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GoldSeek Weekly Radio: CEO Kenneth Lewis, Bob Hoye & Robert Ian

By: Chris Waltzek, Radio

 -- Published: Sunday, 17 March 2019 | Print  | Disqus 

Mar. 15th, 2019
Featured Guests

CEO Ken Lewis &

Bob Hoye

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  • ONEGOLD Inc. holds physical gold and silver metals at the Royal Canadian Mint through our friends at APMEX and Sprott.
  • CEO of APMEX and founder of ONEGOLD Inc., Kenneth Lewis returns to the show with the latest developments on the ONEGOLD digital platform.
  • APMEX clears $1 billion annually in PMs transactions, which facilitated the transition into the blockchain based gold market.
  • Investors from 80 countries signed up for ONEGOLD and 29 countries are represented.
  • ONEGOLD already boasts $2 million under management in merely 3 months.
  • ONEGOLD facilitates virtually any order with the mean order size over $1,500.
  • APMEX's traditional PM's investors appreciate the option to link bank accounts to the ONEGOLD, digital gold system.
  • The option facilitates dollar-cost-averaging, the hallmark of long-term investment success.
  • Key Point: unlike competitors, ONEGOLD Inc. makes redemption of blockchain based PMs as simple and hands free as possible.
  • Simply convert to physical metals at any time and without any tedious sales intermediation.
  • Key Point: with over $100 million of PMs inventory in secure vaults, ONEGOLD typically ships orders the same-day when placed before 3 pm CST, setting the industry standard.
  • The first online marketplace to offer secure and convenient buying, selling and redemption of digital PMs.
  • ONEGOLD uses VaultChain, a secure, immutable blockchain ledger from Tradewind Markets, the leading innovator in digital precious metals tech.
  • ONEGOLD digital gold and silver are 100% redeemable for delivery of physical bullion to customers’ doors.
  • VaultChain gold and silver are available for purchases of any size and competitive prices with low transaction and storage costs.
  • is secure and accessible 24/7 on any device, offering convenient purchases and sales of precious metals.
  • Easy to setup recurring transactions makes passive saving and dollar cost averaging the gold price, as easy as a mouse click.
  • As a special offer and for a limited time only, ONEGOLD is offering gold and silver at spot price, with no additional premiums.
  • VaultChain sets the industry standard as a fully backed physical asset, with easy redemption in coins, rounds or bars offering clients peace of mind.
  • Tiered pricing insures optimal purchases for each transaction.
  • ONEGOLD leverages the advantages of the gold and crypto, a unique synthesis of two diverse asset classes.
  • Account funding couldn't be simpler through check, ACH, bank wire, PayPal and even Bitcoin
  • Investing is available before funds settle with as little as $1 up to $125,000.
  • Bob Hoye, Editor & Chief Investment Strategist of Charts and rejoins the show key insights.
  • Financial history may not repeat but it certainly harmonizes, as seen in a review of modern monetary operations.
  • John Law's Mississippi Scheme involved epic monetary expansion, where approximately 7 printing presses.
  • The mania remains the textbook schematics of today's global financial bubble.
  • Another comparable example, the Railroad Stock Financial Panic of 1873 echoes today in over-leveraged products.
  • Dovish monetary policy over stimulated economic conditions, culminating in the now infamous 1929 market peak / crash.
  • Bob Hoye and Ross Clark continue to monitor global economic conditions for signs of slowed growth.
  • Iif the current trend persists, lower market lows could lead to a Great Recession 2.0.
  • On the contrary, if the US / China trade war resolves amicably, US shares could surprise many pundits in 2019.
  • The PMs could ride the coattails of risk-on and inflation themes.
  • PMs investors are encouraged to recall that the price of gold in real terms tends to outperform asset classes.
  • Bob Hoye and the host are watching for reentry points in gold and silver shares given the big push of key CB's to hoard the metals, as the next big leg higher sends gold and silver well above their 2011 highs.

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    Guest Bios

    Bob Hoye

    Institutional Investors

    With a degree in geophysics and a number of fascinating summers in mining exploration, one winter in "the bush" quickly led Bob into the financial markets. This included experience on the trading desk and in the research department of a large investment dealer, which led to institutional stock and bond sales.

    Bob's review of financial history provided the forecasting models designed to anticipate significant trend reversals in the sometimes alarming volatility typical of the transition from rampant speculation in tangible assets to fabulous speculation in financial assets.

    In anticipation of the latter opportunity, a monthly publication for financial institutions was started in January 1982.

    This competently covered the stock market, the yield curve, credit spreads as well as metal and energy prices.

    In 1998 the Institutional Advisors website was started as a forum for unique and reliable financial research.

    Website: click here.

    CEO Kenneth Lewis


    CEO Kenneth Lewis is a strategic, results oriented professional with more than 20 years of leadership experience across a broad range of retail and technology organizations, many of which are in the Fortune 500. He has a proven track record in driving strategic and operational change that results in growing both the top and bottom lines of an organization. Ken recognizes the importance of taking care of customers while showing a deep commitment to the development of employees.

    Detailed experience with managing highly talented teams; setting the overall strategic direction for an organization; managing complex, multi-site distribution networks; implementing cross functional, multi-million dollar initiatives; significant P&L responsibilities both in revenue ($1B+) and cost ($350M+); strong technical knowledge in how systems enable the business.

    Website: click here.

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