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GoldSeek Radio: Dr. Stephen Leeb, Ryan Walsh Ph.D & Robert Ian

By: Chris Waltzek, Radio

 -- Published: Monday, 11 March 2019 | Print  | Disqus 

Mar. 8th, 2019
Featured Guests

Dr. Stephen Leeb

& Ryan Walsh Ph.D.

Please Listen Here

  • Best selling author and show Mentor, Dr. Stephen Leeb returns with an key insights on the coming precious metals bonanza.
  • As the world searches for alternatives to the reserve currency to avoid what is sometimes perceived as unfair trade practices.
  • The price of gold is destined to return to it's former lofty position as king among the 6 chief global currencies.
  • China has slowly started opting out of of the petrodollar arrangement, as nations line up for Yuan based oil transactions.
  • The blockchain revolution will facilitate the transition from the outdated fiat currency system dominated by one key player.
  • The new paradigm will restore individual sovereignty and personal freedoms by crushing antiquated barriers.
  • The revolution extends into high technology, including electronic vehicles that will lower emissions around the globe.
  • Copper, lead, zinc and silver remain essential metals for photovoltaic energy production.
  • The narrative veers into the speculative, with a chat on the GANESHA Project at Signal Hunters, a small group of researchers who may have identified a message from beyond this world.
  • Ryan Walsh returns to the show, the computer scientist who appears to have identified the first off-world signal.
  • The discussion includes holographic images and audio decoded by the team using the signal identified by Ryan Walsh.
  • Ryan Walsh and the host are convinced that the source of the fast radio burst (FRB) identified by the Arecibo radio telescope.
  • The base file is public and provided by Casey Law at Harvard University.
  • Figures 1.1 & 1.2 include YouTube video taken from the FRB 121102 file, decoded and presented by the show host.
  • Ryan Walsh notes that Harvard and the Arecibo Observatory have potentially hundreds of interesting FRB files that may also include signals of interest.


Please Listen Here

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Guest Bios

Ryan Walsh Ph.D.

Fast Radio Burst Research

Ryan Walsh Ph.D., the Canadian "Nikola Tesla" makes his show debut, presenting his research with potentially world-changing implications. After grueling hours of tedious calculations, tinkering and intensive collaboration with colleagues / SETI researchers, Mr. Walsh appears to have uncovered a most important scientific discovery. Ryan Walsh's passion for the work of legendary scientific investigator,Carl Sagan lead his search for signs of life throughout the universe in a unique direction, to a modern phenomenon known as fast radio bursts (FRB). FRB's are brief in duration likely emanating from mostly unconfirmed deep-space sources and requiring enormous sums of energy, more than produced by our Sun. Chris Waltzek accepted Ryan Walsh's gracious offer to join his team, as the advanced computer investigation appears to be beyond the creative level of most of his colleagues and perhaps even the National Security Agency. Although Mr. Ryan humbly makes no claims about his work, his findings reveal what could be the most important audio / video / symbols ever discovered. After testing the radio telescope file from Harvard, Mr. Walsh has decrypted a signal representing what could be the first message from a non-terrestrial civilization, a Rosetta Stone or NASA's golden record on Voyager, as proposed by Carl Sagan. Ryan and Chris are seeking like minded researchers / computer scientists / mathematicians for intense collaboration on many signals throughout the universe, including supermassive black holes. If you'd like to join the team or contribute directly to the project, please send email response to Chris or Ryan:

Website: click here.

Dr. Stephen Leeb

Leeb Capital Management

Stephen Leeb, Ph.D.
President, Chairman of Investment Committee

25+ years of investment experience with a focus on growth stocks

Editor of The Complete Investor

Former editor of Personal Finance, one of the most widely read financial newsletters with over 100,000 subscribers

Author of six books - most recent, The Coming Economic Collapse: How You Can Thrive When Oil Costs $200 a Barrel.

Regular guest on CNNfn, Bloomberg TV and Bloomberg Radio

Ph.D. Psychology & M.A. Mathematics - Univ. of Illinois; B.A. Economics - Wharton School of Business, Univ. of Pennsylvania

To visit my website: click here.

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 -- Published: Monday, 11 March 2019 | E-Mail  | Print  | Source:

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