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Interview of David Rockefeller in Hades

By: Jim Willie CB,

 -- Published: Wednesday, 17 June 2020 | Print  | Disqus 

By Jim Willie CB                                                                             

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Jim Willie CB, editor of the “HAT TRICK LETTER”

Use the above link to subscribe to the paid research reports, which include coverage of critically important factors at work during the ongoing panicky attempt to sustain an unsustainable system burdened by numerous imbalances aggravated by global village forces. The historically unprecedented ongoing collapse has been created by compromised central bankers and inept economic advisors, whose interference has irreversibly altered and damaged the world financial system, urgently pushed after the removed anchor of money to gold. Analysis features Gold, Crude Oil, USDollar, Treasury Bonds, and inter-market dynamics with the US Economy and US Federal Reserve monetary policy.

The following is a devious spoof and an attempt at literary satire, with a motive to expose the Deep State on its nefarious plans for humanity and the global economy. The current fabricated, exaggerated, and supported scam of pandemic must be revealed. The hoax designed, planned, and disseminated among the Rockefeller camps of the global fascist state has been impressive. So far, the hoax has lasted four months or longer, its inception a bit vague. The economic damage has made history. Unmasking the hoax will require time and effort still. It is destined to fail, while assured in resulting in a Pyrrhic Victory for the Patriots, aka the White Hats and their alliance.

In light of this motive, the Jackass was able to secure a JPMorgan HQ elevator ride to the SB-13 floor, their sub-basement access to the Faustus Conference Room. The Jackass snuck into Manhattan on a private UPS flight, the harlots with wings. It seems Faustus serves as the doorman for Hades, where David Rockefeller occupies a penthouse suite. To be sure, its fires are a bit hot, and the gnashing of teeth can be well heard. Rumors fly that King David is quite uncomfortable in his new surroundings for the last year and a half. The water monopoly created by the Bush Family has not reached any Hades supply. The venerable super-elite and avowed Satanist David Rockefeller agreed to the interview, done gratis, under the promise of no harm rendered. He gloats in giving preliminary warning to the human masses, as per their Rules of Engagement. However, his tone has turned defensive, since the exposure has seen great progress, and the hoax has begun to be uncovered.



JW: This was a long circuitous route to finally reach your suite. The tunnels were long and I saw some recent destruction from collapse, probably for trafficking usage. I have my beach attire on, due to the heat, and I brought my own pair of big water bottles. Thanks for taking the time to discuss matters. I see you have quite a tan, sir, assumed from the barbecue effect rather than sunshine. I must tell you that many people are happy about the discontinued chemtrails on the upside of the planet, as flights are almost uniformly cut off. I suppose the last thing you elite folks want is for the chemtrails to be revealed for their toxins and nano metallic particles. Anyway, I hope this place Hades is all you expected. Being in the vestibule waiting room is close enough for me, a firm Christian soldier and truth warrior. I choose to wear four crucifixes to feel safe, with one tattoo of the cross, and nice rosary beads as a belt to feel doubly safe. I must ask, are you a little disappointed not to have your brain downloaded into a special computer box, an elite project which has not come to fruition? It seems you ran out of time, and had to take the regular route, leaving the world in the usual way, as Cat Stevens would say on the back end.

ROCK: We make the best of conditions. It is great to be with my kind, regardless of any creature discomforts. Brother Faustus has assured me of the best comforts possible, given the extreme distance from the Light. However, I should admit that this place is not quite all that I expected, but leave that topic out. The brain and consciousness project for placement via download into a box has made considerable progress in recent years. It remains on ongoing project of importance. We had a few near successes, but the technology is not quite ready. At age 102 years, I was ready to go, since my body became quite rickety. Besides, we had our numerology scheme set up very nicely. It was a great send-off. Let’s get on with it, shall we?



JW: If you could, I wish to recite a list of the Deep State players. They clearly serve as the extended pervasive fascist team, tied at the hip in a corporate sense, with purpose to create your New World Order. I prefer to call it the Global Fascist State, so as to eliminate any confusion. I see the list of players as American Medical Assn, the Big Pharma corporations, the global and national health agencies, and the Western news networks. They operate in close coordination with the Langley narcotics business run by your boy Papa Bush. By the way, is he in a nearby quarter? The Gates Foundation has conducted extensive vaccine experiments, much akin to kinder gentler Mengele on the large and very loose. Gates is clearly a team member of yours.

ROCK: You have the primary players, but it is so much more. Back in the 1960 decade, I managed to influence the USCongress with legislation which marginalized natural remedies. It was so easy to pull off. Big Pharma as you know, is my baby, for which my family (institute) owns the majority stake for control. The doctors were easy to force into line, as their conformity was done by threat of lost license. The AMA acts not just as a monopoly of membership, but also as compulsory sales agents for the Big Pharma drugs. The AMA operates as a dictatorship with my wonderful Standard of Care protocols. More deaths result from worse care, but since when is that a priority? The health agencies are mine also, fully under control, their agenda well understood. If you patriots remove one player, we replace with another dedicated servant. That Gates boy has been extremely productive in reducing the human population. He has his hand in 20 different pots to corrupt them all, a great success. But he might be expendable, since so much attention has come his way. As for Papa Bush, he is somewhere, but always involved in the lesser agendas like shuffleboard. Friction is rougher for them, due to the heat.

JW: I noticed Johns Hopkins Univ was key to the Event 201 conference. My observation is that you have corrupted many universities over the years, with paid false research in pursuit of the failed Global Warming nonsense. Any scientific construct is available for hire. The central banks and very large banks have always been under your aegis. My belief is that the most recent Deep State players are the major telecoms. Could you explain that for us?

ROCK: The universities are essential to weaken, so that the education progress removes independent thought, snuffs out effective logic course, and brings profit into the picture in subversion of science. This process has also been rather easy to pull off. Universities are always hungry for funds, while individual professors love the huge money. After a few grants, I own them, heart and soul. You are correct. The major telecoms were essential in producing 5G damage. We promised the many governments that damage to humans would be very minimal. Lies and more lies followed, but the commitment was made. My plan was brilliant, to produce lung-based infections from 5G radiation, to permit the widespread pneumonia to be called corona-virus, and then to build the case counts. I am most proud of that effective stroke of hand. But the 5G-corona connection is being revealed gradually, especially with that Spanish biology professor and his work. It was really just a matter of time before the clear connection between 5G radiation damage to lungs was discovered from the numerous rollouts. We chose Spain, Italy, and San Marino, since the southern region of Europe is bankrupt, and their stupefied wrecked economies are perfect for bankruptcies, again blamed on the corona.

The telecoms, like most big corporations, are pyramids in structure, and thus easily transformed into NWO elements, or fascist pieces as you prefer to call them. Put our players in executive posts, or offer them obscene bribes, and case closed. It is so easy, since humans are so weak and to the core corrupt. As for Johns Hopkins, they love our huge flow of funds, and operate close to Washington DC beside the military establishment which I also largely control. Their benefits are extensive at Hopkins. The other big corporations have been loyal captains under this 8-star general, like Halliburton in poisoning the North American water table, and also like Monsanto in poisoning the greater part of the food supply. I must admit that when we won antibiotic status for Glyphosate by the FDA with only a little bribery, I laughed for a solid month, and still chuckle.

JW: Tell me about the media giants. They are built of Langley narco funds, a grand topic unto itself. These media giants have served your fascist model well with propaganda and censorship. But I suspect their days might be numbered. Born of Langley narco funds, and fed by sophisticated software at the intelligence agencies, these media giants have thrived in near monopoly conditions. But the anti-trust threat has arrived on the horizon.

ROCK: The plan has worked well. The Langley narcotics was built by the useful idiot Papa Bush. He actually built a solid team, in an amazing job of over-achievement. The three big victories were Cambodian Triangle during the final phase of Vietnam War, then the capture of Kosovo with the Yugoslavian breakup in the Balkan region, and finally the super trophy of Afghanistan. That little country has been a true boon of over $800 billion profit even in a bad year. More chuckles as we told the public the Afghan War was to capture the 9/11 perpetrators and to build an oil pipeline. The entire World Trade Center attack was my plan, my design, my success, followed by my Patriot Act. We are serious about installing global fascism, and are content with the fascist creep, as you analysts like to call it, step by step in a manner not noticed or obstructed by the public. You know, the American public will believe any stupid story if told by a senior official, then repeated by his underlings. Anyway, we fostered Amazon, Google, Tesla, and FaceBook. Sure, they have some of my family members, as I prefer, and maybe a few bastard children if necessary. Bill Clinton remains my favorite bad boy bastard child. What a piece of work, eh? He will have to die before you can touch him. I suspect that the Patriots will soon wreck what we have built in the fascist media theme, using anti-trust laws and removing legal shields. These media giant firms are very vulnerable. We will try to replace them if wrecked, but it will be difficult in the climate of revelations. A break-up such as seen by the Baby Bells might come soon. We will be disappointed, since the pyramid model serves our evil motives best.

JW: The key element for public control is clearly the press networks. They are under control by the fascist cabal, no doubt. Their reach even extends into the sports realm, like with ESPN under the Disney umbrella. The networks read from the same script, the same manual, the same disgusting bylines. They tell the same lies. They cite the same falsified data. They question nothing on the data. Tell us about your control of the press and their role.

ROCK: The press is critical. We have done studies. About 70% to 75% of the public believes the press stories, regardless of how absurd and foolish they are. In the last 20 to 30 years, the mainstream press, which we NWO fascists control with a tight fist, have seen some damage on the credibility ratings. However, most people believe the press, especially the older folks. In the last few decades, we have built the conglomerates, and Disney is our favorite. It controls the theme parks where stray kids are snatched by the thousands. It controls movie theater content from the many spinoffs and newly started independent firms. It controls even ESPN, where we forbid any guest to speak against the grand project of this fabricated pandemic with spurious foundation, and obviously not the falsified medical data. The press networks are a major piece to our fascist team. The press has to power to present and to package stories in many ways. We can make the villain appear to be the victim. We can make the truth appear as absurd. We can make endless war appear noble. We can make orchestrated public violence appear as natural spontaneous events. We can make terrorists appear as freedom fighters. I must admit that if the day ever comes where the USMilitary seizes control of the press networks, then the globalist movement toward installing fascism will most assuredly fail. We have threatened President Trump not to seize press control. But he is a clever man. He will find a way for the Pentagon to demand that they are given permission to seize control, in order to restore order from chaos.



JW: As an observer of the USEconomy for over 40 years, I must admit that you have established an impressive, although corrupt, monopoly over the medical and pharmaceutical industries. But your greatest accomplishment within these dual sectors is the $1300 billion annual subsidy from the US Government, directed to Medicare & Medicaid. You built a monopoly and then won a forced subsidy, which itself is replete with fraud by doctors and hospitals. I must congratulate you.

ROCK: Yes, it was a major life accomplishment and the crown for my dual monopoly. It took some work, but the gradual aging of the US population made it easy. Combine the demographics with the outsourced industries, and presto, the demand for free medical and drug services was forced upon the system by the people. The movement of industry to the Pacific Rim, and then to Emerging Market nations resulted in a profound loss of legitimate income for the United States, which we set out to destroy. The people do not see Medicare & Medicaid as a monopoly, or even evil, since the older age groups receive essentially free medical care. They do not complain, even for the fraud laced through the system. It is my crown resume item, agreed.

JW: I wish to give you credit for creating cancer in the community of nations, by means of vaccines. Before the 1960 decade, cancer was relatively rare in occurrence. The recent revelations of vaccine contents have shown that Nagalese operates as an immune system suppressant. The effect is to enable both disease and cancer, according to my understanding. However, the bright spotlight of autism has caused your vaccines extreme unwanted attention. It is my belief that after the autism blame to vaccines was affirmed, your medical sector will continue to face potential blame for the creation of cancer. The income stream is staggering, to make yet another crown resume item for you. Can you take credit?

ROCK: Absolutely, I take credit. We unleashed the cancer scourge and are proud of it. The profit has been tremendous, amidst very little recognition of the linkage until recently. But a few murders here and there can keep the lid on it. We have even set up cancer foundations to receive further funds, when the cure already exists. The people are slow mentally. The clues are everywhere, like overcoming a strong influenza sometimes cures a skin cancer. Big Pharma keeps as secret its chemotherapy profit lines. Cancer is easily overcome, the cure available only for my friends and important officials and leaders. It is not for the commoners. The entire autism result from vaccines was something we did not expect, and has caused unwanted attention. We set up a federal fund to mollify the public demands on autism damage, but it will not amount to much. Yes clearly, my cancer project has been terrific. With the legal immunity, we can experiment with vaccines, load them with random cocktails of diseases for amusement, include various poisons, and watch the results unfold over a martini or brandy snifter.

JW: Following this created monopoly, your minions who operate as officials have ingrained the false medical data as standard operating procedure. This is another impressive victory for you in building the case for the false pandemic. The $39 thousand Medicare bribe to declare a corona case, and to use the damaging ventilators, represents yet another notch on your success to date. You deserve credit for a well-planned fake pandemic that has wrecked the global economy rather thoroughly. You made history. The doctors declare all deaths as corona. The television news networks run with the false medical data gleefully. The health agencies direct the corrupt data flow, sparking reaction with false pandemic projections. Well done again, but the entire game is coming apart at the seams. The exposure is rather simple, just a matter of time and permission for the statistical analysts to take control. Pneumonia cases have vanished, while serious influenza cases have also largely vanished. Everything is corona. However, the fly in your demonic ointment is that the overall number of pulmonary infection deaths has fallen this year versus last year. We have the opposite of pandemic. How do you comment on all this false medical data?

ROCK: No burden on me to respond. Let your statistical crew do their job. Let’s see if you can stop the news networks without provoking a major national crisis by military seizure of control. I dare you to try it. The people are still stupid. They believe anything the news reports. One of the most amazing features of falsified news, is that when it is repeated, when other sectors support the lies, when the national health agencies bless the lies, the public always falls for it. The public makes claims like how it could not all be false, not with so many accomplices. They are predictable and easily fooled. Of course the data is false, but the public is full of mathematical idiots who do not have the sense to demand an overall breakdown of respiratory deaths. They simply react with fear, and don their masks. They are laughable. And this is repeated in numerous countries. We even fabricated horror stories in some smaller countries, like the dead corona bodies washed upon the shores of Ecuador. The dutiful press ran with it. We have control of the medical sector. We have empty field hospitals which continue to receive government funding. The Brazil story was revealed, and this is worrisome, an empty hospital and empty caskets in the cemetery. But the severe damage is done.

JW: I must admit that your medical sector has almost turned the corona test into one for being human. People testing positive for corona, might actually be testing positive for human, since antibodies of wide variety are common in people from previous illnesses. Then also, this asymptomatic corona is a brilliant stroke. So people are led to believe they are sick with corona, whose symptoms are yet to be manifested. What a con game you are running with the medical centers.

ROCK: Yes, well planned. My cadre has been working on the project for a decade. The Event 201 conference made firm the roles and tasks. Clearly, the disease is being human. The cure will be the vaccination to eliminate large swaths of the human population. This is the plan. Try to stop it.



JW: Can you tell us more about Wuhan China and that outsourced bio-lab? The timing seemed perfect to coincide with the decline and rupture of the USDollar. Also, the corona has created the serendipity of blame for failed financial firms. The Force Majeure was not even necessary, as very big timely USGovt rescues and stimulus bills came along with no public resistance whatsoever.

ROCK: The Wuhan lab had been built up by our captain Soros. The funding is right in front of your dumb noses, and the outsourced contracts for Gain of Function were directly traced to the United States. It is amazing how mentally slow the US public is for noticing the basics, but that is another success story. Take a long list like from fluoridated water, undermined universities, drugs everywhere, and video games. The USDollar was destined for failure the moment QE was first initiated in 2012. It gave us over seven years. The USDollar was given a serious red flashing warning light from the Chinese Belt & Road Initiative back in 2017. They did well to gain huge momentum, and they will return with momentum. For now, they are on the defensive. Our Chinese Communist Party friends are having quite a challenge recently. Yes, the timing was coordinated with both the rise of the BRI for Chinese projects and the failure of the USTreasury Bond market last year. The eruption of the Fed Repurchase (REPO) Window was a death blow, not well understood. Again, tell the American people that the vast funding at the REPO window is to stabilize the system, and they will believe it. The reality of course, is a final warning signal which we used to launch the corona-virus. With the widespread economic lockdowns, absolutely, the debt defaults are all blamed on the virus. It was remarkably easy to pull off. Even the broken Shale Sector, walking dead for two years, will be bailed out within the corona stimulus packages. We must protect our friends at the big US banks, who never miss their dark meetings or ceremonies in nether chambers. The Force Majeure will be invoked later if necessary, most probably within the Gold & Silver market. I always said to close friends that Gold & Silver will break out multiples higher in price over my dead body. Well, their time is almost here. With the USDollar almost fractured and its platforms falling, the precious metals cannot be held back any longer.

JW: The timing is all in common occurrence therefore? The Patriots and the Globalists are traveling on the same road.

ROCK: Yes, of course. It must be this way. Economies and financial markets, as well as political frameworks, are all interwoven. This is nothing new. Competent analysts comprehend this effect. The corona-virus had to be released exactly when the USDollar was in its final collapse phase. The REPO eruption dictated the timing, for which the CDC, NIH, Gates, and Fauci stepped onto the stage. The debt defaults are all to be wrapped with the same virus ribbons. The economic lockdowns will be very hard for you to reverse, but I suspect you will win their release. We caused multiple $trillions in damage, and for that destruction we can be proud. The riots and looting are just an after-thought, but we always enjoy the fire.



JW: If you could comment upon the human weaknesses, the limited intellectual capability, and the laziness of their ways, it would be appreciated. They know nothing about viruses. Even the doctoral level micro-biologists do not have the focused knowledge on many aspects of virus as weapons. The fascist elite have always preyed upon the ignorance of the masses.

ROCK: Most humans are dumb animals, capable of work, play, eating, enjoying intoxication, and reproduction. They actually do not often favor reproduction, but combined with their zest for sex and careless hygiene, children result. Most men walk away, especially when poor. It is a fact of human life, that most people do the minimum in school since lazy animals. Look at the lower requirements for math education in US schools. My institute pushed for that, in addition to outsourced industry which cut out a significant portion of income sources. If you were to line up 100 typical US citizens, then serve them a test with these several questions, not 3 would get them correct. Questions like 1) Size of virus? 2) How to distinguish one virus from another virus? 3) How virus enters the body? 4) How a virus makes a person sick? 5) How staying at home affects the immune system? 6) How to kill a virus? I realize you would answer correctly, since you are an intelligent but insolent pest.

Our medical establishment has set up all kinds of bothersome rules for society. The rules pertain to treatment like barnyard animals, forming lines, keeping a distance, no kisses or handshakes. The funny part is that we set up all these rules to harm people’s health, and to reduce their immune system effectiveness. We even are attacking the social needs for humans. Our rules are sent from on high, you see, since we are the new high priests. We are the medicine men, as you say, with the Messiah Complex. For the last generation, we ruled via the economist priesthood, with almost no objection to our destructive policies. Next come the destructive medical & health policies, with no objection either.

Remarkably, the humans are obedient for the most part, and prove it by wearing masks. We are testing their tendency toward conformity, and so far about one-third of societies are conforming. The act upon fears and ignorance, as we expected. The cotton cloth mask is their badge of true stupidity to the extreme, since they breathe their own bacteria-ridden exhalation all day long, while reducing their oxygen level to their small brains. You must laugh at how pathetic most people are. They know nothing about viruses.



JW: It seems plain as day (which you never see anymore) that the goal of the globalist fascists is to bring on forced vaccinations to the populations at large. It also seems clear that the economies are being held hostage toward this end goal of delivered vaccinations. Many informed people from the Light Forces, with the Patriots fighting the battle against your depleted army, believe that the vaccinations consist of a random cocktail mix of known serious diseases, basic poisons, and active agents to facilitate the infection by viruses. They even include human fetal tissue, like an unwitting cannibal potion. We are onto your plan, your methods, and your heinous results to conduct genocide in the shadows. Your time is up, and your middle ranks of officials and agents are largely destroyed. Can you share any other nasty ingredients, before your plan is fully discovered and interrupted?

ROCK: The Gates Foundation has been extremely useful with their human experiments in countries that contain the Useless Eaters. We learned a great deal. Our goal is forced vaccinations, of course. It will happen eventually, since the humans are a species with a very short attention span. Most would rather watch a sporting event on television than halt a murder of an entire village. Most would rather drink alcohol or take harmful drugs than read about health or the economy. We use your ignorance and laziness to our advantage. As for additional ingredients, there are many. We have tests in active stages toward various goals, such as infertility, mentally induced Alzheimers, and unusual docility. We have smart dust, nano-particles, and chromosome invaders for the next phase. The GMO foods have set the stage for virus receptors, and radiation will activate the processes. Your alliance is only beginning to awaken, while we are decades ahead of your team. The imported immigrants from our successful war zones have seeded many inferior elements into your gene pool, with remarkable ease. We expected more resistance to shipped in human underclass with no skills, plenty of sicknesses, and violent nature. We fascists as you call us, we wish to activate some remote control devices in the human species. We have great plans, which I will not explain further.



JW: Where are we as a human society heading? Do the fascists really wish to reduce the human species? Do the fascists really wish to destroy the global economy? You might interrupt your own high profile and luxurious supply chain? We hear of your desired goal to achieve hell on earth. Is it true? Do you really wish to kill 90% of humanity in order to achieve better natural symbiosis? What is next? You elite generals cannot enjoy the planet without the random craziness offered by the many tribes which entertain you with our slices of silliness and frivolity? Do you really wish to convert the human population into dumb docile workers like two-legged oxen?

ROCK: We wish to control the human population like automated race cars (except much slower), using remote devices in the prevalent telecom towers, using satellite activation of viruses. We wish to convert the human species into obedient workers to complete industrial tasks. They might not turn out to be too necessary in the long run, since robots can work faster and more effectively, without the backtalk and reprisals, and especially without pension costs. We fascists have a plan to execute, dating back to Pike over 120 years ago, a brilliant plan. The wars in the 20th Century were remarkably easy to pull off, with funding done right under your noses. The people are basically stupid animals, and we wish to make them one level less intelligent and to control their breeding as well. Our design will be for the better. Slavery was prevalent on the planet Earth centuries ago, and millenniums ago. It will return, but in a very subtle form. It will be accomplished through medicine, drugs, radiation, and control chemicals.

JW: I seriously doubt the human species will remain as lazy, as unaware, and as complacent during your final phases of execution. The White Light Alliance has eliminated the majority of your middle ranks. You are left with designers, elite generals, and nobody to execute your plans. You are left with inadequate doubles for Soros, depleted inexperienced and hunted captains, who cannot execute your plans. In the last few years, very dangerous Asian killer hitmen have been put on the loose. We believe you, King Rock, quit in the midst of the inevitable defeat of the elite heinous criminals. We believe you launched the medical coup d’etat prematurely and with utter desperation. Your plan is doomed. Your methods are discovered. Your agents are being killed off in the shadows. Your agencies are being exposed. Your pretenders to the global throne are having their legs cut off while their credibility is ruined. I wish to thank you for your time shared at the vestibule of hell. My suspicion is that your eternal time south of the wall will be full of torment and suffering, laced with regret and misery.

ROCK: We expect to prevail or else work to ruin your pathetic planet. Your kind are mere animals, and hardly impressive. You will need the hand of God to overcome us. We rely upon your weaknesses, which are many. But you make one excellent valid point: the humans are awakening to our plan. Let’s see if you can stop us. It took your alliance over a full generation to recognize our upside-down debt-based monetary system which put Gold into a sequestered subdued status. Only precious metals will survive what comes, but we have convinced the majority of your pathetic species that true money in Gold is trash. If you can grasp the value, the stability, and the wonders of golden foundations, you will create a great economy with growth and prosperity. We fascists are betting against your species. We intend to enslave you.



“Jim Willie’s proprietary contacts in highly strategic positions around the world help him better predict the future with an accurately as high as 90%. That is astounding! The Hat Trick Letter is my secret sauce to better understand what is really happening, so I can make better financial decisions during this tumultuous period.”

   (PaulK in Kentucky)

"I have continued my loyal patronage of your excellent commentaries not so much because of my total agreement with your viewpoints, but because you have proven yourself to be correct so often over the years. When you are wrong, you have publicly admitted it. You are, I suppose by nature, an outspoken and irreverent spokesman for TRUTH against power, which differentiates you from almost all other pundits on world affairs."

   (PaulR in Hawaii)

"For over five years I have been eagerly assimilating any and all free information (articles, interviews, etc) that Jim Willie puts out there. Just recently I finally took the plunge and became a paid subscriber. I regret not doing this much sooner, as my expectations were blown away with the vast amount of sourced information, analysis tied together, and logical forecasts contained in each report."

   (JosephM in South Carolina)

"Jim Willie is a gift to our age who is the only clear voice sounding the alarm of the extreme financial crisis facing the Western nations. He has unique skills of unbiased analysis with synthesis of information from his valuable sources. Since 2007, he has made over 17 correct forecast calls, each at least a year ahead of time. If you read his work or listen to his interviews, you will see what has been happening, know what to expect, and know what to do."

   (Charles in New Mexico)

"A Paradigm change is occurring for sure. Your reports and analysis are historic documents, allowing future generations to have an accurate account of what and why things went wrong so badly. There is no other written account that strings things along on the timeline, as your writings do. I share them with a handful of incredibly influential people whose decisions are greatly impacted by having the information in the Jackass format. The system is coming apart on such a mega scale that it is difficult to wrap one's head around where all this will end. But then, the universe strives for equilibrium and all will eventually balance out."

   (The Voice, a European gold trader source)


Jim Willie CB is a statistical analyst in marketing research and retail forecasting. He holds a PhD in Statistics. His career has stretched over 25 years. He aspires to thrive in the financial editor world, unencumbered by the limitations of economic credentials. Visit his free newly revamped website to find articles from topflight authors at It now has a hyphen in the URL address. For personal questions about subscriptions, contact him at


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