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Peter Spina, Founder, Gold Seek LLC><center><font color= COIN SCAM ALERT -- Beware of Monkey Capital and Its Head Monkey Daniel Harrison!

By: Peter Spina, Founder

 -- Published: Saturday, 12 August 2017 | Print  | Disqus 

Last month, a new deal seemingly came out of nowhere, into the crypto space - MONKEY CAPITAL - a new kind of innovative deal brought to you by a Mr Daniel Harrison with some of his Monkey Capital crew (which has had high turnover in the following weeks).

Daniel presented this Monkey Capital deal and its familia of coins (COE MNY ZUR ) to us with such confidence, big deals, promoting a Monkey Capital ICO with pre-invested millions and anticipation of much more. But in the weeks to follow, Monkey Capital and mostly Daniel produced only hype and lots of hot air using catchy phrases suckering buyers into a cultist like frenzy!

There was NO August 8 $MNY ICO, but a dumping of MNY coins into the market instead!

What the heck happened??

There are millions and billions of dollars of "easy money" being made in crypto space and it attracts some undesirable characters. I now believe that Daniel Harrison and his Monkey-team to be among them and their destiny is more likely to be one of a COiN artists who has taken millions from hundreds of people already, who knows how many more will fall for the dreams they sell, pumping stories that CONSTANTLY change with no transparency or success, and a history of connections that prove further that they are up to no good.

(MONKEY or $MNY started trading about a week before the August 8 ICO (which was cancelled) date.

1-BILLION MNY coins and they were sold into the market at desperate prices. The ONLY ones who had the MNY coins were its creator, DANIEL HARRISON and his monkey "team" who created $MNY from nothing! Like printing money!

So NO ICO, 600M and 200M MNY token transfers from Daniel's / Moneky Capital account wallet into another wallet, dumped on the market (they didnt want control of their MNY??) as you can see above, then the profits from the BTC's moved to another wallet. That wallet took the BTC's and transferred them out from what I can tell and info. provided.)

I have confronted Daniel publicly on social media (their site and his personal website offline for many days now w/ the countdown clock to ICO date going into negative territory -- 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable) and he will never address the real questions like:

-- Who dumped Monkey coins MNY - crashing its price in a selling frenzy? (no public or official updates from them since pre ICO mega pump up the volume on market then -- TOTAL SILENCE except to some private chat updates some other monkeys get to see)
--- and why does the public wallet data show that they moved from your account to another which sold the MNY and got BTCs, then moved those BTC's to another wallet which then moved them out of the Waves platform. know, some REAL questions after they went SILENT and suspiciously sites offline (or forwarded)

No updates just the only information coming from the MNY market activity which is pretty clear what that means.

But Mr. Daniel Harrison just turns nasty, DEFLECTS and no answer given. He goes on attacks on character, which is why I have reacted this intensely back towards him!

(He really wanted GoldSeek to work with him on building this revolution in crypto but once we discovered Daniel's lies come about, we withdrew support and started to ask real questions.

Daniel's first response was to suggest a $5,000 to $10,000 payment to market them on our websites. We refused and continued to be very public about what he was doing, why he was not buying $2 million of his own product that he said he would but selling it all onto others who were told by him to BUY!)

But why DANIEL HARRISON will not just answer the BASIC questions.. the MOST IMPORTANT ONE(s)!

-- Why did you / your team dump $MNY and cancel the ICO?

Because the truth is not to be TRANSPARENT!!

Well here is some transparency (if you spend more time you could extract a lot more useful MNY-> BTC data):

MNY goes out of this wallet:

600,000,000 MNY transferred on August 3 (August 8 was supposed to be MNY ICO date):

200,000,000 MNY moved to another wallet:

This wallet sells for $BTCs

moves them into another wallet -- here is 40 Bitcoins being moved as an example:

This account moves the BTC's out of Waves to where?? (no transparency so no idea)

If you look into his social media side, he has many people who support him. If you look at these accounts, they are new, no history and most likely Daniel or some of his COiN-ster buddies creating social media noise. It is very easy to find this out, but he banks on most people are too lazy to actually dig into deals, past the dreams.

Now this is where I get suspicious, after removing his EDITOR IN CHIEF title at Coin Speaker, he was not that and the Coin Speaker site said all he had as a log-in, he is now an "INDEPENDENT Contributor". He says he was a "self appointed editor in chief"

Why did he make up this title, who claims to be something that they are not? Trying to build CONfidence or just a lousy resume trying to find new people who would buy into your dreams? Certainly a red flag:

"Disclosure: Daniel M. Harrison is not Coinspeaker editor-in-chief. He has access to the site only as guest post author. Coinspeaker has never had common projects with Mr Harrison and never received any revenue from him." -- OUCH!

In the comments, Daniel JOKES about this and actually replies with no apology but instead a joke, that indeed he is NOT the EDITOR In Chief but he remarks:

   "In name only more recently, but that was a sort of self-appointed thing :)"

But he has been using it and other titles that appear on his LinkedIn account (along with other titles that misrepresent the truth of what he has been REALLY doing over the past years) to other deceitful lies about his successes? I believe he is OVER-representing himself to convince others.

I starting to follow the COE/MNY more as their aggressive hype that they are doing something new and big here, might be a great opportunity to invest in someone with big visions and touting his knowledge and history of deals and titles. But it took only a little time on google searching to find many yellow and some red flags!

Here are some public comments I made about Daniel, his replies -- he has now blocked me and still will not address the questions raised.

"So Monkey coins were dumped at 10's of millions, even 100M at a time on the market at the best bids. It was a fire sale of hundreds of millions. Big red flag. Daniel hires programmer associated to One Coin scam. Red flag. Hopefully horrible amateur mistake right. Daniel calls himself editor in chief at coinspeaker dot com but is only someone with a log-in to post, according to the site's owner. His linkedin still shows editor in chief. Just b/c you say it doesnt make it true Daniel. And that is where your integrity comes more into question. (on the article Daniel Harrison explains he is self appointed in name only by himself as editor in chief... what does that mean?). Today it says Independent Author. Okay. That is odd?

There is not a huge amount of history of yours or success we can find out there, specifically in building a "decentralized hedge fund". Your twitter has limited history too. Just a lot of quotes from some years ago. I found limited amount that gives me confidence, but I dont have time to or interest to prove something you need to!

Give us some facts, some real concrete evidence of deals, of progress and then we can start to build some real trust. Otherwise I think this is a joke. Prove otherwise Daniel. I wanted to believe for the few days I was sold some pipe dreams of yours -- excellent at marketing and hyping people up, but it didn't take long to lose my faith as things transpired with MNY. Right now, at best, this is amateur hour.


Then on his twitter account, which has no real history except years of (auto?) posted quotes with very few interactions despite a MASSIVE 38.4K following (oh shoot, did I mention that almost all of those are FAKE twitter accounts)

I replied back to another marketing promotional lie Daniel Harrison posted to lure more people into his scheme:

He will likely delete this tweet but I took a screenshot

You can go to the waves wallet tracker and see how they moved MNY around, dumped it on the market, pre-ico, moves the BTC's around then transfer them out of the platform. So the August 8 ICO never happened, instead they list the MNY coin early, dump hundreds of millions of coins of the 1B coins, AT THE BEST BID, raise no $$ from funds or whatever lies he was selling in the weeks before, and now the BTC's are in an account controlled or owned by Daniel Harrison and / or his monkey teammates!

The question now is, will these coin pump and dumps end or will Daniel change his ways and start being honest with what is happening, transparent and take these newly found millions for something good?

No. Daniel is now doing a new marketing SCHEME. he instead going bananas andis ready to GIVE AWAY MONEY to You!! Yes.. FREE BTC's!!

ONLY CAVEAT. You, the sucker COE holder, need to keep your COE until September 9th and you might get 0.01 btc or .015btcs. Amazing deal except how the heck do you pay out a few million when you NEVER raised the tens of millions for your bs "decentralized hedge fund"?! (** UPDATE: FREE BTC PROMO DEAL IS CANCELLED **)

Meanwhile, NEW Daniel Harrison coins and new promotions are underway! Always something new to distract and get excited about:

Now let's get back to Daniel's associations, but first there is this piece about his "background"

-- Meet Daniel Harrison, the man behind magic money machine Monkey Capital…

If you go to 2015, you can find Daniel interviewing the ONE COIN (scam: .. Marcelo Garcia Casil. He was also part of the monkey team until people noticed and then he "disappeared"

Harrison, who can talk for hours without saying anything useful -- "While intelligent people can often simplify the complex, a fool is more likely to complicate the simple" -- but still throwing out key market terms and things that make him seem so intelligent that you must give him your money, continues to convince people that despite being deceitful, he will make them millionaires. Space x supply contracts. Decentralized hedge fund, synthetic ....

Daniel is not stupid though. He is actually quite intelligent using his skills towards getting people to listen for a long time to his thoughts, ideas and all this excitement and key terms and HYPE!

So I have believe Daniel to be deceitful and intentionally lying about ICO deals, plans and have to believe that this could really turn out to be a coin scam.

But do not discount this likely from being the end of the pumping!

He will do more coins or more promotions on COEVAL and now his new ZUR coins and there was another hybrid synthetic.. and more people are likely to follow his hype around stuck in the fantasies he sells to them. The make millions dream!

His character is at best very poor considering how many people were on the receiving end of the coin dump, from what I have experienced in the past weeks and it is a shame I had to encounter the monkey crew, the crypto space having to be distracted from people looking to enrich themselves while not actually doing anything useful.

I really hope Daniel will get a moral conscious and start to behave in a respectable way, but for now, his history and associations are filled with yellow & red flags.

If you want to keep up-to-date, there is a good twitter account helping to counteract Harrison's hot air:

Also an update from Blockchain WTF:

THE MORAL OF THE STORY and one that I have learned since investing since a young teenager in the early 1990's until today, INVEST IN PEOPLE!!!

     **** IT COMES DOWN TO THE PEOPLE ****  !!!  

My advice is to STAY AWAY or you have a very high chance to never see your Monkey-money again!

**** UPDATE ****

I have edited this article a bit to make this less personal and focus on the MONKEY MONEY. I have not followed the ZUR coin pump and dump but others have provided this:

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 -- Published: Saturday, 12 August 2017 | E-Mail  | Print  | Source:

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