cog to the newly forming Petro-Yuan steamship. The process is well along, with Shanghai oil pricing, Chinese weapon deals, and a new Chinese naval presence in the Gulf. The process extends with painted billboards, public statements, and basic wind changes. Iran is being described as more constructive in the Persian Gulf. The Saudis will continue to be vilified, especially with exposure of terrorism projects and assassination roles. Watch as Iran demonstrates more influential friends in China & Russia. Iran has a new moderate energized leader, while the Saudis have a geriatric moribund king once comatose and thought dead.


A sea change must be managed. Expect it to be awkward and not too credible, even a bit humorous and pathetic. The US and Saudis are in conflict, soon to become an open nasty dispute. Later it will go hostile, maybe hot with open violence, or covert violence (the Langley favorite). Besides, the London Boyz are stealing the Saudi gold accounts. The pilferage requires that the Saudi Royals must be vilified and demonized thoroughly. In return, the Saudis will launch a counter-offensive perhaps with Chinese assistance. In truly awkward and hypocritical manner, the United States is trying to change allies, or at least permitting an Iranian detente. In the process, the US will win extreme isolation. A certain Saudi damage control will be necessary, but the winds will not permit it. The Saudi insults are being observed on the diplomatic front. Suddenly, President Obama will spread his unusual two-faced charm on a fence mending trip to Saudi Arabia. Expect to see the words deceitful, uneasy, insincere, challenging, carefully crafted in the public releases. Do  not expect Obama to kiss any Saudi Royal ring this time around. It is not clear what a US President says to a Saudi King when the former is stealing the gold wealth of the latter. Perhaps just "Times change. Deal with it!"



Harken back 40 years. On the Petro-Dollar birth episode back in 1973, the commonly accepted birth story might have had a different twist in order to create a stable replacement to the Gold Standard. The petro standard would be stable, yet offer plenty of fraud opportunity to the West. The breakdown would occur only if foreign suppliers refused to accept USTreasury Bonds, or too many were issued from uncontrollable USGovt debt, like seen now. A sinister alternative is much more credible, the motive explained to curtail the industrial powers of Japan and Germany, whose economies were more dependent upon oil. A price inflation storm could have been cast upon the American and Western economies and societies both, with certain windfall profits to the oil companies, all blamed on the nasty Arabs. Compound the guile and betrayal further. The Americans pushed the Arabs and Iranians to jack up the oil price, so as to finance gigantic steady lucrative US arms sales. The war machine tightened its grip on the USEconomy. It was a USDollar with not only a crude oil basis, but also a military foundation. The military element is much more evident in the last decade.


The common perspective on the birth of the Petro-Dollar is well covered and reported in the annals of recent financial history. The story is told that the Arabs joined forces, united against the US & Israeli front. With greed as motive, they quadrupled the price of crude oil for the world markets. The maneuver was seem as punitive and self-enriching. The Arabs were told to be angry over battlefield defeats, superior military equipment, and steadfast efforts to colonize. The Saudis, so the story goes, saw an opportunity to properly price the crude oil, to end the subsidy of a vast interstate highway construction across the United States, and to take their fair share on extraordinary crude oil sales. The four-fold rise in crude oil, from something like $8 to $33 per barrel (on memory) caused a serious long global recession, notably in the USEconomy. The Saudis cut an important geopolitical deal with the United States, brokered by Henry Kissinger. The petro surpluses were to be recycled in an orderly sterilized manner. It was a significant financial development that installed the USTBond as the primary global banking reserve mainstay. The Petro-Dollar defacto standard has been an obscenity.


The prestigious Secy State Kissinger bargained with the Saudis to support the USD-based system. The Saudis would earn tremendous petro surplus USDollars, which they would recycle into USTreasury Bonds. The expanding USGovt deficits would be financed by the Saudis, in a convenient sterilized manner to prevent the USDollar from suffering well deserved currency devaluation. The sterilization of the petro surplus would be enforced, received in USD terms and to remain in USD terms, locked in USTreasurys. The other Persian Gulf nations would follow suit and accumulate outsized USTBond accounts, since the Saudis set the course. The model would be copied across the global banking system, the USDollar elevated to global reserve currency. The USTBond would be given pristine ratings as the global reserve asset in the banking foundation across all continents. The United States would rule the roost, and its military would be implicitly funded by global savings. The USEconomy would be bolstered by massive Saudi weapons purchase programs on a regular basis, along with similar programs by its royal emirate neighbors. The USMilitary would become a vital part of the USEconomy, a loosely disguised war machine with a dominant position in the USGovt executive branch. The Gold Standard urgently required a hard asset replacement, one more easily managed. The Oil Standard would be established for the USDollar, a quasi hard asset standard. It came to be called the defacto Petro-Dollar Standard. It has stood for 40 years. The sabotaged Gold Standard would effectively be replaced. However, today the Petro-Dollar is mortally wounded and left for dead.


The commonly told story always has ulterior motives for the US nation during the post-Bretton Woods era. Deceit is the American calling card. Add an even more motivated element to the mix, with more guile, deception, and betrayal. Consider a further plot. The USGovt and US bankers convinced the Saudis to raise the crude oil price so that they could create the Petro-Dollar defacto standard, so that demand for USTreasuryBonds could be amplified, so that greater Arab nation weapons deals could be forged. The oil price shock was not hatched as an Arab plan or concept. The USDollar lacked critical mass for global reserve currency without the higher crude oil price, without much larger surplus USD funds floating, and without more definitive usage of USTBonds in global banking systems across numerous nations. Asian nations and European nations would be forced to store USTBonds and USTBills with which to purchase Saudi OPEC crude oil. The critical mass required a cauterized burn in the financial arenas. They used the Petro-Dollar to replace the abandoned Gold Standard set by the Bretton Woods Conference in 1971. The US was desperate to establish the USDollar as the understood and accepted global reserve currency, something stable, as in King Dollar without challenge. The quasi-Oil Standard would work, especially since defended on the other end by the USMilitary cannons, if not implicit nuclear threat. With the Saudis and OPEC behind the new petro standard, it would work. The key element was sterlization of foreign held surplus, locked in USTBonds, so as to maintain a stable USDollar exchange rate core. A big benefit was enabled. The USGovt would be given full liberty to run up giant deficits, an economy and a war machine put on a credit card. The former understood, the latter joined by basic counterfeit and integrated narcotics.


The Saudis agreed to the deal to recycle surpluses, with the sweetener being a much higher crude oil price. It would make the royal families in the Persian Gulf astonishingly rich billionaires, and stroke their egos. They were only required to re-cycle the Petro-Dollars into USTBonds and accept the USMilitary protection in the Gulf region, with regularly spaced multi-$billion US-sourced weapons contracts. It was a defense industry tax on the US nation in a hidden master stroke. The US leaders knew the higher systemic energy cost could be handled by a mere broad remedy of price inflation permitted within the USEconomy, a necessary recession to cover it up. The Arabs would be blamed for the painful recession and hardship imposed. The USGovt planned to inflate the cost away, which was effectively a hidden double-cross betrayal of the oil-rich Arab nations generally. The Saudi wealth would be undermined and debased. But the Saudis did not mind, since the USD volumes were staggering and their egos stroked. The contrived Cold War between the USA and Soviet Union had a contrived conflict on the financial front as counterpart, with many moving parts and secret handshakes. Bankers and war machine maestros won with constant tensions and perma-war.



Before year 2014, the Jackass had given 99% likelihood of the plain vanilla scenario, where the Saudis pushed the price hike on motives based on self-enrichment and vengeance. By year 2009, the Jackass saw some hidden motives at work to create an Oil Standard for the USDollar, to establish the USTBond as the banking system reserve main brick, after the Gold Standard was discarded. In year 2014, the Jackass gives over 90% likelihood to the sinister Rockefeller-Kissinger scenario for steering upper echelon geopolitics instead, a reverse of my opinion. The Elite owned the major oil companies, whose power would rise with the Petro-Dollar Standard rising to prominence. The desperation to create a stable viable (but not legitimate) USDollar asset-backed standard was very real and very challenging, an extreme challenge to force installation and global acceptance. My gut screams now that the US Elite proposed the higher crude oil price to satisfy the Saudis & Arabs, the higher price being the key element. The Saudis were transfixed on the greater obscene wealth, while the USGovt led by Kissinger were transfixed on broad acceptance of the USTreasury Bond used in global banking systems as the primary unquestioned reserve asset vehicle. The lucrative USMilitary weapons deals were an added bonus, expanding the Empire, firming the war machine. But new BRICS have entered the geopolitical stage, the nations in defiance, seeking a return to the Gold Standard.


The burn of Japan and Germany was a hot poker of sinister hidden motive. Both nations have historically been more energy dependent, required to import almost all their crude oil for economic purpose. Their industrial might was being thrust onto the global economy, from advanced technological design to streamlined industrial processes to efficient inventory control. The pendulum returns. Both nations are in a position to exact revenge by rejecting the USD/USTBond reserve currency, in favor of the new Gold Trade Standard promoted by Russia & China. Both Japan and Germany are in the process of joining the BRICS nations. The chess game has gone against the Americans, who find themselves increasingly isolated, their allies disgusted or betrayed. The Saudis, Iran, Japan, and Germany are gradually aligning with the East and against the King Dollar. Two generations make a great difference. Like true Nazis, the Anglos & Americans are isolated, with global war as their last option.


The USEconomy at the time in the 1970 decade produced between 60% and 65% of the oil needed for domestic usage. In the last decade, the US produces about 35% of the its oil needs. So over time, the US is very slowly converging with Japan and the PacRim competitors, with still half the advantage remaining. It is a very credible additional factor of industrial vengeance. Hence the increased oil price pushed by Saudia Arabia and our friends in Canada. Keep in mind that not only the Arabs took the bait. The Middle East leaders who lusted for wealth and more funds for military toys included the infamous Shah of Iran. He had special privileges, like handed as a gift US$100 bill plates that enabled a generation of counterfeit. Many are the fascist partners over the last several decades to the ruling Anglo-American fascists. The layers of scum run deep on friends of US Elite, as deep as the betrayal of its people. The American people have been systematically converted to asset bubble participants, then to debt vassals after lost home equity, finally to cannon fodder with sleek armored uniforms that all too often result in a prosthesis. Notice the compulsory repeated tours of duty imposed on soldiers, more betrayal. The incredibly weak USEconomy feeds the USMilitary with an endless stream of men and women seeking to lift their economic station in life. They seek a college experience, but instead win a post traumatic stress disorder to take home.



If you like your health care plan, you can keep your plan. If you like your pension program, you can keep your program. If you like your stock account, you can keep your stock certificates. If you like your gold futures contract, you can have the gold bars delivered. If you like your official allocated gold account, you can keep your gold bars. If you like your life and liberty, you can keep them too. Think betrayal. The national socialists operate their base at the banking syndicate, the pillboxes being the major central banks. They spread debt slavery while they disseminate phony money, with a firm grip maintained on the monetary printing press that bears the Weimar nameplate. Their methods have not changed in 70 years. They steal national wealth, with a focus on accumulated vaults of Gold bullion. Their signatures are in Czechoslavakia, Libya, Germany, and now Saudi Arabia as per gold. They tell the public in their widely promulgated propaganda that Gold has no value, no place as money, no role as bank reserves, and no yield offered. Yet the bankers steal Gold at every opportunity, even from their longstanding allies. When the United States finds itself descended into the De-Industrialized Third World with new masters at the helm, the citizens will wish they owned Gold & Silver, since their entire paper savings will have blown away during the storm.


Better to continue your Gold & Silver private program, or to begin one, and to abandon the paper chase with paper wealth. People should close down their big bank accounts and their Wall Street brokerage accounts before they too are stolen. The storm will reveal the paper flow as true toilet paper spew, stained by betrayal, befouled from toxicity, shredded in the wind. The precious metal will endure the storm. The Elite do not want you to follow their lead in gold investment that includes vast pilferage and confiscation of official Allocated Gold Accounts, like the Saudis. The isolation of the United States is entering a high gear. As the Saudi betrayal becomes well known, their London gold stolen, no nation will continue in alliance with the USGovt. Large corporate contracts are being canceled, like with Boeing. Such relations will be considered suicidal with assured destruction, finally by stolen Gold wealth. The role of cutouts will be fully revealed, like with the Saudi cutouts. The ultimate vengeance by the Saudis might be a full revelation of the true perpetrators of the 911 attacks. The label coup d'etat fits but seems inadequate. The same team of security agents is at work in Ukraine, being exposed. They were busy in Georgia (near Russia) just a few years ago. They plied their trade in Benghazi Libya only 18 months ago. The fingers will be pointed at the vile security agencies who preach and practice genocide, while they professional pilfer gold. The big hint was the dual passport status of so many in the George W Bush Administration. The Jackass believes that the dismantle of the Patriot Act should include a new law that people with a second passport cannot serve in the USGovt, especially in the executive branch that is overrun by security agency spooks. Even the Mayor of Chicago has a dual passport, and fealty to another nation, more betrayal. His job could be to keep the lid on pilfered Chicago bank accounts, related to the Clinton Team when Obama cut his teeth, made his bones, and earned his stripes.


A scheiss storm cometh. Get your Gold & Silver if you can find any at these temporarily absurdly low prices. The Global Currency Reset is coming to a neighborhood near you soon. It is more appropriately called the Return to the Gold Standard, with a huge currency devaluation in store. Flip the perception to read huge quantum jump up in the market value of Gold. Expect the COMEX to shut down perhaps in year 2014. They have not delivered on Gold futures contracts since last May, almost a full year ago. They dishonor legally binding contracts, more betrayal. Even the SPDR Gold Trust shareholders, known as the GLD Exchange Traded Fund, are victims. When individuals appeal for gold bar conversion with the required minimum shares and completed forms, they too are refused. More betrayal.




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Jim Willie CB, editor of the “HAT TRICK LETTER”


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From subscribers and readers:

At least 30 recently on correct forecasts regarding the bailout parade, numerous nationalization deals such as for Fannie Mae and the grand Mortgage Rescue.


"Your Hat Trick Letters reports are like the food I like to eat, nutrient dense, high fibre, many rich single and combined flavours, unadulterated, very colourful,(especially your turn of phrase, unique), tidbits from all over the world. I always look forward to them too, a very satisfying feed/read, with original connections between ingredients and forward culinary thinking leading to new dishes from heretofore un-imagined recipes that are obvious from hindsight and take some time to chew and digest."

   (Nick from Australia)

"Jim Willie is a gift to our age who is the only clear voice sounding the alarm of the extreme financial crisis facing the Western nations. He has unique skills of unbiased analysis with synthesis of information from his valuable sources. Since 2007, he has made over 17 correct forecast calls, each at least a year ahead of time. If you read his work or listen to his interviews, you will see what has been happening, know what to expect, and know what to do."

   (Charles in New Mexico)

"A Paradigm change is occurring for sure. Your reports and analysis are historic documents, allowing future generations to have an accurate account of what and why things went wrong so badly. There is no other written account that strings things along on the timeline, as your writings do. I share them with a handful of incredibly influential people whose decisions are greatly impacted by having the information in the Jackass format. The system is coming apart on such a mega scale that it is difficult to wrap one's head around where all this will end. But then, the universe strives for equilibrium and all will eventually balance out."

   (The Voice, a European gold trader source)


Jim Willie CB is a statistical analyst in marketing research and retail forecasting. He holds a PhD in Statistics. His career has stretched over 25 years. He aspires to thrive in the financial editor world, unencumbered by the limitations of economic credentials. Visit his free website to find articles from topflight authors at For personal questions about subscriptions, contact him at

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