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Rant Time

By: Bill Murphy,

 -- Published: Tuesday, 5 May 2015 | Print  | Disqus 

May 5 – Gold $1193.80 up $6.20 - Silver $16.56 up 14 cents

"When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; when character is lost, all is lost." … Billy Graham


As is almost always the case, the price of gold was leaned on at the standard PLAN A time in London when The Gold Cartel traders reported for work, but their nudge was thwarted pretty quickly. Gold took off again going into the Comex trading hours and managed to reach $1200 where it was stopped dead in its tracks. James Mc early this morning…

Rules are rules

Yesterday’s circled number was $1186.30, and while gold slightly exceeded it, and the 1% rule at the end of the day there was a clear gravitational pull bringing it back. After the 6:00 PM access trade opened it was clearly being held in check for the next 7 hours right around $1186. Cartel rule #1 is also apparent today; with the high tick so far exactly today’s circled number of $1198.70. As of 10:10 AM gold is getting the kitchen sink thrown at it at +1%. As always any big nearby number such as $1200 is irrelevant. It’s all about control, and the fact that $1200 is nearby is just coincidence. The cartel has proven over and over they will stop gold rallies at ANY number, as long as it is the prescribed percentage.

As tiresome as it is to talk about there are 2 big looming potholes for gold. The first arrives this week in the form of NFP Friday which is usually a cartel biggie. The next one arrives 3 weeks from today on May 26th, which is June option expiration. If history is a guide I am issuing a full Washington General warning for both days. Fleecing idiots trading paper gold and executing MOPE to perfection has been the winning formula for the crooks. Never mind an exploding trade deficit (with the implications of negative GDP leading to QE-MOAR) or any other bullish news for gold. For the cartel rules are rules.

The outrageous manipulation on a daily basis has rendered all analysis akin to being on a ride through a carnival funhouse. The cartel’s use of distorted mirrors, strobe lights and smoke make any critical examination virtually useless. Is COT data accurate? Is Comex warehouse inventory data accurate? What % of Comex trading is merely HFT algos disrupting flow? What % of the commercials are cartel banks, and what portion are true hedgers and/or mines? Who is behind the gigantic O.I. in silver? Who is behind the enforcement of the cartel rules? Just what the hell is going on at Ft. Knox, or anywhere gold is allegedly stored? As CP pointed out years ago gold secrets are a higher priority than even nuclear secrets.
James Mc

The silver action is intriguing, when not annoying. Much focus here of late on that price action and what it all might mean. The biggie today is that it was stopped again, like yesterday, right at its massive downtrend line…

After making a $16.68 high, JPM and allies put the damper on the price for the rest of the Comex session, like they did yesterday. CLEARLY, it must blow through $16.70 to BEGIN to do what so many of us are waiting for. To get back into the big leagues silver must then take out $18.50, with the next stop at $22. Once those objectives have been cleared, silver will have completed one of the largest bases imaginable, which should support a MOON SHOT.

The next three hours of trading on the Comex will be a predictable yawn … you can take that one to the bank. The good news is that this week has been a winner so far and each time the bums slam the gold/silver prices, they refuse to stay down.

The AM Fix: $1187.40. The PM Fix: $1197.

The gold open interest fell 9002 contracts to 401,699. The silver open interest was down 2436 contracts to 175,374.

With hours to kill as gold and silver have no chance of getting anywhere further, it is rant time.

Another six degrees of separation story that might hit home with some Café members. First off…

Six degrees of separation is the theory that everyone and everything is six or fewer steps away, by way of introduction, from any other person in the world, so that a chain of "a friend of a friend" statements can be made to connect any two people in a maximum of six steps. It was originally set out by Frigyes Karinthy in 1929 and popularized by a 1990 play written by John Guare.


Perhaps this ramble may be of assistance and value to Café members. There is no doubt that Six Degrees theory is valid in so many different ways.

Friday night I began to have a pain in my abdomen and it was hard to sleep. On Saturday morning the pain was intense on the lower right side of the abdomen and appeared to be spreading. As a former pro football athlete, you are trained to overcome pain and move on. Figuring it would go away, I lifted weights for an hour and then walked a few miles to pick up a pair of new sneakers (sorely needed).

After having some trouble sleeping Saturday night, the pain was worse when I got up early on Sunday. I wished I could call my superb doctor of many years (still a competitive rower and only a few years younger than me). That is what I would have done if he was open, but not the case on Sunday.

I hate going to hospitals and seeing doctors … did not even have health insurance until a few years ago. But, had nothing else to do on Sunday morning, so I thought I should go to Baylor Hospital’s Emergency room after all the whackos had cleared out from too much nonsense on Sat night.

Never have been to an emergency room in my life. Was clueless what to expect. Figured to be hanging around for hours waiting to be seen … was prepared for anything. Never was so surprised … the efficacy of their operation at Baylor was THE BEST. Was seen after 15 minutes. No filling out a zillion pieces of paper, just the basics of who I was and on to what my so-called emergency was.

They got me a room quickly, which had to be rearranged because the last patient was a psycho and they had taken most everything out of the room that the nutcase could use to hurt the staff. It was amusing watching the orderly move so much back in to make it feel more than a detention cell.

When taking my shirt off to put on my nightgown, the attending nurse (who had been asking me numerous health questions) noticed a rash on my lower back on the right side. "What rash?" I queried. She showed me. Immediately, she said, "SHINGLES," which made no sense to me. The pain was in my abdomen, but it WAS only on my right side.

This cool young doctor came in and told me what the drill would be … an MRI and all blood tests imaginable, and that it would take hours. So, I ended up watching Law and Order on the tube and enjoyed the morning after being wheeled around to get MRI’d in this big tube thing.

Thought I was handling it all quite well … possibly in wait for the doctor to come back and tell me I have an inoperable cancer of the stomach, or that I would need to be admitted immediately for some other urgent surgery. Handling it well, right?…

*My blood pressure was sky high on the first go around and the doctor was concerned (it went back down to a normal area, which it has been for some time).

*Then could not get into the men’s room near me because of a lady in distress, so I went to the next one. Got lost coming out and ended up at the other side of the ER layout. When asking where to go, I kept getting sent to another room, where this lady was dealing with her own issue. What the heck? Turns out she was a Murphy too. What are the odds of that?

After a few laughs, I was led back to my room and waited for the doctor. The first few words out of his mouth could change my life forever and there was nothing to do but wait to hear what the pain was all about.

Before I could think "the dread" further, he opened the door and quickly said, "All your tests are NORMAL." They were the sweetest words I ever heard. BUT, he said he thought the nurse was right that it was SHINGLES, so he gave me some medicine to be taken immediately.

No matter, I was not going on Death Row and didn’t have to quickly go home and get my laptop to do my daily commentary when I woke up from a surgery. (I actually almost brought it to the ER when I first went in anticipation of the worst.)

Now, I know how painful shingles is supposed to be. Everyone, for the right reasons, shudders on hearing of it because it is so painful … BUT compared to hearing my pancreas, appendix, liver, or kidney was blowing up, this news was a delight to hear.

Trying to keep this as short as possible, the doctor gave me two meds (pills) for shingles, which I began to take immediately. One was a steroid of sorts. What an eye opener. Feeling very good yesterday, I went to my gym. My weightlifting was the strongest in memory. My bike ride was the fastest in a long time. No wonder some of these famous athletes hit so many home runs. No wonder Lance Armstrong did what he did. What I took were three rinky-dink pills and I could feel the new strength in 24 hours. What a stunner!

On my way out of the gym, I ran into this sharp lawyer whom I have gotten to know and we did the usual cordial hellos and "How are you doing?" This time when he did his friendly query, I responded by saying I spent four hours in the ER at Baylor on Sunday. Naturally, he scrambled over to find out what was going on.

So glad I brought it up. He then told me that his wife, whom I have met briefly, had the same thing … shingles, and that the pain was nowhere near where her rash was, just like me if that is what I have. He went on to say how painful it was, but she beat it. And, if that is what I have, so will I … no matter what lifestyle changes that requires.

While in purgatory here, waiting to find out really what I have, my hope it is that it is SHINGLES, because that is something I can deal with and it is up to me to beat any immune issues that caused the problem.

What I have learned in this process and perhaps might be of help down the road to some Cafe member…

*Go to Google about any ailing symptoms you might have. When it came to what to do about stomach pain, they said follow your gut about whether to go to an emergency room. What a true hoot that was. The Google drill can give you some greater clarification of what you are dealing with and how to respond without wasting time.

*When you have terrible, unexplained pain, deal with it and don’t wish it away. The faster we confront our health demons, which we all have, the better chance of a satisfactory outcome.

*Don’t be afraid of the ER at a major hospital, silly as that may sound to most of you. I was shocked at how good the experience was. Baylor got right to my ER issue.

*Thank goodness for quality health insurance. How lucky I was all those years with my own self insurance program. That could have been a distant memory, very quickly. My entire ER experience cost $69.

That’s it. If all I have is SHINGLES, I am a lucky guy. It can be beat. Perhaps that old football slogan of "no pain, no gain," learned all too well making it to a starting wide receiver with the Patriots so long ago, will take on a new meaning after all these years.

As for Six Degrees of Separation … when I can be directed into another patient’s room by mistake twice, another Murphy, how can this not relate so quickly to all of us and confirm that fabulous notion. Most important to me is that it appears that I will be around to do all I can on behalf of GATA to defeat The Gold Cartel and their heinous price suppression, market manipulation maneuvers.

On that note, it is ironic that the more GATA is proved correct, the more we are shunned. It appears that Jack Nicholson’s famous quote, "You can’t handle the truth!!" in the movie A Few Good Men, is so apropos for the mainstream media gold world, leading gold/silver company executives, and most of the entire gold/silver industry.

And that is the way it appears it will be until this market manipulation nonsense blows up and the decimated U.S. public is clamoring for answers. An essence of what GATA has had to say all along is that interference in the free market process, by manipulating the prices of gold and silver, was going to end badly because it has ruined free market price discovery. It has been deliberate and nefarious.

GATA was initiated back early in 1999 to expose the price manipulation scheme, to inform the public in a myriad of ways … one of those being going to Congress numerous times. Can you say House Speaker Hastert, or James Saxton of the Joint Economic Committee, or Ron Paul? We have been there and done that …including a visit with James Silvia of the Senate Banking Committee.

The meeting with Hastert was on May 10, 2000, nearly 15 years ago…

GATA Delegation Makes Significant Progress in Washington

On Wednesday at 11:30, the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee consisting of Chris Powell, Reginald Howe, Frank Veneroso, a State Senator and myself met with one of the most powerful politicians in Washington. It was only going to be a 15 minute meeting. It lasted 45 minutes.

At the end of the meeting, we were excused from the room for several minutes. When the people we met with returned, we were told that they were going to try and set up a meeting with another influential politician at 2 o'clock, but that we would have to call at 1:30 to confirm.

We were stunned to learn at 1:30 that this politician had said, "I am aware of the issue," and that he wanted to meet with the GATA delegation. The meeting took place and six members of his staff also attended. What was most remarkable is that this politician left the floor of Congress to attend our hastily arranged, unscheduled meeting.

This politician asked many questions and was very focused on what we had to say. So much so, that he was annoyed when a staff member left to deal with some other pending issue, saying that this was more important. He told us he had read our biographies before coming to the meeting and was a bit taken aback when he was handed the "Gold Derivative Banking Crisis" document to him with his name and state on it.

This knowledgeable politician said that he and his staff would look into our contentions and suggested that we might meet again. After this very intense one hour meeting, he returned to Congress which was in session.

From there, we went on to meet with Dr. John Silvia, the Chief Economist of the Senate Banking Committee. I could tell he had spent some time on our presentation because he had highlighted material that I had sent to him. Frank, Reg and Chris did a terrific job (as they did in all the meetings) explaining what we have learned through our extensive research. That meeting also lasted an hour and Dr. Silvia took copious notes.

Yesterday, I passed out 88 of the documents to the staff of all the Senators and Representatives on the banking committees. They were told to look for an open letter to all of them in Monday's Roll Call.

That was some schlep. For the Senate I went to the Dirksen, Russell and Hart buildings. For the House I went to the Rayburn, Longworth and Cannon buildings. It took me the entire day, but was well worth it. Congressman Lee Terry of Nebraska could not have been nicer and said he would read the document on his way back to his native state this weekend.

I was struck by how different all the buildings were. AND HOW BIG. Most were about 100 yards long and were circular for traffic flow. I made the mistake of buying new shoes for the trip. Now, my feet are all blistered. Big booboo.

My last stop was the Rayburn Building and I smiled as I went by The Gold Room.

It was the opinion of the entire Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee delegation that the trip was far more fruitful than any one of us dreamed possible. However, as we all know, that was just our first salvo. There is much to be done to win the day and we are already planning our next course of action.

When our adversaries realize how far we have come, we know that they will go all out to discredit us. If yesterday's meetings were any indication of making a serious impact on those who count in Washington, the other side has their work cut out for them!

Bill Murphy


Our afternoon meeting was with Spencer Bachus, Chairman of the House Subcommittee on Domestic and International Monetary Policy at the time.

So where are we now, almost 15-years later? That will depend on who you talk to.

Taking on the richest and most powerful people in the world is not an easy task. Never in my wildest dreams did I believe GATA could have come up with so much documentation about how valid our claims are and have it so ignored. No one in the world could have done a better job at documenting the evidence of the gold price suppression scheme than Chris Powell. No finer guy than him, or more dedicated and diligent in getting the facts out there.

Think about it. GATA has held four incredibly successful conferences; in Durban, South Africa; in Dawson City in The Yukon; right outside of Washington, D.C.; and in London at the Savoy Hotel, which 400 people attended from 38 countries. To a person they said it was the finest conference they ever attended.

Little did all of us know at the time what The Gold Cartel had in mind, as that was in August of 2011. One month later, gold soared more than $260 to over $1900 and has been going down ever since.

At the same time, other asset prices have soared due to money creation. What no one EVER asks in the mainstream Muppet world is why would gold and silver get bombed at the same time other assets as stocks, diamonds, real estate, and art took off? The incongruity of it all makes no sense, unless you know what GATA knows and the enormous effort that The Gold Cartel is doing to affect their own reality. That (their) reality will go on until the blowup, which is only a matter of time.

So, GATA carries on to win the day on all this nonsense, which is going to hurt so many innocent people who have no idea what the rich and powerful have done to enrich their own fortunes. Few seem to care at the moment what GATA has to say, BUT THEY WILL when all heck breaks loose.

GATA will win the day in the end and we need your support to carry on. What we are dealing with is historic… and will DWARF the Madoff and Enron scandals, etc. in terms of the enormity of it all.

At some point GATA’s efforts are going to prove out by revealing how thwarting the free market process was disastrous. You never know exactly when our efforts will pay off for all of us who believe in exposing the truth about the financial world's machinations. With all so copacetic for the moment, few care. As said, that is all going to change.

GATA needs your help to spread awareness about what is really going on behind the scenes. Most everyone is clueless. Despite what we are encountering, GATA intends to carry on … and, as we do, it will expose the biggest financial scandal in American history.

The facts could not be clearer right now of what GATA explained when we went to Washington in 2000. Back then this topic was not even on the radar screen. To win the day we need your support to keep on keepin’ on. Having stayed on this obvious mission for so long, it is only a matter of time now before the importance of what GATA has claimed for so long makes it to center stage. The rich and powerful will not change their stance, but as things get ugly for the regular people like you and me, they are going to demand answers to the dramatic chaos.

We need some firepower to deliver that message to the world as it manifests itself. The world will want to know what happened and why, hopefully so it does not happen again. From what I know, all of us support various causes because we believe it will make a difference. While so few care now, thanks to the decimation of the gold/silver industry, courtesy of the antics of The Gold Cartel, GATA is still standing tall and telling it like it is.

If you agree and want to support GATA’s efforts, go here: to send this to zerohedge because it is a prominent truth teller and a brilliant resource. May this be another feather in their cap. If anyone in zerohedge land would like to chat further on this monumental issue, you can reach me at


As expected many hours ago, it was a vintage Gold Cartel day ... total lockdown ... and that was despite a weak dollar, oil rising above $60 per barrel, and a stock market that was crushed. As usual, nothing matters except what The Gold Cartel can get away with. James Mc had it pegged at 9:30 this morning.

The shares didn't like the action either. The XAU lost .53 to 72.93. The HUI lost 1.30 to 178.71.

Guess it was a good day for a rant.


Bill Murphy

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 -- Published: Tuesday, 5 May 2015 | E-Mail  | Print  | Source:

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