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GoldSeek Radio: Professor Buron Malkiel, Bill Murphy, Chris Waltzek Ph.D. & Robert Ian

By: Chris Waltzek, Radio

 -- Published: Monday, 4 March 2019 | Print  | Disqus 


Mar. 1st, 2019
Featured Guests

Prof. Burton Malkiel

& Bill Murphy

  • Former NFL player Bill Murphy of returns with commentary on the stunning advance in palladium.
  • The former industrial metal has an inversion of the typical market dynamics, eclipsing the precious metals king.
  • The host proposes a chief factor sending Palladium higher while gold and platinum remain relatively subdued.
  • Unlike the former high fliers, palladium was not hoarded as a store of value, but instead consumed like silver by industries.
  • The silver market could undergo an epic run to the three digit level in surprisingly fast order.
  • For the first time in perhaps decades, central banks are now accumulating silver.
  • President Putin directed the Moscow bank to fill the coffers with 72 pound silver bars.
  • The new trend suggests the already inelastic market could soon stretch even more tightly for exceptional expected-returns.
  • Dr. Burton Malkiel, returns to the show to discuss the 12th edition of A Random Walk Down Wall Street.
  • For decades his magnum opus has guided millions of investors on the path to financial success through diversified index funds.
  • While a small cadre of investors occasionally outperform the market return substantially it is rarely consistent.
  • 90% of actively managed funds fail to meet the returns of basic index funds.
  • Economics Nobel Laureate, Professor Paul Samuelson likened trading vs. investing as giving a potent potable to the addict.
  • Our guest outlines research on financial market bubbles, such as the bubble, the Crash of 1929 and the Tulip Mania.
  • Dr. Malkiel outlines key findings on ETF expense ratios, offering guidance on the best ETFs for optimal expected-returns.
  • Dr. Malkiel prefers mutual fund investments over ETFs to avoid the hidden costs associated with the spread.
  • The difference between the bid / ask, an expense levied on the ETF purchaser.
  • Favorite ETF alternatives include Vanguard and Fidelity index funds.
  • Dollar-cost-averaging (DCA) on a regular basis, i.e., adding funds to a portfolio of index funds is highly advisable.
  • For example, the recent 20% decline in US equities offered significant discounts to investors who deployed the DCA investing methodology, essentially providing indirect market-timing success without forecasting or predictive modeling.

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 -- Published: Monday, 4 March 2019 | E-Mail  | Print  | Source:

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