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Vote 2012

By: Larry LaBorde

-- Posted Sunday, 19 August 2012 | | Disqus

This is an important year to vote.  Of course there are many who have strong feelings about voting.  Many say it is your right and “duty” to vote in elections.  Doug Casey has said many times, “Don’t vote, it just encourages the bastards.”  I have even heard that by voting you legitimize the politicians and that by reversal, withholding your vote delegitimizes the politicians. 


Of course anyone who steps back and looks at the big picture will see that it really doesn’t matter much exactly who is at the helm of the Titanic when it sinks.  The national debt is much larger than most people can fathom.  When all the promises of the next 75 years are calculated back to their present worth and added to the pile of debt that has already been borrowed the total comes to over $200 Trillion dollars.  We are worried about borrowing well over $1 Trillion dollars this year to balance the budget but the real problem lies out into the future.  We have promised way more than we can ever hope to deliver.  Even if we cut this estimate in half to $100 Trillion dollars it is more than we could ever hope to pay. 


Some say that we can inflate our way out of this mess.  Others say we can grow our way out and still others say the problem lies in our very distant future.  Inflation has a nasty way of getting out of hand once people get a good whiff of it.  Our fiat currency is based on faith and once faith is doubted and then lost; a stampede out of the currency can begin that is hard to stop.  Growth in the developed world seems to have stalled.  I will not go into the causes of this but the numbers do not inspire much faith that the “grow our way out” solution will offer much hope.  The medicare and social security (especially the rampant disability payments) promises will rear their ugly heads much sooner than most people think.  I believe we will face some hard choices in as little as the next 4 years so the “distant future” aspect of the problem is closer than most people think.


Of course conventional wisdom says, “when you find yourself in a hole, quit digging”.  Not only have we failed to address our debt problems and outrageous promises that we can never honor, we have failed to “quit digging”.  As a matter of fact we are digging our debt hole faster and deeper than ever before in history.  We have absolutely no hope of addressing the future debt problem unless we quit adding to it today.  Neither of the two presidential hopefuls is offering any hope at all of meaningful reduction in government.  It seems that one is for bigger government and that the other is for much bigger government.  No solutions here other than for disaster and even faster disaster. 


Congressman Ron Paul has passed his Audit the Fed bill in the House but it appears that it will never come up for a vote in the Senate.  Of course a real audit of the Fed would have to not only count the gold but also to determine exactly who holds custody of said gold.  The Federal Reserve has been rumored to have entered into “swaps” that have exchanged custody of gold in their vaults with gold in the vaults of other central banks.  That gold is then rumored to have been sold into the market for nefarious reasons by the Fed. 


Perhaps the real problem is the Federal Reserve that makes outrageous federal spending possible.  The ZIRP (zero interest rate policy) of the Fed has made it possible to pile on even more debt than anyone would have imagined only a few years ago.  It is too late for a Paul Volker Fed head to raise interest rates and attempt to get things back under control as the Federal Government could never afford to pay higher rates at the current debt levels. 


Maybe we are focusing on the wrong vote.  Maybe Congressman Paul’s “audit the Fed” bill is not really as important as you may think.  Perhaps we should not “Audit the Fed” so much as we should really “Ignore the Fed” or even better yet, perhaps we should “Laugh at the Fed”.  After all the one thing the Federal Reserve relies on more than anything else is to be seen as a strong central bank with brilliant men at the controls pulling the correct levers and adjusting the dials.  What if the inmates are running the asylum at the Fed?  What if they have painted themselves in the corner?  What if their economic models are flawed?  What if there is no way out but for them to speak brave phrases and to slowly devalue their Federal Reserve Notes (just as they have done for almost the last 100 years).   What if there is no way out and they know it and their only option is to try to slow down the inevitable crash of the dollar and slowly bleed the accumulated wealth of this country a little bit at a time until there is hardly anything left?  Common sense says that this will end badly.  The only question is when.


The Fed will probably juice the market with QE or easing of some sort before the election.  The stock market is practically begging for more liquidity.  Bad news is seen as good news since Wall Street sees bad economic news as proof that the Fed must ease (which will be good news for the stock market-at least in the short term).   Well over half the stock market volume is now computer trading by sophisticated electronic traders who move in and out of markets in seconds.  The stock market has gone sideways for the last 12 years with most investors stuck in neutral.  The only people making serious money in this stock market are the professional traders.  The stock market is becoming a rigged game and the “muppets” are abandoning ship, as they are tired of being taken advantage of by Wall Street.  Soon stockbrokers will be talked about in the same vein as used car salesman.  


Many retirement accounts and IRAs will allow for investment in items other than stocks and bonds.  Just don’t count on your stockbroker to tell you about them.  Talk to a good accountant that specializes in retirement accounts and get the real facts.   


Vote “no confidence” this year.  Ignore the Federal Reserve.  Better yet, laugh at them and their Federal Reserve Notes.  Opt out of their system and don’t keep any more of their notes than you need for a few months expenses.  Trade them now while you can for things of real value.  Buy farmland, buy collectables, buy depressed real estate or buy a year’s worth of non-perishable consumables (they will cost 8% more next year).  Become a venture capitalist and invest in small start-ups that you can influence and guide.  Invest in your neighbor’s small business and finance a new piece of equipment for him.  There are many options other than Wall Street.  Don’t trust your savings to Federal Reserve Notes, trust 3,000 years of history and buy precious metals.  Vote where it counts.  Take action today and vote to preserve your wealth.  Remember that it is better to be a year too early than a minute too late.


Larry LaBorde,


Larry sells precious metals at the Silver Trading Company, LLC.  Visit us at .   Worried about storage issues?  Ask us and maybe we can help.

-- Posted Sunday, 19 August 2012 | Digg This Article | Source:

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