>> 18 March 2005

The Death of the Dollar
By: Jason Hommel

Germany's hyperinflation in the 1930's took about a year and a half. Recently, Argentina's took place nearly overnight. Who knows which way the dollar will die, whether a quick death, or a more slow and painful one? >> 6 September 2004

Silver Stocks -- Comparative Valuations Weekly Report #49
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money

--Updates on 8 silver stocks.
--A few comments on a few articles on silver.
--The Sons of Gwalia went bankrupt--the biggest gold news of the last 30 years!
--Jim Sinclair, what is he thinking?
--I'm offering silver in every transaction, as a testimony!
--PAAS, should have bought silver long ago...
--My comments on SSRI this week.
--A hot new silver stock compares favorably: Capstone Gold! >> 23 August 2004

Silver Stocks -- Comparative Valuations Weekly Report #47
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money

--Updates on 8 silver stocks.
--Money creation is at 8.6% for first 6 months of 2004!
--How will the world return to using gold and silver coin as money?
--Regulation of derivatives runs counter to the 4th Amendment.
--But public companies should disclose the nature of their contracts!
--Are the rich getting richer, and is that good or bad?
--I know a hot new silver stock to buy, do you?!
--Register for my upcoming conference call on Aug 27th >> 15 August 2004

Silver Stocks--Comparative Valuations Weekly Report #46
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money

--Updates on 6 silver stocks.
--9 guidelines on how to trade the silver stocks.
--8 silver stocks that are on a severe price dip.
--How European investors might avoid the 17% VAT on silver!
--Updated contact emails for many of the company profiles.
--How to study the sentiment of the gold and silver markets!
--Register for my upcoming conference call on Aug 27th >> 8 August 2004

Silver Stocks - Comparative Valuations, Weekly Report #45
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money

--Many junior silver stocks with large resources were up this week.
--You may have heard me on the radio, with Victor Adair in Canada
--You can hear me in an upcoming teleconference call later this month.
--Thou shalt not fear silver confiscation!
--How do they deceive people with multi-millions of dollars?
--Silver cannot be patented or copyrighted. Understand your investment!
--Please copy and share my articles...
--Start with buying silver bullion first!
--David Morgan... you ought to know who he is if you are a silver investor.
--And more! >> 6 August 2004

Silver vs. Gold
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money

Why is gold useful, and why is it particularly useful as money? Gold is valuable & portable because it’s rare & not easily counterfeited. Gold is fungible & exchangeable because every bit of .999 fine gold is similar enough to be like another. Gold does not rust as it’s imperishable. These properties make gold a good store of value, a medium of exchange, and a unit of account. Therefore, gold is easily tradable with a narrow spread, meaning it has a small price between the bid and ask—the prices to buy and sell. Gold is therefore the ultimate liquid asset, a luxury, and is why gold is money. >> 25 July 2004

Silver Stocks -- Comparative Valuations Weekly Report #43
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money

--updates on 13 silver stocks
--my commentary on the nature of gold; it resists copyright
--why housing is so expensive compared to cheap silver
--why manipulators must lose control of the silver price >> 15 July 2004

25 Reasons Why the Sound Money Bill Must Be Supported
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money

The state of Nevada considered minting and issuing silver coins in 2003. They were thinking about minting one-ounce silver coins with a legal tender face value of $20.

But that creates a problem. That would not be sound silver money, but rather, fraudulent silver money. It is unjust to print $20 bills on $5-6 worth of silver! See: NEVADA SILVER COIN BILL: SOUND SENTIMENT BUT BAD JUDGEMENT by Franklin Sanders.

Today, the state of New Hampshire has a sound money bill that is going to do it right. It will allow the State to use gold and silver coins minted by the U.S., in transactions with the public, at the current market value of the coins. >> 11 July 2004

Silver Stocks -- Comparative Valuations Weekly Report #42
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money

--More user-friendly report. Click the company name in the summary, and you will be taken right to the company profile.
--I clarify my methodology.
--25 Reasons why the Sound Money Bill Must Be Supported
--The Politics of our Fraudulent Monetary System: Are you Voting for it?
--The Russian run on the banks!
--What silver stocks are over 50% off their highs? I list them for you!
--Copper in shortage. It's communism! >> 6 July 2004

Silver Stocks - Comparative Valuations Weekly Report #41
By: Jason Hommel,

--Fifteen company profiles are updated this week.
--Hear me on the radio on the Korelin Report!
--The penny will soon cost more than a penny to make!
--Overvalued Housing, Bonds & Stocks
--Doug Casey tells the silver story very well.
--I sold some silver, but only because I use it as money. >> 5 July 2004

Overvalued Housing, Bonds, and Stocks
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money

Housing, bonds, and stocks, in general, are very overvalued.

Home ownership levels are at all time highs, and the public, always buys at the top, when values are at the highest. Mass buying by the public creates a top. Home prices are boosted by the availability of cheap money due to low interest rates, and easy-to-qualify Federal loans from Freddie Mac and Fannie May. The easy money from the cheap loans creates extra buying pressure. Whenever there is extra buying pressure, prices will rise higher. Whenever most buyers are using borrowed money to buy things, it creates overvalued prices. >> 27 June 2004

Silver Stocks -- Comparative Valuations Weekly Report #40
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money

In general, the silver stocks seemed quiet this week. It seems as if we are in the calm before the storm of rising prices. I say this because I feel investor interest is low, and I have two reasons to back this up. First, emails to me are less than usual, and the signups are down. Second, open interest is down.

And yet, we have rising prices, at $6.10, and many of the silver stocks slightly outperformed silver in the last week.

About six months ago, I calculated the total market cap of the silver stocks on this list at about $7 billion. Today, 6 months later, it's about 8 billion. >> 21 June 2004

Silver Stocks -- Comparative Valuations Weekly Report #39
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money

So, here are the two most bullish factors affecting silver.

1. The world has nearly run out of silver.

2. The nations of the world have printed up nearly unlimited amounts of unbacked paper money.

Put together, these two factors have never occurred before in the history of mankind. >> 20 June 2004

I'm Insanely Bullish on Silver
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money

Given that the world is almost out of above ground refined silver, a permanant major price rise could happen at any time. The two silver surveys estimate there is about 200 million ounces to 600 million ounces of silver in known verifiable locations. At the COMEX, as of close of business: 06/18/2004, there are 45.8 mil oz. registered for delivery, and 71.9 million oz. Eligible. However, the silver in either category may be held by long term investors, who may be reading this very commentary, and who may not sell until much higher prices. Silver is coming to market, uneconomically, through three main sources: 1. As a byproduct of other mining, and 2. as people inherit silver and then sell it for the quick cash, and 3. as governments and bullion banks dump it. These supplies are meeting current demand. Literally, however, at $6/oz., a billion dollars cannot buy silver anymore. By the time a billionaire tried to buy silver bullion with a billion dollars, the price may be pushed up to about $40/oz. At $6/oz, a billion dollars is 167 million ounces. There is just not that much silver for sale at $6/oz. in the world today. If a billionaire was willing to pay any price to obtain "a billion dollars of silver", and if he found out that he could only obtain 25 million ounces, he might bid the price up to $40/oz.! Therefore, a major price rise can happen at any time one very wealthy person decides to buy. >> 13 June 2004

Silver Stocks--Comparative Valuations Weekly Report #38
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money

--I'll be speaking several times at the Vancouver gold show, see

--The world remembers Ronald Reagan.

--I have a recommendation on a good safe company.

--Updated profiles on 7 silver companies. >> 7 June 2004

Silver Stocks -- Comparative Valuations Weekly Report #37
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money

--My many reports and observations from the NY Gold show.
--How much silver is left in the world?
--I list four silver companies that are now are stockpiling silver bullion!
--A major newsletter writer, Bill Bonner, is growing bullish on silver!
--I address and refute accusations that I'm a "pump and dumper".
--And more silver news. >> 31 May 2004

Silver Stocks--Comparative Valuations, Weekly Report #36
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money

This last week showed mixed results for silver stock investors over silver bullion. In relation to silver bullion, 13 silver stocks were up, of the 31 stocks on my first list.

According to several indicators, retail investor sentiment for silver remains subdued since the decline from $8.40/oz.

For example, open interest continues to decline. This means there are fewer silver futures contracts. Fewer people are interested in becoming "paper longs". And the silver price is rising off the recent bottom of $5.50/oz. Thus, dealers are covering their shorts at these "lower" prices. True, prices are lower than they just were at over $8/oz., but I suspect that a lot of these contracts are being covered at a loss from the high $4 to low $5 range.

I would like to believe that a lot of silver investors have realized the immorality and futility of gambling in silver futures contracts, and have decided to become real strong longs who would buy physical silver instead. But, more likely, they have simply given up on silver for now; as they are more likely confused, running scared, or simply disgusted at their own losses. >> 23 May 2004

Silver Stocks - Comparative Valuations, Weekly Report # 35
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money

--Most silver stocks were up significantly this week!
--Two key industry silver reports: both very bullish for silver, both neglect the potential monetary demand for silver, both have poor market reach beyond the silver investing world.
--How will silver be valued after massive hyperinflation?
--Silver shortage in Poland!
--The next letter writing campaign begins: To the editor! >> 16 May 2004

Silver Stocks -- Comparative Valuations, Weekly Report #34
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money

--The CFTC responds to 500 complains about silver market manipulation.

--I rip apart the CFTC lies.

--How I first became interested in gold, at age 9.

--Gresham's law will eventually reverse, as good money will drive out the bad.

--Why oil is cheap, and why Barbara Boxer's concerns and remedies for
the high price of gas are misguided.

--I show you a great way to make big money by promoting silver.

--The solution is gold and silver as money. So, support the New Hampshire bill!

--I Refute the article, "Silver? No Thanks, We Got Lots" by Mark Taylor

--And finally, this week's report covers over 114 silver stocks. >> 9 May 2004

Silver Stocks -- Comparative Valuations, Weekly Report # 33
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money

--Rising interest rates are great for gold and silver
--Rising interest rates will cause companies to go bankrupt, and
bondholders to sell.
--The size of the bond market is huge compared to the silver market.
--Real Estate is also overvalued due to low interest rates.
--High PM prices are good for an economy, high housing costs are bad.
--Support the New Hampshire bill to allow the use of silver and gold as
money. >> 5 May 2004

The Silver Bull Is Back!
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money

I believe this was a significant turning point for the silver market, and as such, I felt I had to send out this notice.

I hope my readers did not miss today's great move. I hope that a very few of my readers were shaken out and discouraged by the recent manipulation of the silver price down to $6.

Did you realize that the bullion banks are now covering their shorts, reducing their short positions, and are now increasing their long positions in silver at $6/oz., as can be seen in the COT reports? >> 2 May 2004

Silver Stocks -- Comparative Valuations Weekly Report #32
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money

Highlights of the report at the link above:

--Several important bombshells for the bullion market:
--"Black Gold" of the Phillipines!
--The Rothschilds announcement to leave the fix!
--What I learned at the Calgary Resource conference! >> 20 April 2004

Silver Stocks - Comparative Valuations, Weekly Report # 31
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money

This past week, silver has been volatile in price, yet, I am now more bullish on silver than ever.

One of the reasons it is so important to avoid futures contracts is to be able to survive the wild changes in price. If you own physical silver, paid in full, you really do not need to care about the major price swings, because they cannot hurt you. You have not lost a single ounce of silver in your possession. If you own a futures contract, you get a margin call when prices go down, and you may end up having to pay more than you can afford, and thus, losing your entire investment.

Volatility helps the shorts, in more ways than the obvious, which is that they MAY get a chance to cover when the prices go down. Volatility also serves the manipulators with another big purpose: to confuse and scare people away from investing in silver. People do not understand why big price swings will occur, and thus, they will be more likely to say to themselves, "I do not understand silver, and thus, I will not invest in what I do not understand."

The other way volatility scares people away from silver, is that it makes silver seem "unreliable", or "untrustworthy". After all, how can you plan on what your silver should be worth if the price is rapidly moving all over the place?

But the real truth is that silver is reliable and trustworthy, as is gold. It is paper money that is untrustworthy. >> 11 April 2004

Silver Stocks -- Comparative Valuations; Weekly Report #30
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money

Key phrase: "When silver breaks free of the COMEX it will be of such value that it's "spending power" will be greater than it was under the gold standard for the simple reason that there is a lot less of it."

My comments: Well, what did an ounce of silver buy during the age of the gold standard? I remember reading an article where a man's suit was sold for $1.50 in a Sear's catalog in the early 1900's. That coinage contained about an ounce of silver. Today, I suppose the equivalent would be a suit from the Men's Wearhouse that would run about $300. Yes, an ounce of silver will soon buy perhaps about 2-3 men's suits, and be worth about $600 to $900 in today's money, because silver is so very, very, very scarce these days compared to the olden days. We used all the silver up, and melted most of the coinage down to take pictures, and build electronics over the years. It's just about all gone! And now we are using the equivalent of rocks, or beans for money, that somehow, is "worth a lot". One day, the people will wake up, and realize the fraud of paper, and when they turn to silver, the price will just explode. And when the dust settles, the real buying power value of silver... and who cares how many dollars that will be then... will be just tremendous compared to what an ounce of silver is worth today. >> 4 April 2004

Silver Stocks - Comparative Valuations Weekly Report #29
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money

Why is the silver price is roaring? Up past $8.50 on Friday??? I did a survey last week of my readers. What did 49 well-educated silver investors say?

Don't miss the results of my last week's survey, as reported this week! People are buying silver bullion in droves, and plan to buy more!

At least, none of my readers who answered my survey is planning on selling silver bullion anytime soon.

This week's report is a MUST READ!!! >> 28 March 2004

Silver Stocks - Comparative Valuations Weekly Report #28
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money

I believe the low price of silver today is partly due to a multi-generation societal failure of the older generation to educate the younger about silver. Of course, part of the problem also could be the younger generation's refusal to listen, and/or refusal to educate themselves. And, also part of the problem may be due to lack of marketing to people about silver.

Here's a neglected factor in the silver market analysis: Very old people have silver, generally in higher proportion than their heirs, the middle aged. When the very old die, this silver comes to market. It is generally not cherished by the younger generation, it is instantly sold for the "free money". This silver comes to market primarily through estate sales, or people who have inherited it, and then sell it. It seems that the person who was getting close to dying forgot to tell the silver story to the next generation (generally in their 40's and 50's?) who are receiving the inheritance. >> 21 March 2004

Silver Stocks--Comparative Valuations - Weekly Report # 27
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money

Silver hit $7.72/oz!

Topics this week:

1. Outstanding silver commentary by an 11-year-old.

2. Horrible silver commentary by the "analysts".

3. How you can make money with "finder's fees".

4. It is now clear that silver miners should have been buying bullion. Have they been doing so? >> 14 March 2004

Silver Stocks--Comparative Valuations, Weekly Report # 26
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money

I've been producing this report for 6 months now. Week 26! Wow! I have been working very hard during this time, and it has been very profitable investing in silver stocks. During the last 8 months, the silver price has taken off like a rocket, which is extremely significant. Imagine investing at the recent bottom, at $4.50 in June, 2003, and now sitting with silver at $7.03 (after a high of $7.25 mid week). From $4.50 to $7 is a 55% gain. You can't get that in bonds anywhere! Who says the metal pays no interest or return??? Utterly ridiculous!

Yet silver is still cheap. Many other commodies have run higher and faster. Silver is still lagging, and will certainly race ahead at some point, I suspect it will outperform all other commodities. Silver will one day have massive monetary demand, unlike any other commodity except for gold. >> 7 March 2004

Silver Stocks - Comparative Valuations, Weekly Report # 25
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money

On Thursday, I started running paid advertising heavily on the internet on several web sites. On Friday, the silver price was up by 25 cents. Any correlation? I think so; but, all the new people got to see was the e-book. They saw the ad for this free silver stock report (which they have not seen until now). I do know this... the silver price has been roaring since I started producing this report about 25 weeks ago. It could be good timing on my part, but my silver stock reports also may be affecting the market! I also know that this report comes out on the weekends, and typically that's when a lot of people see it for the first time. I also know that I've seen the silver price rocket up on Monday mornings on several occasions recently. The feedback I get from people who read this report for the first time is amazingly positive. This weekend, many people will see this report for the first time, because of the internet ads that I told everyone I was going to run. I believe that this report is helping to drive the market into silver. Honestly, I would not be working so hard if people did not appreciate this report, and encourage me so much with their emails and actions. >> 29 February 2004

Silver Stocks - Comparative Valuations; Weekly Report # 24
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money

Silver was very volitile this week, and ended at $6.70. It seems the market is very unsure of itself, and this means that great opportunities exist for those of us who are more sure that silver is headed up. It seems people are very eager to sell their silver shares the minute silver turns down, and as if people are very eager to buy in to all silver shares the minute silver hits a new high. So the silver shares are even more volitile than silver! The way to make money in the mid term by trading is to do the opposite of the crowd, which would be to sell at the peaks, and buy back in when silver falters. Unfortunately, if you sell out of silver shares at $6.90, and then if silver screams upward to $8.00-$10/oz., you are left behind. So, in the end it's best to hold on to your silver stock positions, and sit tight. Or, if you must trade, try and trade out of the silver stocks that are running up too fast, (or are overvalued), and trade into those silver stocks that had an odd down day (or are undervalued). >> 24 February 2004

Major Frauds of the U.S. Monetary System
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money

Fraud #1. Paper Money. Originally, a paper dollar was a paper promise, a contract, to pay in gold or silver. The issuers of dollars have defaulted on that promise numerous times in recent history, at a rate of about once per generation. The issuers of paper money defaulted on domestic gold redemption in 1934, defaulted on silver redemption in 1968, and defaulted on international gold redemption in 1971. Those who issue U.S. paper money (Federal Reserve Notes) are in default. The creation of paper money is fraud, and was used to steal away gold and silver from the hands of the people. >> 15 February 2004

Silver Stocks - Comparative Valuations Weekly Report #22
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money

After a brief pause for about a month, the silver stock boom came roaring back this week in a large number of silver stocks that were up significantly for the week.

I wrote an article Feb. 10th on Cabo Mining, which was my number 2 holding (now number 1). The stock moved up over 100% from last week, up from 53 cents/share to $1.12/share, Cdn.

Market Perspective & Cabo Mining - Hommel

I believe the price movement can be attributed to the fact that I wrote about the company, but it is also due to the long bear market in silver stocks, the current turn around in the silver market, and the fact that there are a few overlooked companies. The market cap was also quite small, under $10 million, and the market reach of my articles is growing larger. >> 10 February 2004

Market Perspective
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money

I don't believe in "efficient market theory" that states that all the important information is already known by the market, and that stock picking is somehow like throwing darts at a wall.

In contrast, I believe that the more you study, the better the rewards. Knowledge is money!

Nevertheless, it is true that at the top, where billions of dollars are involved, it is much harder to find overlooked opportunities for profit. At the smaller end of the scale, it is easier to find overlooked value.

I also don't believe that the risks and rewards always go together, or as they say--the greater the risk, the greater the reward. >> 8 February 2004

Silver Stocks - Comparative Valuations; Weekly Report # 21
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money

Last week, I mentioned that New Hampshire was considering issuing silver coins. The proposed legislation has changed. Money Bill, HB 1342, now proposes to use U.S. Treasury minted Silver Eagles and Gold Eagles as money, so as to avoid any legal challenges by the U.S. government. See the following links:

Money bill for NH
by Rep. Dave Buhlman, >> 1 February 2004

Silver Stocks--Comparative Valuations; Weekly Report #20
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money

I think the best way to issue silver money is to demominate it in ounces, not dollars. The dollar is a false weight and measure, a changing measure, and thus, unreliable. You cannot fix and mix fraud with truth, and dollars are fraud. A coin denominated in ounces will be free to find it's own value as determined by the free market. The government cannot fix the value of silver. Well, it can, but anytime the value is fixed, it leads to imbalances and problems. If fixed too high in dollars, people will not want to use the coins, and the government will be making an undue profit from the minting of the coins... Furthermore, the "high denomination in dollars" will not last as the price of silver rises, and soon, the dollar price will be too low. And if the dollar price is then fixed too low in dollars, people will hoard the coins, and then they will not circulate, thus defeating the entire point of minting silver coins, and thus preventing the transition to using silver coins instead of dollars. >> 25 January 2004

Silver Stocks - Comparative Valuations; Weekly Report #19
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money

On Thursday, I put a small fraction of my portfolio into silver bullion. Well, that's not exactly true. I put it into verbal and email promises for delivery of silver bullion sometime next week. Right now, I purchased promises, not silver.

I wanted to patronize at least one "local" shop about an hour away that was bragging that they had "tons" of silver bullion. I did this because I knew default would be impossible if I went to pick it up myself. I cleaned them out, and they filled a very small fraction of my overall order.

Real silver bullion is getting very, very difficult to find. All I can do is hope my 3 orders are filled with real physical in the next week, since I already wired the money. >> 23 January 2004

Freedom from Usury
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money

Last week, I wrote an article, "Usury Enslaves". In this article I will discuss what I feel is the solution to the problem of usury. I will discuss how and why society will benefit from the freedom from usury, and I will discuss how to become free individually.

The bankers today extract usury and pile up wealth. The Federal Reserve is the greatest banker of all. Under this economic system of usury that enslaves, people are deprived of their wealth and productive capacity through excessive income taxes and inflation, and thus, we have a large welfare state for the poor. We have social security, and increasingly, socialized medicine, too. This is why usury is so bad. Like slavery, it destroys incentives for productive work, and it fosters socialism and communism. Government give-away programs do not compensate for the theft. The incentive to produce is lost in the process. >> 17 January 2004

Silver Stocks - Comparative Valuations, Weekly Report #18
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money

Silver is secure, enduring, priceless. Which is better, silver that you own, or paper in the banks? The issues are value and trust. Who do you trust more, yourself, or the banks? The banks have proven themselves to be untrustworthy, bankrupt, thieves. Fractional reserve paper dollar banking is a cruel joke from a dying era.

I went into my local fractional reserve establishment bank, and I asked how much cash I could withdraw without calling ahead first to see if they had the paper available. At first, they refused to give me that information, and I protested, saying, "What, I won't know about the inconvenience of having to wait until after I need the money?" So, the maximum cash anyone could withdraw from my local branch without an appointment was $4000. If I wanted more than that, I needed to call ahead and give them a day or two, in order to give them time to have the cash shipped in. Ridiculous! >> 15 January 2004

Usury Enslaves
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money

It is acknowledged by society that loan sharks who charge very high interest rates are criminals, because they charge too much interest. It is widely acknowledged that excessive credit card interest rates are criminal--commercial banks even teach this! TV commercials show that charging high interest rates is like robbery, as they picture a raid of Vikings or Bandits as representing their competitors' interest rates.

If excessive usury is bad, why isn't a low interest rate bad, too? Where do you draw the line? Where is the moral absolute? What makes a 25% annual interest rate criminal, but a 15% annual interest rate not criminal? Or, is a 15% rate criminal, and a 5% rate ok?

I think any interest rate is bad, and I'll tell you why. >> 11 January 2004

Silver Stocks - Comparative Valuations; Weekly Report #17
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money

On Friday, Jan 9th, 2pm West Coast, Kudlow and Cramer on CNBC discussed the silver market with PAAS executive Ross Beaty and PAAS board member Bill Fleckstein. This is the first TV coverage on silver I've heard about in years.

There is an exciting development for me, and for all of you who follow my silver stock report. My webmasters have completed developing an affiliate program so that other people can advertise my website and earn money by placing links to If the affiliate program is successful, and I think it will be, it means that this silver stock report will be exposed to a wider audience in the near future. I also will be re-investing 100% of the money that the website is making (at this early stage) into marketing, and buying traffic at search engines, to increase awareness of the silver market. I believe that this report is having a positive effect on the silver market, as this report is very educational. Therefore, I expect more money to be pouring into silver and silver stocks in the coming weeks and months. This is bullish for all of our silver investments. >> 4 January 2004

Silver Stocks - Comparative Valuations, Weekly Report #16
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money

Silver stocks were up 314% for 2003! Eighty silver stocks on my list are up, on average, 314% for the year, from Jan 1, 2003 to Dec. 31, 2003. That number is a bit rough, because in many cases I had to estimate the Jan 1, 2003 price by looking at a 1 year chart, and then estimating what the number was. For example if the line on the graph was between .5 and 1, and it was a bit closer to the 1 than the .5, then I'd estimate at something a bit over .75 accordingly.

I spoke with family members over the holidays about the dollar and silver. I mentioned the facts in the beginning of this article, (below) about how there are trillions of dollars, and millions of oz. of silver available, and that if less than 1% of those dollars try to buy gold and silver, then prices of gold and silver will go through the roof. Once this realization was understood, they wondered how and why the fraud of printing excessive paper money was ever allowed to start in the first place, let alone go as far as it has. After all, they asked, "Isn't the dollar supposed to be backed by gold?" And, "Isn't it a crime to print up dollars with no backing?" >> 28 December 2003

Silver Stocks - Comparative Valuations, Weekly Report #15
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money

On Dec. 16th, James Grant wrote for Forbes Magazine, "The Case for Silver". He wrote that the main reason to be a silver bull is the potential monetary demand, and he noted the difficulty of finding silver, and the ease of printing up more paper money. He noted the supply-and-demand charastics for silver are excellent, with industrial demand outstripping supply for the past 13 years. Those are the two biggest factors for silver, and I'm glad the article pointed them out. Supply is less than current demand, and there is currently no monetary demand, and there potentially could be an avalanche of monetary demand. When it hits, the price will be driven sky high. You can make a bullish case for other commodities, but zinc will never have monetary demand like silver will. Unfortunately, there was no comparison made between how much money exists, and how little silver exists. But he did write that there is perhaps $5 Billion dollars worth of silver available to market (one billion oz.), at the most.

An interesting point mentioned in the article was that Fleckenstein, a director of PAAS, estimates that there are perhaps 20 Billion oz. of silver in "above gound silver stocks", but that 2/3 of that is unavailable at current prices, and is not liquid.

Sterling Mining
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money

The stock of Sterling Mining (SRLM--pink sheets) has been a big winner
in 2003, moving up from a base of about 50 cents a share in the summer,
to hitting a high of $10 share by November. That's up by a factor of
20! A twenty-bagger! In about 6 months! Today, at $7.25/share, they
have just under 10 million shares, with a market cap of about $75 million.

So, why did the shares move up so much? Is it too late to buy? >> 21 December 2003

Silver Stocks - Comparative Valuations, Weekly Report #14
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money

Let me say how important it is for us silver investors to own physical silver. There is $364 million dollars worth of silver at the COMEX. The 59 silver stocks on my list, for which I have information available to calculate market caps, add up to $7090 million as of Dec. 5th, 2003. If silver stock investors move 5% of their silver stock holding to physical silver in the next few weeks, that would be $350 million dollars worth of physical silver, and thus, the silver price would probably hit $10-20/oz. within a few days. And if silver stock investors try to move 20% into physical silver, the silver demand will end the COMEX manipulation tomorrow. We don't need anyone other than ourselves to make "the big breakout" happen at this point.

Two weeks ago, I wrote an article predicting that Silver Companies will buy silver, and urging Silver Companies to buy silver with their cash, to use silver as money, and sell silver as needed for expenses. See

That article is now having an effect! It is being discussed by several large "cash rich" silver companies, who are seriously considering the idea of holding their cash in the form of silver. >> 16 December 2003

The U.S. Trade Advantage with China
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money

There are misconceptions about our trade relations with China. Misguided U.S. patriots complain about the cheap Chinese labor taking away domestic jobs and U.S. politicians blame the cheap Chinese currency, and complain about the unfair trade advantage that China has.

Those are one-sided views. Here's the truth: We have the trade advantage with China. We send a little paper dollars that they cannot use, and we get a lot of great stuff that we buy and use continually. We give paper money that is an unjust weight and measure, an abomination. We are cheating them; they are not cheating us. >> 14 December 2003

Silver Stocks - Comparative Valuations, Weekly Report #13
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money

I have several theories on why the silver market sold off this week.

First, if I'm not hallucinating (I could not find the report again), I believe I read a Marketocracy report last week that said they sold shares in their mutual fund for a distribution to shareholders. Marketocracy is a website (that runs a fund) that has about 60,000 "game players" each competing to be the best fund manager. The top 100 players (fund managers) are picked based on results. The results of the last month have been staggering in the silver shares, thus it is very likely that the Marketocracy top 100 (and thus, their real mutual funds) consists of people who have invested in silver stocks. Their fund, is thus pulled (by market momentum) towards the best performing sectors. I think it is a brilliant concept. It is the ultimate expression of free market competition and capitalism.

My point is that their sale of stock, for a distribution, may have caused a significant one-day dip in the silver sector. Others may have noticed, and may have decided to "test" the liquidity of the market by selling hard, or by trying to "take profits".

There was not a single silver stock investor who emailed me as if they were worried on why the silver stock moved down this week. I think this means that my readers are extremely well-educated silver stock investors who know the long term picture and are very strong silver stock longs. As for myself, I remain fully invested in silver stocks and silver bullion. >> 7 December 2003

Silver Stocks - Comparative Valuations, Weekly Report #12
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money

A few commentators at the gold show in San Francisco suggested that perhaps people will be selling precious metals stocks in January to take profits then, rather than now, in order to postpone paying capital gains taxes for a year. Thus they speculated that perhaps we could see a correction in metals stocks in January. I think they fail to see that it works both ways. Perhaps they have blinders on, and are thinking that tax laws only apply to people in the mining industry, I don't know. But my point is this: People who have gains in the Dow and tech stocks but who are just only dabbling in the gold and silver stocks, but want or intend to buy more, will likely also want to postpone selling their Dow and tech stocks in order to raise cash for the metals stocks. Thus, we could see a huge run up in the metals stocks starting in about January! If you look back to 2002, you see a huge run up in the metals and metals stocks from January to June. We could see this again for 2004. And if precious metals investors know anything at all about the precious metal market, then they will take profits in the form of physical silver, which will really cause the silver boom to begin! >> 1 December 2003

Rising Gold Prices will Help the Economy
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money

It is a common myth that says a rising gold price would be followed by economic doom, misery, hard times, and perhaps a dreaded depression.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Rising gold and silver prices helps the economy, as I will prove.

The reason this myth is created in the media is to scare people away from investing in gold and silver. The myth creates a sense of guilt among those who own gold, and among those who are thinking about buying gold. It wrongly claims, "You will be to blame for harming the economy, if you buy gold and the gold price goes up." It whispers the socialist lie, "If we all remain in the dollar, everything will be ok." >> 30 November 2003

Silver Stocks - Comparative Valuations: Weekly Report #11
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money

I wrote an article this week predicting that Silver Companies will buy silver, and urging Silver Companies to buy silver with their cash, to use silver as money, and sell silver as needed for expenses. See

I urge my readers to email their own favorite silver companies to urge them to buy physical silver. Here are the emails of several cash-rich silver companies: Hecla mining: $125 million in cash, Apex silver: $40 million, CDE not sure (over $38 million?). Click below, and send them the url above, and a few of your thoughts on the issue.,, >> 26 November 2003

Miners to Use Silver as Cash
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money

I just returned from the Gold Show in San Francisco where I was on a mission: to convince the silver companies to invest their cash in silver bullion. I was surprised by how easy it was to change minds with a few simple words and arguments.

At first, the idea was sometimes met with questioning looks. But after a few minutes of conversation, they were virtually unanimous in accepting the idea as sound, and after a few minutes more, the idea was received with enthusiasm as being not only obvious and self-evident, but even brilliant. By the end of the conference, I heard reports of the silver miners discussing the idea further.

Here are a few reasons why it makes such logical sense, some of which I presented to many silver companies. >> 23 November 2003

Silver Stocks - Comparative Valuations Weekly Report #10
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money

Excellent article:
"Beware the Chartist: He Brings You False Science"

Foolish article:
"How I went from being a silver bull to a silver neutral"

The author asks several questions which I shall answer.

1. Where is the supply of silver coming from to keep the price low, he asks? Not government supplies, he says. Not true. Government has been a constant seller of their silver stocks, and will soon turn buyer, if they have not already done so. In addition, China has been a big supplier of silver to the market, which may reverse as their industrialization continues, since industrial demand consumes a lot of silver.

He also questions that nearly unlimited COMEX short selling can be a manipulative force, when over 800 million ounces of silver exist in paper contracts when there is only 60 million ounces available for delivery. Incredible! He displays a complete lack of understanding of short selling, and paper promises that potential investors are fooled into accepting rather than the real silver. If the paper longs are fooled, as I contend, then this guy is fooled even worse. >> 18 November 2003

Private Placements in Silver Companies
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money

A company will raise money by issuing shares, in what is called a "private placement" (PP). If you read the news reports, you see that they typically involve "units" that consist of a share and a warrant, or half warrant. A warrant is like a call option, which gives the holder the right, but not the obligation, to buy a share of stock at a set price until a certain date. The warrants are what really attract the big investment money to participate in the private placement.

People who participate in PPs are typically wealthy investors who can buy up to $10,0000 to $50,000 minimum worth of stock at one time. The company does not have time to do PPs with hundreds of people who can only invest $1000 or less. A PP requires a contract, perhaps some negotiations, and numerous phone calls to work out the details, questions and concerns of the wealthy investor. >> 16 November 2003

Silver Stocks - Comparative Valuations: Weekly Report #9
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money

Please keep sending me tips on silver mining companies. But due to the growing popularity of this report, please be aware that I don't have the time to diligently research every undescribed tip that comes my way each day, I'm only human. There are even tips on this list that I have not been able to research. Therefore, please try and include as much basic information as you can, such as the company name, ticker, phone number, & url. To get me to really pay attention to your tip, include also the following two key pieces of information. 1. shares fully diluted. 2. ounces of silver in the ground as "indicated, inferred resources" or at least the "exploration potential"--which is not a technical term. Since I am not getting as many great tips as I used to, I believe I've already found most of the best opportunities by now. But I know there are other opportunities out there; there always are, but they are probably small ones. >> 11 November 2003

Is the Silver Market Too Small to Buy?
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money

This week a popular gold community advisor warned that investment advisors create a self-fulfilling prophecy when they influence market participants to buy small market cap stocks.

I agree completely.

But this other advisor then went on to imply that such advice to buy small market cap stocks is not valid, or not legitimate, and he implied that the best advice is the kind of advice that cannot influence the market. He further implied that the only valid investment advice is if you advise people to buy large market cap stocks that don't move up or down in response to advice to buy or sell it.

I couldn't disagree more. >> 9 November 2003

Silver Stocks - Comparative Valuations, Weekly Report #8
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money

For all who tried to get on my email list for this "free weekly silver report": Last week, I was only able to successfully send out email to about 66% of the people on my list. My emails to all addresses and several other big domain name ISP's bounced. I guess they thought it was spam. To be added to my email list, email me at

I realized this week how few people are value investors, even readers of my report, which stuns me. This report is all about teaching people the fundamentals, and value investing. It seems people just don't believe that a good deal is really, truly a good deal, unless the price is moving up... and only then they will buy it. >> 5 November 2003

Inflation & Deflation During Hyperinflation
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money

Inflation is defined as an increase in volume of the money supply, and deflation, as a decrease. Thus, the money supply is said to be either growing (inflating) or shrinking (deflating).

But there is a problem. The definitions for inflation and deflation contain a false assumption: that the money supply is a measurable volume. How do you measure the volume of money supply in dollars? >> 2 November 2003

Silver Stocks - Comparative Valuations: Weekly Report #7
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money

What's new? I've written new commentary on the importance of owning real physical silver, and I discuss various kinds of physical silver. There is no major new research on any companies this week, mostly just the price changes. Quite a few of the silver stock companies on my list (at least 5-7) that I have not had time to research have really moved up strongly this week or two. Looks like many people are researching hard ahead of me and buying. My sloth may have cost me some opportunities this week. There are 50 silver stocks profiled in this report, and there are symbols to research on 17 more, for a total of 67 companies.

Price of silver is $5.05 as of Friday, 2:30PM West Coast US, which was used to calculate the following figures. The CAN $ / US $ conversion factor is .7571. I will use .76 for ease. >> 29 October 2003

Silver Price Expectations of Silver Stock Investors
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money

Somebody asked me a very good question: "What level does the price of Silver or Gold have to rise to, to justify the current stock price in the market?"

I have seen writers attempt to summarize the entire industry in gold stocks by saying, "The gold shares are pricing in a gold price of $350 right now." But such a blanket opinion is too general to be of any good use, and wrongly assumes there is no significant differences between different metals stocks. But we can calculate an answer for individual stocks, and I will show you how you can do this. >> 26 October 2003

Silver Stocks -- Comparative Valuations, Weekly Report #6
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money

When will it be time to take profits? I believe when the dollar crashes, and stocks are quoted in terms of oz. of silver per share, then it will be time to buy physical silver bullion. Also, if PE ratios of mature producers head to levels significantly higher than about 15, it will also be time to take profits.

Remember to "take profits" from your rising silver stocks by buying real physical silver bullion. You've got to keep the percentage of physical silver either the same, or increasing, as your stocks outperform the metal. The best way get physical silver is by going to your local coin shop. Look up "coin dealers" or "coin shop" in your phone book.

Buy US coin 1964 or earlier, called "90% junk silver," or buy bullion bars. Eithershould be priced very close to the bullion price. If you can't get a good price from your local shop, show them some prices from several of the dealers below, or order from one of the dealers below. >> 23 October 2003

Canadian Zinc -- Silver Potential
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money

Canadian Zinc (CZN.TO and CZICF.PK) was up 22.37% today to break out to a new high of $.93 CAN. Zinc and silver prices continue to go up, hitting .42 cents/lb. for zinc, and $5.11/oz. for silver. Canadian Zinc has zinc, of course, and also plenty of silver.

Canadian Zinc announced on Oct. 16th an expansion of the previous private placement at $.50 CAN/share, from $2.5 million to $7 million, which was obviously still oversubscribed judging by reports by brokers and judging by the share price action today which was well above CAN $.50/share. >> 19 October 2003

Silver Stocks - Comparative Valuations
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money

What's new? New commentary. A GREAT tip on how to track stocks yourself. 42 total silver stocks in this report, and symbols to research on 20 others, and 5 more new ones. It was another very busy week for me, and I did not get a chance to research about 25 stocks I really wanted to get to, partly because I was also sick. Next week will include a few more. Please keep those tips coming if you know of a silver stock not already on this list. I'll get to it in time.

Price of silver is $4.92 as of Friday, 2pm, which was used to calculate the following figures. The CAN $ / US $ conversion factor is .7602. I will use .76 for ease.

Stock Symbol Approx. number of silver oz. "in ground"** for 1 oz. silver's worth of stock. >> 15 October 2003

Silver Stock Tips
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money

The PK symbols do not always update volume or price until a day late. So, to get the volume and the current price during the day, look up the Canadian symbol, and convert the price to dollars. To convert to dollars, go to and look at the currency table conversion chart at the bottom of the page. Multiply the CAN dollar price by about .76 at the moment to get the US Dollar price.

Further note about trading the "pink sheets". If you buy the pink sheets, there is an additional broker there that you have to go through. They either sell you pink sheets shares out of their own account, or they go and buy on the Canadian exchanges what they need to sell to you. The additional broker creates slowness of trade execution sometimes, and these guys also charge a bit of commission, that ranges from 1-3% in my experience.

To avoid trading the pinksheets, US investors can get a broker in Canada. But I have not yet found a Canadian broker that is "commission free" like the US broker I use. (I will not say the broker I use -- for personal privacy concerns.) So, I'd pay the commission one way or the other anyway. >> 12 October 2003

Silver Stocks -- Comparative Valuations Weekly Report #4
By: Jason Hommel

Several websites and I continue to provide this information for free, but I am being well compensated (through unrealized gains), since I own some of what I consider to be the best silver stocks on this list.

For the third week in a row, my valuation method has indicated silver stocks that have significantly outperformed many others.

I also have received hundreds of silver stock tips from readers that I have been fortunate enough to receive and then dig through in order to find a few of the great opportunities on this list.

One of my readers told me last week, "Yours is one of the most practical articles I have ever seen on gold-eagle." Another reader said that this list is more valuable than several of the paid investment newsletter subscriptions he has bought. Many people have thanked me for doing all of this research, and I'm doing it with your help. >> 5 October 2003

Silver Stocks III -- Comparative Valuations
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money

What's new? A bit more commentary in response to all the letters and questions regarding my valuation method. Also, more silver stocks, 39 total now. The one-page executive summary is right up here at the top.

Price of silver is $4.80 as of Friday, 2pm, Oct. 3, 2003, which was used to calculate the following figures. The CAN $ / US $ conversion factor is .7439. I will use .75 for ease.

Stock Symbol Silver oz. in ground for 1 oz. silver's worth of stock. >> 28 September 2003

Silver Stocks Report -- Comparative Valuations
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money


In response to my first silver stock article, I received about 100 emails, many filled with tips on silver stocks. So I have been extremely busy. Part of the reason for writing my first article was to refute the market myth that there are "only five silver stocks" to choose from. In the first report, I compared 17 silver stocks. In this report, I glance at 29 silver stocks, and I list an additional 21 silver stocks, for a total of 50. Did you know there were 50 to choose from?

I also feel I present a better way to express the comparative value, this time, in silver. >> 22 September 2003

Silver Stocks -- Comparative Valuations
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money

For the past few months, I've been researching and acquiring silver stocks. It has been a very profitable few months, especially since June, as I've picked some of the best upward movers. It has been easy and rewarding work, and the upward potential of some of these stocks remains mind boggling.

Just how did I put a value on silver companies? I did not value current production, profits, or P/E ratios. I did not buy the biggest names, with the experienced miners. Personally, I believe we are entering a bull market in silver. Thus, I think the most important thing is the number of ounces of silver in the ground that the company has title to and owns, and then dividing the market cap of the company by those ounces. This way, you get a "cost per oz. in the ground" which tells you how much you are paying for what you get. >> 25 January 2003

Silver & Cardero Resources
By: Jason Hommel

I have recently written how the price of gold could easily skyrocket towards infinity dollars per ounce as a result of a total dollar currency collapse, and how the gold price might stabilize at $32,567/oz. if the U.S. pledged its official gold holdings to back the dollar in a last ditch effort to prevent a total currency collapse, and return to a gold standard. All the monetary reasons for owning gold, such as inflation and collapse of paper currencies, also apply to silver, but silver has other features which make it even more attractive than gold.

1. The historic silver/gold price ratio was 15 or 16:1, but in recent years, silver is relatively cheaper ranging from about 40:1 to 80:1. On Jan 24th, 2003, with silver at $4.89/oz. and gold at $368/oz., the ratio is 75:1. This means that silver is currently undervalued, and cheaper than historic norms, and thus it is a better investment than even gold if you want to "buy low and sell high". >> 19 January 2003

The Moral Failures of the Paper Longs
By: Jason Hommel

Based on my readings of GATA’s work, my readings of Ted Butler’s work, and a little application of common sense, I see clearly that the gold and silver futures markets are manipulated and controlled by the endless creation and selling of futures contracts. It is clear to me that the futures contract creators and sellers are the deceivers. It logically follows then, that the paper longs are the primary ones being deceived. I believe it is a moral failure to be deceived. We are not to be deceived. What do people say? “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” Shame on the paper longs for being deceived! >> 13 January 2003

Response by the CFTC to Mr. Hommel's "Open Letter To the Authorities of the Silver Markets"
By: Jason Hommel