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GoldSeek Radio: Charles Nenner and John Scurci, and Chris Waltzek

By: Chris Waltzek, Radio

 -- Published: Sunday, 4 February 2018 | Print  | Disqus 

Featured Guests

Charles Nenner & John Scurci

Show Highlights

  • John Scurci, head of Corona Associates Capital Management, outlines his view on the financial markets in 2018.
  • The US Greenback struggled throughout 2017; investors should expect the theme to persist in the new year with profound implications for investors.
  • US equities are priced for a perfect world scenario, which may lead to considerable disappointment in 2018, as shares follow the inevitable pull of gravity, returning to the mean as inflation returns as a key financial narrative.
  • While strong economic output tends to propel share prices higher, the inordinately high debt accumulated over the past decade threatens to send general prices sky high.
  • Debt based economies ultimately benefit those at the top, while the remaining 99% succumb to the ravages of unrelenting price inflation, in the general cost of living.
  • Inflation is anathema to equities markets. The new Fed chief has hinted at a more dovish stance, which suggests further dollar weakness, which could boost US product sales.
  • The guest anticipates a renaissance in manufacturing, which revitalizes the much maligned US industrial base, as domestic firms regain their global competitive edge.
  • John Scurci notes the 1981-2016 era of disinflation is giving way to one of inflation, lost purchasing power amid permanently low rates / elevated debt levels.
  • Consequently, the guest / host concur that physical bullion and black gold represent the ideal "new home" for trillions of dollars / yen / yuan / euros.
  • As the US dollar wane gains momentum, additional beneficiaries could include emerging market equities and agriculture.
  • Former Goldman Sachs, senior technical analyst, Charles Nenner of Charles Nenner Research Center, rejoins the show.
  • As long as the Dow Jones Industrials Average maintains support above 23,000, the remarkable multi year share rally should continue.
  • Their proprietary software yields precise price entries / exits for gold.
  • 2018 could be a spectacular year for the PMs sector - their models suggest a gold price of $2,500, nearly twice the current price.
  • Adding support for the PMs / commodities, the Euro could remain strong relative to the Greenback.
  • Health Tip: Dr. Rhonda Patrick encourages patients to restrict eating to 10 hour intervals, followed by 14 hours of only water consumption.
  • The host implemented the advice with startlingly positive health benefits (figure 1.1.).

Guest Bios

John Scurci

Corona Capital Management

A graduate of both Yale and the University of Chicago, John worked for Morgan Stanley and Lazard Freres in New York City before leaving Wall Street to pursue Value Investing with his own company. John is the co-founder of Corona Capital hedge fund.

A native of Toronto, Canada, John enjoys reading, swimming, sailing, and traveling. He is happy to be able to live in the Caribbean.

Charles Nenner

Charles Nenner Research Center
For 3 decades the Charles Nenner Research Center has been using cycles to accurately predict the biggest moves in markets worldwide. As part of our research package, clients receive charts every Sunday, similar to the one displayed here. We created this interactive chart tutorial to help explain the 6 key elements of our charts. Mouse over each number for a description.
A short note about the research. Our cycles are found by looking for, and analyzing, a series of equidistant top to tops. These cycles can be found in any particular data series. We regularly cover stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities and economic indicators. Cycles provide direction and timing. However, the research also includes price targets and levels, which is done using complex, momentum based algorithms. To sample our reports, click on the contact us button on the top of the page.
To visit my website: click here.



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 -- Published: Sunday, 4 February 2018 | E-Mail  | Print  | Source:

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